Meeting Little Boy and Unexpected Adventures – Finally Inspired…? – Commercial Photography Talk

My body is sore as if I had worked out. I didn’t. I just walked a lot under the hot sun it what has been one of the hottest days all year. And only did morning push-ups but didn’t come close to 100 (I think I did 40).

And it feels good.

Took pictures all day.

Snap snap snap.

Now I wonder… maybe I should do more commercial photography.

I mean… it’s what I’m into and I’m more than okay at it.

On the trolley, I met this little fellow.

I was trying to ignore him because I don’t really like talking to strangers when you are stuck in a trolley… So I pretended to read Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby. Read the first chapter. Don’t remember dicks. Puppy was looking at me the whole time and begging to be pet. Once I was nearby my stop (and I overheard the puppy owner was going to the same spot), and couldn’t help myself and pet that fucker.

She told me the dog’s name is “Little Boy.”

Bad name… I thought to myself. And probably my expression said it as well.

I took some pictures and showed the owner. I gave her my business card and told her I can email her the photos. She didn’t seem to know what an email was and asked about getting a CD. Okay. Email me so I can send you a CD? No. I’m not going to do that. But I’ll gladly email you the photos.

Lady owner of Little Boy! If you read this! The picture posted above and the one below are the best two images.

There are a few other ones that are okay. I can send them all to you. If you meet someone tech savvy and perhaps reading this, now you get them! It was nice meeting Little Boy and enjoy your time in San Diego (it sounded like she wasn’t from around here).

Speaking of awkward interactions. I had to call the person I had to get a headshot from on the phone several times to make sure we were meeting at the right place at the right time. I arrived way too early and just waited. She arrived a few minutes late but that’s fine.

Over the phone (which I still hate) she sounded like an old white lady. This is seriously what I had in mind.

I was completely wrong.

It was a cool sassy black woman on her day off.

It’s super awkward to meet and be like “hey! let me get a headshot!” bounce.

Snap snap snap.



It’s more than just that.

I tried several headshots. I could tell she was a tad awkward about it. So was I.

So we just talked for a bit and tried it again.

Nope. Not the right light. Let’s talk some more.

And she told me everything about the building. And the part she plays in the story.

I remained neutral. That’s what I’m supposed to be. Neutral and friendly.

Okay. Few more pictures. Still meh, but good enough.

1 pm is not a good time for an awkward photo shoot.

I told her I was going to be around downtown for a while just taking pictures and walking around in general. She mentioned drinks. I thought about it. Hey! Let’s grab drinks with this random. But had some work to do.

I also didn’t eat any breakfast up to that point. And I was really close to where my brother works. So we met up for lunch (after both getting lost stupidly).

The Kebab Shop.

I got the lamb wrap. Sauces are spicy something and spicy cilantro. I liked them both, cilantro was better. Oh. And plain yogurt that is also delicious.

Fuckers are around $10, but worth it.

My brother got falafels because his mouth hurts from getting his wisdom teeth removed.

He needed a favor for his car… but I had to go back to shooting.

So I went to find my next subject. The owner of a brewery/restaurant that is mentioned in the story.

Fuck. He wasn’t there.

That’s after emailing him, calling him, leaving voicemails….

Bartender said he was just in and left….


I texted him.

He replied immediately to that.

Texting is so much better than phone.

He said he was on his way back.

Gigantic dude. Nice guy. But obviously super busy managing two places. Someone seemed to be waiting for a job interview with him. He was just all over the place.

Quick photoshoot. Snap snap snap. Bounce.

I wish. He offered a beer, but it was too early for that (I should have…)

I gave him my card and told him if there was anything else he would like to add or to point out. Again, small talk (but rushed), and talking fast about the article, we went outside and he mentioned several other stuff.

Done with that. Walked to Dan’s house. Oh yeah!

Hanging out with Dan is always good.

And I got guitar strings. And got him two packs for him. Fixed his guitar a bit. And jammed.

Jammed for a while. Waited for nighttime to fall so I can go get long exposures.

And remembered… SHIT. I got to email some people that told me they were going to email me and haven’t.

Did that. They responded that they’ll send headshots instead of me getting them. I will have to insist today, and if not, see if they are willing to meet to get headshots… At least it’s emails and not phone.

Dan let me borrow his tripod. I left around 7 pm to go get shots.

It was fucking bright as hell still.

Took some early ones just to get the idea of what I wanted to do.

Then drank some beers at The Local, half hoping that the owner would swing by and tell them not to charge me.

Had two house beers. Thought about getting food, but it seemed expensive and too much. As in way too big or greasy.

The first beer was called Chasing Citra (IPA). We can assume it has Citra hops and those are my favorite most recognizable hopes (for my palate). It was great. Nothing new or memorable. Just a great Citra IPA.

Second beer (the one on the picture) was the Urbanite (West Coast American IPA).

I just looked it up. Heavy Mosaic Hops with some Citra and Amarillo. I liked it better. I’m a sucker for the easy IPAs. How hipster predictable.

There was also a Gose, a cream ale, and a coconut IPA that I wanted to try, but didn’t.

Oops. Doing more work than I should. Now I got to do email more. I’m too complacent.


When I do shit for one day I have a lot to write the next.

Look at this shit.

Over 1,000 words and not even done.

After beers, once it was darker, time for long exposure pics.

The area that I was at… it’s not the best in San Diego.

Crazy homeless guys were nearby. The security guy looked at me like “why is this fucker taking pictures?! Let’s hope it doesn’t cause a scene.”

I didn’t.

The thing though.. the idea for the picture… a long exposure of the trolley.

You know how often the trolley goes by at night?!


That’s one chance to get a long exposure pic… EVERY 22 FUCKING MINUTES.

And I didn’t want your stereotypical trolley pic. No. I wanted something way better and over the top.

To get it perfectly like I wanted, I would have to mount a post, set up a camera with the gorilla pod, with strobes on the side, and a shutter release cable.

AND STILL would only get one chance EVERY 22 FUCKING MINUTES.

Instead, I held the tripod from the bottom and raised over for the angle that I wanted and did a long exposure with flash and obviously shakes.

So it’s not the exact shot I had envisioned. But it seems good enough. I like them. I like a few for the cover. Let’s see what the editor does!

I have a feeling what she will choose…

I’ll post pictures when it comes out (which is in like 3 weeks).

After all that.

I still want to write more stupid shit.

Back into commercial photography talk.

I need to make more money. And instead of getting real jobs or forcing me to write, maybe do more commercial photography?!

I know… I know… There is a lot of competition and a lot of people are cheap. Actually… In San Diego is probably expensive. Little by little I’ll have more contacts and hopefully, they’ll hire me.

Let’s jump back to last night before I get into more fucking ideas.

After a few long exposures by the trolley, I decided it was time to go home before it gets really late. I still had to give Dan his tripod back.

I missed the trolley because I was taking pictures of it, so I had to walk to Dan’s house.

While walking, I decided to get more pictures. I set up the tripod in the middle of the tracks. The trolley on either direction was not going to be there in over 20 minutes… I started taking the long exposure and right away a security dude yelled at me “REMOVE THE CAMERA FROM THE TRACKS.”

Ahhh fuck.

So I removed it.

And got back to it from the side of the tracks. Meh.

Security guard came up to me. I was ready. I had my press pass on my hand. In my mind, I was like OHHH CHALLENGE ME SECURITY GUARD.

He wasn’t challenging me. He was nice. He asked how much I charge for pictures. Caught me off guard.

He is a boxer and wants pictures of him training or something like that. He showed me some phone pics. Dude was JACKED. Yes. I got jealous of his body.

Fuck. I should do some push-ups. And probably join a gym or something.


I told him I charge $100 per session minimum, and from there it depends. Gave him my business card. Told him to email me and I can meet him up in his next fight or during training. During a fight, it would be fucking amazing. But yeah. Let’s see what happens.

I need more camera gear.

I ordered a bunch of shit online again.

I need more money.


Here’s the idea.

Besides working for restaurants, products, and whatever the fuck else.

What about for myself?

Two people inspired me.

My roommate, who is trying to do an online shop selling silly things and hoping that marketing and SEO will pay out. Here’s his page.

Some dude on Instagram that I follow that does astrophotography, also gives a course/workshop on astrophotography. Here’s his page.


Someone is trying to get into my EMAIL!

Securing account!

That dude’s page is SUPER NICE. And he obviously makes money from photography and more.

His workshop is $450 for a night of shooting and the next day of editing.

Ok. His page is really nice, but the layout is sort of confusing.

My roommate’s page is also way nicer than this one.


To sell prints.

And perhaps a workshop?

Do a Glamping in Valle/Astrophotography workshop. Charge a fraction of what that dude charges because I have the fraction of the experience.

The dude sells prints not sure how. But I’m sure it is easy enough.

I got a mousepad with my picture of Glamping for only $10 (and can probably get it cheaper). I can probably sell them for $20 or more to the very own Glamping place. And they, in turn, can sell it

Not only that.

But get super nice shots of Tijuana and the surrounding area and start selling prints of that.

I mean… I’ve seen WAY shittier photographers do this and make tons of money.

Maybe I should do that.

By that.

I mean. Fix this website. Organize it better. And have a place where you can actually buy my shit. You know. Money? The thing I’m terrible at getting…

2,000 words and I could keep going.

Photo missions are over. Well… one is still pending but I have time and should be short and fun as well.

They are over for now. Until they send me more.

The prints by this dude sell as low as $20 for an 8×10 photo paper to $520 for a 40×60 canvas (metal also an option).

I want to print some of my pictures!

I wonder how they’ll look.

The fucking mousepad looks great for what it’s worth. Can be better. I’m still getting better.

Wrapping up this super stupid long post.

Came home late at night. Girlfriend was about to pass out. Hugged her for a bit and went out for tacos (she didn’t want to join).

Tacos el Rey

The king of tacos.

Haven’t been there for a while. It was perfection.

To wrap it up again.

I’m feeling better. More inspired. I set up an interview for tomorrow at noon for an article I have in mind. I should really finish the others I started.

And I should treat my girlfriend to a nice meal because it’s FRIDAAAAAY. And instead of partying. We just eat a lot, drink a couple, and pass out early. She has to work tomorrow. And so do I.


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