Other Matt (Furlong) is in Tj – More Sushi by Babe and Tonight Pesto Pasta – New Gig: Downtown Craft Beer Map

Mateo..! Suarez.. !


I heard someone screaming my name just as I was waking up.

It was Matthew Furlong, the other Matthew in Tijuana. There’s probably way more. Matthew is too much of a common name.

He texted me early in the morning asking if he could crash here. I plan on replying a bit later. He was here before I could even reply.

He’ll be in the apartment for a couple of days and then move to Playas for a month, and out of Tijuana he goes.

He is coming from Indonesia. I need to travel more.


Yesterday I got a new gig.

Wasted talent. That’s what I am. And a mountain of work to end up doing nothing.

Nah. But I have a new gig.

I’m charging very cheap. Because I like the project. I want to help. And it probably will benefit more at the end.

It’s a downtown Tijuana map write-up of the craft beer in the city. Met with one of the brewers who invited me. Today I’ll meet up with another brewer to get a feel for the project and get started.

So yeah….

I finished the transcript. Annoying part over.

Today I need to finish the article. Or at least half. Or more. Not sure how. Not inspired at the moment. But I’m sure I will be.

Push-ups. Coffee. Breakfast. Shower…

My girlfriend made more sushi yesterday. The Asian store is near her work. So she bought the bamboo sushi pad. Other nice stores are around there too. She spent a lot of money in Parmesan cheese…. (and made a bomb pesto at night!)

She came home and got to making sushi again. Picture time.

People at her work are already asking if they could buy some…. We need to buy our own shrimp, octopus, and salmon.

Sushi and beer. A cucumber gose by Black Market Brewing Co. from Temecula, California. Excellent gose style beer with a distinct cucumber taste.

Just thinking about that beer made my mouth water….

Joshua Nelson gave me that beer. Joshua dude… thanks man. I always appreciate a beer as a gift.

“Bisho got big. He is a big cat now.” Furlong commented.


The fatass is by my feet. Playing with my sandal. Begging for attention.

Fat cat.

Oh shit!

Mexico plays against New Zealand in an hour.

I completely forgot about Confederations Cup. I already missed the game between Portugal vs Russia.

Furlong says he is in “Indonesia time” and that is late afternoon for him. So maybe Nelson already?! And I can avoid work!

Ahh! Yeah. I’m so good at avoiding work.

Truth be told. Talking about what my article is going to be about helps me write it. At the same time, the ideas that I had that I didn’t write down, I forget.

Going back to yesterday. Not much happened. It was pretty standard. I got good news about getting that gig. Which sounds very promising. So now I get to talk to brewers and owners and make a guide and partner up with them.

After a couple of beers at Norte, my girlfriend already wanted to go to bed. It wasn’t even 7 pm.

Had one more in Mamut while she went hunting for basil. She found it.

Came home. Got beers. She started making pesto.

And holy fuck her pesto is so good.

She’s making pasta today.

She has no idea Furlong is here.

Let’s see how that goes.

Furlong is incredulous that I have a girlfriend.

My brother is doing bamboo bike tours in Ibiza. How odd. They look great though. Check it out.


I’m nowhere close to 1000 words and I’m already done.


Dani and Dani made across safely. They should already be by San Francisco by now. I got invited in that trip and their hippie van. I’m jealous. If I could have, I would have. I might still join them.

My girlfriend needs her VISA.

I just remembered that I weighed myself for the first time in a long time two days ago. The scale said I was 190 pounds. My average in my life was around 155. On my license, it says 165 because I knew I gained weight so I just estimated that.

I’m fucking 190 pounds.

Mind you, I’m 6’4, which means I am more than a healthy weight. According to a quick google search, males my height should weigh between 182-222 pounds. I’ve just been insanely underweight my whole life.

I should go to the gym and work out more than just the daily push-ups. Which is not even close to 100 a day anymore, it’s more like I’ll do over 50 if I’m lucky.

That’s more like it. Getting close to 1,000 words. And I have to write 3,000 more for an actual article (quotes not included). Yep. I’m aiming at around 4,000-6,000 words for this next article. All I have is the title, the layout, the ideas, and all the quotes, and the pictures. So basically everything except the most fun and difficult part, the storytelling, the narrative, the pull, my favorite. Let’s see how it goes. I always undermine myself.

Undermining myself! That’s what I do!

I got two emails for Tijuana Adventure, one for this weekend, the other for next… I replied to both and haven’t heard back.

From one of them, I told them I wasn’t going to be around this weekend because I plan on going glamping.  I invited my roommate and his girlfriend, and another friend and his girlfriend. Not sure if that’s going to happen or not. I really want to do it though. And that way I’ll run out of money and will really have to work or starve. But I would also get to take pretty awesome pictures which

I really want to do it though. And that way I’ll run out of money and will really have to work or starve. But I would also get to take pretty awesome pictures which is what I like doing best. I have to confirm if I can do it today so I can reserve the airstreams. If it happens, it’s going to be awesome.


Today I wait for my girlfriend to get off work. She wants to make a pesto rice pasta. She made the pesto last night. It’s SUPER strong and flavorful. I could make a regular store bought Barilla pasta with just butter and salt, add two teaspoons of that pesto, and I would get a full on bright flavor garlic pesto pasta.

Pesto pasta.

Apesta a pasta de pesto.

I’m really excited about her cooking. Though I feel guilty. She works all day, then comes home, cleans, cooks, and more. And I play video games. And pretend to work.

Like yesterday.

After the meal she already plans… I need to go talk to a brewery and figure out the timeline of what will be going on.

Oh yeah!

The new issue of the Reader came out today. Which means I probably got a bunch of pictures published and some text.

Yep. Three pictures. Five capsules of text. Already got paid for all of it. That’s the money I already spent.

Yep. I need to finish my next cover article project. It might just be a feature. Point is. Got to write more for money and less for this.



That’s the cover story. It involves many other writers. And I just contribute a tiny part + some pictures.

I should also fix my web page. Print some pictures. Start selling myself better. Have a Patreon to see if people will sponsor this silly stupid word vomit. Sell prints. Organize it better. Show off more that, I, indeed, take great pictures and have a bunch of covers. It’s not an easy task.

I’m excited for next week’s cover, which will be my picture. It sounds like it’s going to be great.




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