Britney Post From Five Years Ago = Pretty Good – Slow Week No Photo Only Writing – Coffee IPAs


Let’s do this.

This week was SLOW.

With absolutely no photo missions and working fucking slow… this week has been nothing.

I wanted to be done with the complete rough draft for today. I actually told myself I wouldn’t word vomit until I was done working for a bit.

I didn’t.

Just binged on Reddit for a while. Friday Reddit is bad Reddit.

My blog received a lot of visitors yesterday. A lot of them were from Mexico. And most of them were about the Britney Spears blog post from years ago. That entry is from five years ago. Holy shit.

So now… my paparazzi days were ten years ago, and my first paparazzi stories I did were five years ago…

I’m getting fucking old.

This is the Britney post. Let’s read how horrible it is.


It’s pretty fucking good.

I was expecting to be a shit writer five years ago. Nope. It reads like fiction.

Back then, I had the intention to write a book about my years as a paparazzo. I still do. I already have so much material…. But then it got turned into a word vomit just because I felt like it.


I write a shit ton.

I should finish that article I’ve been talking about today.

I got tangled. Very fucking tangled.

What the original idea was, it keeps getting pushed down and down and down. It feels like I might not even get to my original idea. And delete that. And just write the article that it is turning out to be.

Right now it’s a tangled mess.

It should be easier than this. But for me, it isn’t.

Coffee, breakfast, shower.

Probably not shower.

We went out last night. Told my girlfriend that I didn’t want to go out tonight. It’s Friday. Friday’s be crazy yo.

She came home hungry, but instead of eating, she decided to nap.

I was still working. So that worked out perfectly. The article went from being 30% done to being 31% done.

Yep. I feel like I barely inched it forward. Though I worked on it for hours. It was more like trying to do a puzzle and not being able to figure it out. So who knows?! Maybe today I’ll look at it at a different approach and it will come together, and in less than an hour, I’ll resolve it.

That seems to be how it works for me. Which is fucked. It shouldn’t be like that.

After she woke up from her nap, we were both very hungry.

Out we go.

Though I only had 20 pesos in my pocket and she never has any money because she uses credit and debit cards like as if everyone took cards in Tijuana…

The line for the bank was fucking ridiculous. So we took the long and hungry walk towards the other ATM. There was a fucking line there as well. After waiting for eternity finally got some cash. We went to Colectivo 9. The place that we wanted to try that always runs out of food… ran out of food.

I got a burger. She thought about what she wanted and couldn’t decide on anything. Then said, fuck it, I’ll have a burger… they ran out of burgers.

So she ate a bunch of my garlic fries and drank my Mocha IPA by Stone.

Hah. I didn’t take any pictures at all yesterday….

The Mocha IPA is great. It’s more IPA than anything with a sweet coffee hit at the end. Very similar to the Sospesso IPA by Insurgente. I like the Insurgente a bit more, the coffee hit is more pronounced and it still an IPA).

So yeah. That combination, though it sounds rare, it’s pretty good. Coffee IPAs. Do more of those.

The burger and the garlic fries were also good. Indie Burgers inside Colectivo 9 never fails me.

Actually… I should hit them up to see if they are interested in the Burger and Beer Fest….

I’ve been sending invites left and right for the festivals that the Reader makes for some extra side cash… but none have actually signed up. They have all just said, “yes I will.” (and a few rejections).

Being a salesman probably sucks. You have to insist on people giving you their money. I am so bad at taking people’s money.

No wonder I’m always broke…

After burger and beer… we went to get a couple more beers. Well, first I went to find the owner of a brewery to talk to her about a future gig. She wasn’t there. She wasn’t even in town. I have a meeting with her on Tuesday. I should write that down.

Mamut in Pasaje is still selling beers for 40 pesos and they have really great ones down there. Their West Coast IPA and the Rye IPA are pretty good fucking IPAs. Better than some IPAs I’ve had in San Diego that claim to be great.

We went to Calimax, got some more beers, she got some food to prep… and made herself a giant breakfast sandwich with avocado (though it was close to 9 pm).

We slept early.

Like a good old couple.

By 10:30 pm we were sleeping.

Today probably carries the same sentiment. I have nothing to do but finish that article. I have all of Saturday as well. And after that, the following week I can start working on other articles… Since the whiteboard is pretty much empty and all I got to do is write write write.

No picture taking :(

No tours :(

Only writing.

And I didn’t sleep well. I kept waking up from little nightmares. And thinking about the article. It was weird. My own pressure to do good was keeping my awake.

And oh yeah! There’s new Pokemon Go gyms.

They suck.

I actually read an article on Forbes about how the new gyms just suck…

It was around 800 words on how the new Pokemon Go still sucks. On Forbes. Dude probably got paid $30 for that or way more. Dude also has a sci-fi book. I follow him on Twitter now just for kicks. Though I don’t really use Twitter at all.

Pokemon Go gave me a new incentive to open the game. I still don’t care.

Jeopardy is better.

And I’m doing good on that.

I’m on the top 1000 of many other thousands…

It’s still just multiple choice Jeopardy. I only feel legit when I know the answer before I read the choices. And sometimes I’m still wrong.

Ok. Push-ups. Coffee. Breakfast.

Oh shit.

This post still needs a picture.

How about this?

I wanted to go camping and do some more pics like this. That’s not going to happen this weekend. Maybe next? But preferably in a month when there is a new moon again.



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