Mexico to the Semis and This is a Gross Post – Octopus Tacos and Mamut Beers – Almost Done With Work (word!)


I’m 80% done with the article.

Or so it feels.

Of course, I’m not happy with it. But I’m never happy with any of my articles.

My girlfriend read the very rough draft and she likes it. The article still has a lot of parts that just read EXPAND or FIX THIS PART or DETAILS. So I know I still have to go back and write more. It’s at around 2,300 words right now and should clock at 2,800 or less.

I don’t like how it is sounding a bit like a commercial. That makes me feel like it might get rejected. Especially because I didn’t pitch it.

Yet again, if it gets rejected, then it’s a great excuse to look for another publisher that might be interested even if they pay way less.

And then I’ll actually pitch ideas. Many ideas. Because I need money.

I already got paid for this bi-week. It wasn’t much at all. And it’s my own fault because I didn’t work much just took pictures.

This morning was SOCCER SOCCER SOCCER.

Mexico vs Russia.

I forgot about the game. So I only watch the second half.

Confederations Cup is so short. But yep. Mexico is in the semifinals. They await either Germany or Chile. That’s going to be fun. Straight to semis.

I was going to mention something disgusting. But now the transition doesn’t work right. And for some reason, I feel like people should know about this. Though they shouldn’t. But it has been really switching the course of my last two days…

Coffee, push-ups. And breakfast and shower at some point soon.

Girlfriend is at work. Though it is Saturday. I should finish the article. From 80% bring it up to 95%. Review it some more. Send it by Monday morning.

Yesterday, after discussing where to go eat for a while… we ended up in a very familiar place.

La Cevicheria Nais.

And we got something very familiar as well. The pulpo pacheco. It basically gives us two big octopus tacos each for $10.

This is what one of my tacos looks like.

And of course… we can’t go eat anywhere unless my girlfriend orders shit tons of chiles.

This time, I didn’t have any chiles. In fact, I could barely eat my tacos. And after that, I could barely move.

My stomach has been fucky.

Like very fucky.

Basically… since yesterday. I’ve had terrible diarrhea.

THERE. I said it.

It’s being fucking horrible. I don’t even know why. I haven’t changed anything in my diet or anything.

And now I’m scared of eating…

I should be fine. Hopefully…

After La Cevicheria, I wanted beers at Mamut. And to waste time because my Instagram boyfriend was visiting Tijuana and it’s always good to see him and talk about cameras.

My girlfriend wanted to go back home and sleep.

I also wanted to go home because of the aforementioned diarrhea.

We kicked it for a while at Mamut. Then the boyfriend came hang out for a bit. He was visiting with other friends. And though it would be awesome to go meet his other friends and party in town, the circumstances weren’t right. My girlfriend had to work in the morning and was tired. And I was also tired (and also, diarrhea).

So after a pint, we parted ways. And we came home and watched a movie.

The boyfriend went back to his crew. Then he went on to Moustache to catch a show from an LA band. I recommended he should check out La Estrella, and by his Instagram stories, I know that he did. It seemed like a really fun night that I missed out on. But oh well. Maybe tonight will have a great night like that. Like we did last week. Holy shit that was fun.

We watched a different Woody Allen movie.

This one wasn’t as great as the Blue Jasmine. The concept was great, but it felt like it was dragging way too long. And the narrator. The narrator was completely unnecessary. It sort of killed the vibe of the movie.

The movie was “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.”

Surprisingly, it’s only an hour and 38 minutes. It felt like it was way longer than that.

It’s okay. But does not get my seal of approval. Very predictable in many parts. The only thing that is super rescuable is Freida Pinto.

Oh god isn’t she fucking gorgeous? I have pics of her somewhere.


Today. There are no plans.

The idea was to go glamping and taking pictures of the Milky Way, but that’s not going to happen. Not this Saturday. Perhaps the next. Or perhaps in a month.


Matthew Furlong, the other Matthew, just called me so I can throw him the keys. Yep. He is still here. I thought he was sleeping. I was wrong.

Nope. We just talked. He will be moving to his new apartment today and meeting with a friend later. Invited me to join (with my girlfriend).

So there’s pseudo-plan. Grab some beers at Mamut. And it’s hard to choose another place when the beer is more than fucking decent and it’s only 40 pesos a pint.

And I guess besides that, do whatever my girlfriend wants to do.

I should get the article at 95% to fully done by today. Have other people give me their thoughts. Maybe tweak it more. Then I shall be free.

Yesterday I got a photo mission on a late afternoon. I have two weeks to work it. Should be cake. I just need to go to San Diego to their epicenter of tourist party and take tons of pictures. Maybe find a couple of people and owners of restaurants. But it’s pretty straight forward. Party in downtown San Diego and get awesome pictures of the scene. Let’s see what happens. It sounds like my favorite type of shoots though.

Coffee, push-ups, shower.


What could breakfast be?!

More coffee…


13 words short of 1,000.

Here are some more words.




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