Confederations Cup Mornings – From Sushi to Pesto Pasta and a Shitty Movie – Parents

Soccer soccer soccer!

Did you guys watch that Mexico vs New Zealand yesterday?!

Circus circus circus!

What a fucking shit show.

It was as if a cocky teenager was about to play FIFA (or insert soccer game here) against a kid that has barely played a video game in their life. The teenager, full of confidence, decides to not take the game seriously. The little kid puts full effort and he is doing way better than expected and starts winning. Because of this, the teenager gets all pissy and does everything he can to score a goal.

Ahhh, forget it.

If you saw the game, you know what a fucking shit show of a game. It’s one of the weirdest soccer matches I have ever witnessed.

And the referee.

The referee had no idea what was going on.

Definitely going down in history as one of the weirdest matches.

Cameroon vs Australia just ended on 1-1 tie. I only watched the second half. It was an okay game.

Germany vs Chile is in an hour. I’m excited for that one.

Which means I got to finish this word vomit fast so I can watch SOCCER!

I’ve only written 700 words for what I am thinking will be my next feature story (hey. who knows. my shit might get rejected). I think doing the very beginning is the hardest part. So the rest should be downhill. It hasn’t been as easy as I thought it was going to be. My mind is tangled. It’s been tangled for a long time.

I tried working on the story right after the Mexico vs New Zealand game, but I couldn’t. I wanted to read opinions about the game. Relive the drama. I couldn’t stop thinking about that shit game. It was so weird.

So I didn’t really start working on my article seriously until after my girlfriend came home.

She immediately started making the pasta that has been in her mind.

This is the pasta:

My camera didn’t have the battery charged. The battery is dying because it’s off-brand. So that’s a shitty iPhone pic.

I wasn’t that hungry, but it was still fucking delicious. She hates the compliment I give her. I swear I mean good. But she doesn’t like it.

I said it tastes like a better version of Bertolli’s frozen pasta. I really like that pasta. But she takes offense.

AHH!!! My girlfriend’s phone is vibrating. It’s her parents….


She’s scared of losing/breaking it… but sigh.

Why are her parents calling her at 10:17 am…

AHHH!! They are calling again…

I feel like answering, but they have never even heard my voice. Oh god. The day I have to meet them. That day is going to be weird.

Speaking of parents.

Bad news coming from my parents’ side, but I’m not going to delve into that. But if anyone knows about jobs in San Diego for my bilingual parents, that would be awesome. The closer to the border, the better.

I just can’t imagine them ever meeting, my parents, to her parents. Or not even me meeting her parents. Her parents are a different world. Humble people from a village. I still don’t understand how my girlfriend ended up being a well-traveled city girl. They worry about her a lot. If they only knew…

My parents and her parents are on the complete opposite spectrum. It would be a weird and disastrous reunion…

Back to yesterday.

This is a boring blog post.

Aren’t they all?

People like them when I mentioned them. I didn’t leave the house. So no one is getting mentioned.

After the amazing pasta, my girlfriend took a nap. I went back to work.

That was pretty much all of yesterday.

At night time, I made more pasta and used her pesto. Then I got the call with the bad news. Then we watched a light-hearted comedy.

A fucking horrible light-hearted movie.

Given, it is meant for little kids… Then it was great!

The cast did a fantastic job.

But seriously…

Kevin Spacey gets transformed into a cat?!

And Jennifer Garner plays the hot wife?!

And there’s a fluffy cat that sometimes is CGI (for the worst jokes) he doesn’t move his mouth, yet you hear Kevin Spacey talk?!


It was full of cliches. And it was horrible. Don’t watch it. I mean… unless you are 6 years old. Then do watch it.

Oh yeah. Movie was called 9 Lives.

What is good. Is that I have friends. Friends are good.

I seriously appreciate all the random messages I get sometimes from friends that read this shit.

I feel like WordPress lies about the stats on my blog. I’m still averaging around 50 visitors… but sometimes I think it’s more. People that are subscribed via email get this shit and I don’t get my clicks.

I don’t make money from any of this!?

I just get practice!

I should write a book.

6 more months of word vomit and I did it! Then I can focus my energy on writing a book!

And all so I can just say I did it.

I mean… money would be nice as well.

Money would be real nice.

I’m going to watch the Germany vs Chile game and then try to get the article to at least 2,000 words. Get it 80% done or close to that.


I started checking Donald Trump shit.


Still noping out of all this situation. Just going to lurk this shit and continue watching The Colbert Report.

Shit is crazy yo.

Game is about to start.

I have shitty coffee.

Need to push-ups.



And get to work.

It’s Thursday.

The month only has one week to go. The year is halfway done. Not much has really changed. I just take more pictures now.


And I want to take more pictures now.


There was a photographers meetup today. And I should go get my studio shit. But the meetup is SOOOO far away. I don’t want to do it anymore. Picking up my shit… I’ll do that soon. Either today or tomorrow. Tomorrow is probably better.

Oh yeah. The Instagram boyfriend got over 46,000 likes on a Jeep picture.

I told him since I saw that pic… sell that shit to Jeep. I have a friend from Querétaro that travels along with her Jeep and takes amazing great pictures with her family and Jeep pays for it. That’s her life.

I need to get that fucking gig. I need more cameras.

But seriously. Congrats to housewrecker. That pic is amazing.

Ok. Game about to start!

I’m out!

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