What a Desmother I Made (I’m Going to Miss the Game) – I’m Not an Alcoholic! Let’s Celebrate by Grabbing a Drink!- More Netflix Reviews (Like You Care)

Good morning word vomit!

Let’s start this morning with a little bit of bad news:

I won’t be able to watch the Mexico vs Germany game. Fuck me.

Want some more bad news?

I feel bad because I made a mess in the office. Well. It felt like that. I’m sure it’s fine. But I assumed some things that were incorrect and a bunch of emails were sent to just go full circle. 23 emails could have just been one. But… things got a bit confused. Probably all from my part.

It’s hard to do a semi-office job when you are not part of the office. I do three different freelance jobs for the same magazine. And I never really know if I’m going to get paid or not. It’s weird.

Speaking of not knowing if I’m going to get paid. The editor didn’t get back to me from the long story that I wrote. And now I see other medias are covering a similar story. I am sure my article is better. But I’m started to see some articles with the same premise.

So now I wait on writing. All I had planned for this week was writing. Guess what I’ve been doing? Absolutely nothing.

Well… emails and phone calls. Emails and phone calls. Emails and phone calls.

And oh boy! What a mess.

A true desmadre. That’s a desmother. Meaning mess in Mexican Spanish.

I’m drinking coffee.

I shouldn’t. I’m still very stomach sensitive.

Part of the mess is that the editor that hasn’t told me about my story did tell me about taking pictures. Super late notice. I have a meeting today that might be postponed or I might make it late. Who knows!

The only photo plans I had were on Friday. But something else came up and then it was going to be two photo missions on Friday. But nope. Talked to one of the people that need to be included in the story and that person couldn’t meet me any other day but Thursday. And I thought I’ll be fine! My brother will let me borrow the car. After all, I just need for less than an hour on a Thursday afternoon. It’s like if I never took it.


I was wrong. My brother actually needs the car at the exact same time I told this dude I was going to meet him.

And oh yeah. I would do it in public transit.

EXCEPT. Public transit it would take me 2 hours and a half.

By car. 26 minutes.

So yes. I obviously prefer doing this by car.

I got stressed yesterday.

And I still feel bad.

I have to remember to KISS.

You know.

Keep it simple stupid.

So… I’m going to miss the game because in a while I have to go pick-up shirts from my brother’s workshop so I can take them to my roommate, and my roommate can do me the favor of driving me where I need to go.

Yep. What a mess.

That game is going to be great.

I have low hopes for Mexico, but I love watching them play. And all I can do now is find out through my friend’s text messages.

I posted this long exposure shot on Reddit:

The first two comments were negative and it started almost with negative karma. And then somehow it went up to many upvotes and nice comments.

Someone commented that saturation was all the way to infinity. So I replied with this picture:

That’s 400% saturation…

The original pic barely even has the saturation slider up. People always assume I use the saturation slider because I drop highlights all the way.

Oh well.

This picture was one of the many outtakes from the cover shot for this week. I’m gonna pick up a magazine today. Collect my cover shots. They build a resume, right?! Somehow!?

My shots have been printed worldwide.

Sounds like such bullshit.

My pictures have been in over 30 countries in over 300 different magazines.

Now I take pictures for one magazine but it’s a guarantee cover. And bread and butter for the month. And if the story I sent doesn’t get accepted, bread and butter is the only thing I’ll actually afford.

Though right now that I’m not drinking, holy shit, you save A LOT of money not drinking.

Think of all the money I could save by not eating! Or not paying rent!

Oh shit!

Life costs money.

And here I am talking about the lack of it again.

Oh no.

Coffee is probably a really bad idea. But I can’t help it. I need it.


I got a few more emails to send before I can leave. It’s not even 9 am. Almost done with the word vomit. Then I have a few hours to kill till I pick up the shirts. And miss the fucking game.

It would be great if this game was actually at 9 am like the other games.

Nope. Important game. It’s later. Exactly at the time that I’ll be crossing the border and getting busy.

Push-ups. Coffee. Breakfast? Probably just yogurt and cereal. Shower? Probably not. I don’t smell. Pick up shirts. Cross the border. Meet the roommate and an art director he works with. Deliver shirts. Get a ride to somewhere. Roommate mentioned going to the bar in the neighborhood. It’s so tempting, more because I want to hang out with him than to drink.



How do you do it?!

I know you don’t even read this. But seriously!?

I think about going sober. It shouldn’t be that hard. But I feel like that’s social suicide. And not to mention that drinking is partly my job. Not only it helps with writing and other things. My tours really depend on me having fun with people drinking. Also, I do like it.

Yesterday, after all that emailing and calling, I hung out with my girlfriend and watched Netflix. There’s no point of going out if we are not drinking or eating. And I’m very limited on both of those right now.

She made sushi. We watched two movies.

She wanted another Woody Allen movie. I said to wait till next week. Especially because the movie also had Scarlett Johansson. Two Woodys and Scarletts back to back… no thank you.

So after Jeopardy (which btw, I did awesomely), she ended up choosing SKINS or PIELES since it’s a Spanish movie.

I was reluctant because SPANIARDS speak funny and it annoys the fuck out of me sometimes.



The movie was actually pretty great.

I feel like the director stole ideas from other directors to mesh it into this weird movie about deformed people. I mean… one of the deformed girls had a butthole where her mouth was and the other way around. Which btw, was the shittiest effect on the whole movie to see a mouth where her asshole is supposed to be.

And I don’t get why she didn’t shave her butthole face.

And yes. That’s like a fucking joke taken directly from South Park (the butthole face).

Second movie.

Drinking Buddies.

The poster and the cast made it seemed like it was going to be a super simplistic shitty rom-com.

Again. I was wrong.

It was actually a really good movie with an indie feel to it. It started really slow. But it picked up. The acting was great. The drama was great. And it was about drinking!

At first, I was like MEH! I don’t want to drink. Then I saw that he poured a glass of bourbon (it looked like Knob’s Creek). Before craving the beer, I craved the whiskey. And also I saw a gin and tonic and wanted some.

But then it kept concentrating on the beer. And yep. It made me crave a beer.

And there’s a beer in the fridge.

That I ignored is proof enough for me that I’m not an alcoholic!

Let’s celebrate! By grabbing a drink!


This word vomit is already fucking long and it’s not even 9 am.

Oh coffee! I missed you so much.

I’m on my second cup and I probably shouldn’t finish it.


The dude that I was supposed to meet at 1:15 in San Diego just told me that if I could switch it to 11:30 am.



Okay. Switched for tomorrow at 2:30ish pm. He will let me know.

I still got to do this favor for my roommate. And miss the game.

And I also have to stop by Brozo’s house to pick up the studio lights I bought and the other toys.


And if you are wondering “why is this guy always complaining about money yet buys shit from Amazon?”

IT WAS A GIFT CARD OKAY!?! I got it for Christmas and I spent it just this last month. And it was less than $100 in toys.

That’s nothing for Americans.



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