Back to Health – Cover Shoot Now and Next – Ranting About Veganism Because Dumb Documentary



I haven’t been excited about coffee in a while.

And I won’t be able to drink my usual 3 to 5 cups a morning. I’ll just keep it at one.

My girlfriend doesn’t even want me to drink coffee because she is so worried. She’s extremely worried. She got paranoid and started thinking about what if I die…  So now she’s treating me with too much care.

And hey! I don’t mind getting pampered… but this is way too much! Especially when I’m feeling better. She said I looked like a sad street puppy, and she is treating me like one…


I’m supposed to be adulting and making money!

This coffee is not even good. It’s shitty coffee. But I just had one sip and it tastes so damn good.



I was going to take pictures, not because the crash was heavy, more because this post needed a picture…

Shitty off-brand battery for my camera says it has no juice and camera doesn’t turn on.

This Friday I should be getting new batteries. Again, off-brand, but hey. Two batteries for $19, or one original for $60…. I’m still not made out of money! Guh. I wish it was so.

The crash wasn’t even that hard. Platina crashed into the side of a Jeep on a t-bone fashion but not that strong. You know, t-bone. Like the meat cut. That’s how you describe car crashes, right?

The Jeep seemed to be unharmed. The Platina’s front bumper was destroyed. Platina definitely got the worst end of the deal. Jeep seemed to just bounced. Platina parked for a second and now left. Not sure who was at fault. I think perhaps the Jeep…. It was the first car that bounced, didn’t park, didn’t seem to be concerned about the accident.

No cops were involved.

I couldn’t take pictures because fucking battery.


And I was in the middle of emailing stuff.

I’m planning the next cover shot. The one I said, party at Gaslamp!

The idea is to get some people partying or about to party. And since asking strangers might be a tad odd, we are trying to get people we know. Coordinating it seems more difficult than the shot. Then the shot might just be a bit awkward because I don’t know many of the people in the office.

Let’s see what happens.

Like always. I’m a tad nervous. And like always. I’m sure at the end everything will be fine.

Man. Gaslamp. I’m going to feel like I’m super old around them kids.

At least I’m healthy!


I feel great!

I hope I don’t have to do any spontaneous runs to the bathroom though. I’ve only had two tiny sips of coffee so far.

My photo cover is about to come out.

This post needs a picture and that will be it.

And in a little while!

Confederations Cup!

Mexico vs Germany!

This is probably where Mexico will lose. Even though it’s Germany’s B Team.

I’m excited about it. The Portugal vs Chile match is also very good. I wish they scheduled them at different hours… but nah. Both at 11 am.

(Huge edit!: OOPS! Mexico is tomorrow. Portugal today).

I was about to say that I do not miss drinking. And just now that I got excited about the game, I thought “how great it would be to watch it at Nelson with a caguama?!”

Ahh fuck.

It’s only been a couple of days of not drinking because of my health and I thought I would be over it, but now I crave it.

On Thursday I have a meeting with the brewers to discuss writing about beer. So that means I’ll have to drink for work.

And on Friday I have to go to Gaslamp to take pictures of people partying. And I’ll be honest. I’m WAY better at taking pictures once I had a couple of beers. I get trigger happy. It makes it easier. It makes it less awkward. It’s so much nicer than completely sober and awkward.

Friday, 9 pm, anyone?! Let me know.

No wonder my previous boss in my paparazzi days drank so much.

That dude was a complete professional drunk. The office was always packed with whisky and he would offer it openly to anyone that would come in.

And it would be like “ehh thanks, but you know you are sending me to work at LAX in like 30 minutes, right?!”

Nah. Fucker didn’t care. He was a great boss, to be honest. But greedy as fuck. Like any other bosses. And just to be a tad racist here. Yes. He is Jewish.

I saw him drunk a lot. He drove his motorcycle drunk. I’m surprised he is still alive.

I mean… again, he was a professional drunk, so it’s not like he was impaired. He was more like in the zone.

If that makes any sense.

I remember after Axl Rose punched him in the face (old post here). After he got punched, we had to shoot the Jonas brothers at midnight (it turned out to be only Kevin and he was real nice). But in between the punch and the next shot, we went to Melody’s Bar right outside of LAX. That fucker is still there last time I check. OHHH what a fucking ghetto bar…

We pounded drinks. I mean, I had like three. He had like seven. And then we went back to LAX to work.

Point is. Drinking takes away the anxiety, makes you more comfortable, and makes for an easy shoot.

Yesterday we watched a documentary called “What The Health.”

Hold on.

Before that.

Yep. Girlfriend came home. She was excited to make sushi, but she forgot to buy more nori. There was just enough for two small kappa makis and she fed them to me (okay, and she stole some as well). Then she made a bowl of rice, avocado, chiles, cucumber, soy, and more for herself. Basically a bowl of sushi without the sushi.

And we watched yet another Woody Allen movie.

Some critics called this Woody movie his lowest. To those critics, I say FUCK YOU.

Well, maybe it was his worst at the time, because “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger” (2010) is way worse than this 2006 “Scoop.”

I actually really liked Scoop.

Maybe because it was about journalism. Or perhaps because Woody Allen is fucking hilarious and awkward as fuck. Classic Woody.

I don’t even like Scarlett Johansson, and I do love Hugh Jackman. Both were okay at best.

Yep. Some of the premises were fucking ridiculous (and some very predictable). The whole movie is somewhat ridiculous (and somewhat predictable). Blue Jasmine is a much better movie. But this silly movie is not a bad movie. 5/7 would watch again.

And after that, we watched that documentary “What the Health.”

Here I was. Thinking I was going into a new innovative documentary about healthcare or medication or shit related to it (though, how much more can you say, really?!)


It was a GO VEGAN documentary.

It’s not bad, but it is obviously so incredibly bias. And yes. I know going vegan can save the planet. But the dude chose the worst organizations possible (that were very obvious) and then did “research” on them by googling them and talk to doctors who have already written about vegan books, then try to infiltrate the organizations in a very “I’M VEGAN SIR” matter. Obviously, doors were going to be shut on his face.

Even when he calls people on the phone about not listing certain diets on their website, he has an open statement, and then immediately starts citing shit that are like three pages long.

DUDE! You didn’t even let the other person on the phone talk. You sounded like an insane person on a rant. Of course, the other person is going to be like “hey, I can’t help you with that.”

And fucker was calling organizations like Susan G Komen organization. COME ON FUCKER! We all know KFC and the NFL sponsors those fuckers. We know it’s bullshit American capitalism.


Go vegan or you are killing the planet. You should feel guilty for every piece of meat you consume.

AND THEN COMPARES FOOD TO CIGARETTES over and over and over. Basically saying that cigarettes are healthier than some food. NEWSFLASH FUCKER one is food and the other is smoke. Yes. Food contains carcinogens and what not. But one feeds you. The other doesn’t. We all know process food is bad and contains feces and other matter. But please! Keep telling me how McDonald’s food isn’t food. I wasn’t aware of this!

AND YES I’m fucking aware is better to eat vegan.

Point is. If you haven’t heard enough from your vegan friends in how the meat industry is evil and you want some more. Watch that documentary.

For my vegan friends who hate non-vegans. They are called LIFE CHOICES. Many of you fuckers SMOKE cigarettes. Some people praise Jeebus and that’s fine with me. Many friends are religious but don’t bring the subject about. The ones that yell at me in the corner that I should repent for Jeebus, you are fucking annoying.

For my vegan friends that don’t tell everyone that they are vegans. Thank you. Those who are cool and go anywhere despite they serve meat or they lack vegan choices and don’t say anything until asked. Seriously. Thank you.

Oh yeah.

I was ranting until the cover photo came out. It hasn’t come out. I’m still ranting.


Coffee. Push-ups. Breakfast. Push-ups. Shower. Confederations Cup. Emails. Work. Emails. Maybe phone calls (hopefully not). Work. Emails. Light lunch. Work. Girlfriend is home. Dinner or something. Work? Netflix? Emails?

Let’s see what happens.

Still waiting for that cover photo…. and… still waiting…. and..

I guess I’ll accept all these friend requests from not people but from shitty stores that just add random people….

And… still waiting…. and….

Sigh. The game is about to begin.


Here it is:

20 push-ups and I’m making eggs and toast for breakfast feeling great. I want more coffee, but I shouldn’t…

Eggs were delicious.

Back to health?!

Not 100%. I’m still not risking it. I crave more coffee… I might risk it.

Confederations Cup about to start.


Then do the rest of the shit I was going to do.




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