Netflix, Failed Night, and Chill – Seal of Approval: Blue Jasmine and El Oasis – Reddit Global Meet Up Today And Party All Night!


Let’s see.

It’s Saturday.

When I started the daily word vomit, I should have really thought about the weekend as resting time. But my days didn’t mean weekend back then. They just meant days. Every day was just a day. Every night was just another night.

Now I feel old.

My Instagram boyfriend came to visit Tijuana yesterday. Not really my boyfriend, just a dude that I follow because he is a great photographer. He told me he was in town just as soon as I came back to the apartment with my girlfriend after an unsuccessful night. So I didn’t get to party with him.

He told me he partied until 5 am and had a blast.


Tijuana. Be Tijuana. Friday night seemed promising. It didn’t go quite well for us.

The afternoon started with Netflix. Blue Jasmine movie by Woody Allen. I didn’t really want to watch it, my girlfriend sort of forced me to watch it. And I’m glad she did. That movie is great. Entertaining from beginning to end. The acting is one of the finest I’ve seen (except Louie, but even he was good). If you haven’t watched it, it gets my seal of approval. And my seal of approval is hard to get.

Roommate left late afternoon.

Girlfriend and I went out in search for oysters. I knew the place she wanted wouldn’t have them because it was already getting late for oysters. Nope. They didn’t even have any food.

First fail.

After that, I wanted to check out a new barcade that’s in town hidden underground. It seemed like a great place. I was excited. My girlfriend was not. So we said food “and that we will be back.”

More walking.

I wanted Teléfonica, but she didn’t because it’s expensive. Though they might still have oysters and obviously a lot of food options. But on Teléfonica.

I gambled on a place called “El Oasis.” I’ve only been there once years ago. They remodeled the whole place. It’s a very weird hole in the wall place that transports you outside of Tijuana and into Sinaloa or some shit like that.

Their specialty is big ass fucking Clamatos with shrimp, cucumber, and clam.

They didn’t have oysters. Which was my gamble. I kinda thought they were going too, but they didn’t.

We fought because I wanted to tell them I didn’t want my thing with avocado. She wanted to eat the avocado, I just didn’t even want it to touch my food (yes, I hate avocado for a millionth time).

At least shit got better. She liked the giant clamato and ordered a marlin taco with a side of chiles toreados. And after that, the shrimp quesadilla with even more chiles. Chiles make her happy. That’s all a place needs.

Still, I failed with the lobster.

That big Clamato thing gets my seal of approval. The Tijuana Adventure Seal of Approval.

And back to the barcade we go. We said we were going to be back.

I was a bit tired. She was a bit tired. But I really wanted to test out this barcade.

We got there, and it was closed. We told the dude we were coming back!

So I knocked on the door and try calling them. She was just telling me what to do and not helping though she said she was helping.

I got annoyed.

And we fought again.

I hate fighting with her.

But then it all gets better.

Just because we know we don’t want to make each other mad or sad. And because we love each other.

We talk about it for a while.

And then it all gets better.


That’s when my Instagram boyfriend told me he was coming down to party. I said that it was too late. Netflix and chill for us (we didn’t pay attention to Family Guy).

And now it’s Saturday.

Blog goes full circle.

I have to run soon. I’m interviewing a broker for some fancy buildings here in Tijuana. This is for a story that has been in my mind for fucking months. I haven’t pitched it. I haven’t written anything. It’s just been on my mind for fucking months.

It’s similar to how I ended up writing the other two stories. Ideas that I’ve had for months that I just need a way to resolve. This is my way to resolve it. I think. I believe this interview will have what I need to construct what I have envisioned.

Sounds weird, huh?

Who knows. Maybe I’ll get lazy and not do anything. I have two interviews pending and tons of other articles and ideas and I end up doing nothing but taking pictures.

Speaking of pictures.

Here’s a shot of Bisho because this blog post needs a pic.

I’m loving shooting RAW and then overediting.

Busy Saturday.

Busy busy Saturday.

And I’m going to attempt to make it a long night.

I haven’t partied in TJ for a while and I want too.

The town was crazy yesterday. We were walking back before 10 pm and downtown was packed with party goers and foreigners.

I believe today it will be the same.

There’s an LGBT parade today. That is always fun.

I’m meeting my girlfriend after work. Need to treat her to some oysters early. Hopefully.



The Reddit Global Meetup at 6:00 pm.

In which maybe no one shows up? Maybe a lot of people show up?

And after that, after party wherever… till whenever.

Let’s see how it goes.

It’s going to be a long night.


I don’t want to do it, but I’m going to have to do it today. I’m going to have to carry my camera everywhere.

I want to carry it some of the time, but not ALL the time.

Fuck it.

It seems like it will be a hot day as well…

Hot long day of partying and drinking beer and working.

I’ve been training my whole life for this.

And I’m drinking shitty coffee.

My roommate bought coffee at Calimax and they don’t have any quality there. He bought the best of the worst. It’s like mud. I’m not hating on it. It tastes cheap and I’m liking it.

Haven’t done nearly enough push-ups today, but I did the 100 yesterday and some planks. So fuck it. 20 today will do.




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