A Very Shitty Morning – Bowling and Arcade Dancing – Celebrity Monday: Freida Pinto and Dev Patel

This is quite possibly my shittiest morning ever. Literally.

The stomach flu is worse than I gave credit it for.

And it’s disgusting.

Avoiding details. But let’s just say I just lost a pair of underwear.

Also. Quite possibly also lost my pajama pants.


I want coffee but I have no idea what to do now.

I don’t want to eat.

I don’t want to drink.

Anything that I ingest makes my stomach go like “grrrrawww grrubbb grawww.”

This is the first time this happens in my adult life.

It feels weird.

Anyone has a couple of adult diapers to spare? I might need them…

Great way to start the week!

This fucking Monday!

Yesterday. Sunday. Was great though!

After cleaning and washing and cleaning and washing, the girlfriend and I started watching El Chapo. We watched three episodes in a row. It’s pretty good. At some points, it can be very telenovelaish, but is still really good. My girlfriend gets mad at the tv and starts hating the characters just because they exist. She can’t handle terrible human beings.

Then, after El Chapo, my brother picked us up with his wife and kids to go bowling.

So it was a family outing. A classic looking one.

Before leaving, I took an anti-diarrhea pill, just in case.

It helped a lot. But it also made me feel weird. But hey! No diarrhea while bowling.

And bowling was great! The first game doesn’t really count because we had the bumpers up for my little nephew. He didn’t even like the game. He just wanted to go to the arcade.

I rolled a 132.

Second game, nephew and my brother went to the arcade instead of more bowling. Sister-in-law carried my baby niece. I bowled with my girlfriend without the bumpers.

114 was my score.

Then I played two more games with my brother.

I don’t remember the third game. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do that good. And the last and final game, I rolled 134. My brother rolled 130. It was a very close game. We both started with strikes. Strong start… then I had a split on roll 5, and after that, it went sort of downhill.

We went back to the arcade. They had the Pump It Up dancing game. I love that fucking game. I played two songs and was winded as fuck. I felt like I was going to pass out. It was a terrible idea to dance. I mean, at least I did good and actually completed the songs. But I felt like death right after.

And then after that, Sunday buffet at my brother’s in-laws restaurant.

I couldn’t eat, but forced myself a little bit.

I had some lasagna and some cucumbers. And water.

I couldn’t eat more. I felt full. It was probably the anti-diarrhea pills that didn’t let me eat. I was also afraid of eating.

Came back home. Girlfriend went to bed angry because I didn’t want to join her. I played video games instead.

Couldn’t sleep much. Kept waking up to go to the toilet.

This stomach virus or whatever it is… is fucking horrendous.

I might have to go to a doctor to see what the fuck is wrong with me.

If I had a job in an office or somewhere, I would definitely be calling in sick today. Fuck this shit. Literally. Fuck this shit.

My friend, Pinche Paco, is also having a diarrhea diary. But he said it’s been two weeks for him. It’s been three days for me.

I wish I knew what it was that I ate. Or what is wrong with me.

I’m literally afraid of leaving my apartment now. And I’m hungry, but I’m too afraid to eat.

And I just made myself some coffee, but I’m afraid to drink it.

At least I don’t have much to do this week but send an article that I already finished. I have a meeting early tomorrow. And I have to be in San Diego on Friday to party and take pictures.

Besides that, I only have a bunch of articles to write and a bunch of emails to send.

This Saturday is Chon with Covet in San Diego. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make it.


Back to the toilet I go!

I barely even touched my coffee and it sent me to the bathroom.

Life is nothing but pain when diarrhea dominates you. People used to die from this shit. Literally. Die. From. Shit.

I could probably die from this shit.

I probably need to go to the doctor soon.

Oh yeah.

I almost fucking forgot.

It’s throwback Monday.

Let’s see… who could be good?

Some people have said that my girlfriend looks like wonder woman.

Lucky me, huh?!

Well… it’s been said twice. That’s more than enough for me to say that it has been some people.

Once, at Norte, the beertenders said they all agreed that she looked like her. And now my brother and my sister-in-law said it.

I never shot Gal Gadot though. She wasn’t even famous back then.

So how about Freida Pinto?!

I actually remember the time I saw her. And I remember it wasn’t a good shot at all. She was with Dev Patel and it was after Slumdog Millionaire made it big. It was their first time in Los Angeles and they were flying back to New York to fly back to India. Freida wasn’t having it. Dev didn’t seem to care. I’m pretty sure they got bombarded by paparazzi all over Los Angeles that they got so sick of it, that when they made it to LAX, they didn’t want it anymore.

Why Freida Pinto?!

Well… a few days ago my girlfriend and I watched the barely okay Woody Allen movie, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger,” featuring Josh Brolin, Freida Pinto, Antonio Banderas, Naomi Watts, and more!

I’ve mentioned Tony Flags (Antonio Banderas) before. He was always a super nice guy. Here is that blog post. I saw Josh Brolin a number of times, he actually lived close to my apartment and I once saw him giving me the finger at the bar. OHH that story is great, but it will have to wait. And Naomi Watts… I don’t remember if I saw her. I probably did.

Moving on to Freida Pinto. Only one set. And I get to edit some pictures! Ahhh if I shot RAW back in the day, these pictures would have so much more information.

That’s fine though. Back in the day shooting RAW was still pretty new.

Pictures are from November 18, 2009, which means I had just switched agencies and was barely learning how to shoot Nikon. And yes. I had to plug in my hard-drive for this.

That same day I also shot Lauren Bacall, Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Judi Dench, Daniel Day Lewis, Barry Gibb, and Aylin Mujica.

Man… those were the days. 8 sets of celebrities, for each I took over 50 pics or even over 100. Then get paid. I still miss it sometimes… when I think of the good times. The bad times. Fuck the bad times.

Time to edit pics. From 78 to 25 to 9.

Shots are not that great. Balance is somewhat off. I sucked at flashing. The boss wanted a picture of both of them together but they barely walked together. Also, it was my second week using Nikon instead of Canon. Those are my excuses.

Yep. They look like kids. I was one as well. I still had my lip ring back then. Weird.

Almost a two shot! Not really.

Super dark picture inside. No idea why this shot was shitty.

And… flash.

They were supposed to drop their bags under some bridge thing. Paparazzo friend was on the way.

Supposedly a two shot, look how far Dev is…

Showing the ticket.

And up the escalator!

So much LA Shopping for them.

No idea why there weren’t any security shots…

There you have it. Celebrity Throwback Monday done!

Now… uhh I have to go back to the toilet.

And then.

Send a bunch of emails. Hopefully, breakfast. Definitely shower. Doubtful the push-ups. I’m sick and it feels horrible.

Oh. And since I already plugged in my hard-drive, might as well start transferring shit. My iMac’s memory space is getting full yo!



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