Time to Adult – Downtown San Diego All Day – Who Wants to go Camping?!


Time to adult!

Hold on. Let me get check Reddit for the next 30 minutes or more.

Spotify has the worst fucking commercials.

“Para ti, que solo tomas mocha con espuma y leche de soya.”

No. That’s not fucking me at all. Seriously?

They think hipsters are so damn fucking easy.

Or I don’t know who that commercial is targeted to.

Or maybe they know that the best way someone will subscribe is by making the most horrible commercials.

Reddit meetup is this Saturday.

I wonder if people will show up.

Oh well. It will be another excuse to drink some more beers.

And yes.

That’s all I did yesterday. This time it was just cheap beers and old video games. And watched E3 for a while, that prompted me to play old games. I don’t have the money for all them new video games, the new Uncharted, but I still have the old ones.

Shit. I mean… Shadow of Colossus is coming out for the PS4. And Nintendo stopped doing shit for the Wii U. It’s all about the Switch now. I feel like I jumped the gun with the Wii U, but it has provided hours of entertainment. Not to mention there’s still much Breath of the Wild I haven’t done….

I don’t feel like writing. Unfortunately, I don’t even feel like taking pictures now either…

I don’t feel like doing much.

One of those I must do to keep getting the gig. And I already scheduled the shoot.

It should be fun.

I’ll be in downtown San Diego walking the ghetto back and forth until past sunset and until I am satisfied with the shots I have.

Starting at 1 pm because I set up the first shoot at that hour.

Life hasn’t changed much for me.

It just gets slightly better.

And now with a girlfriend.

Speaking of which.

She’s so great.

I explained my current sad situation. And she was so supportive. And trusts me that I’ll shake it off and start writing good shit again.

I have to.

I still wonder what it would be like to get published somewhere that is not the Reader. Somewhere with more national/international reach. Like in the beginning of this year, that I thought Playboy would be a good fit. I started a draft. There’s actually three of them. To different magazines. I never sent them.

But Reader treats me nice that is hard to get away. I hope I don’t fuck up the pictures today.

And this will be my last photo mission on the board. I might have other soon. I have to re-shoot the grunion run if possible because it could be much better.

Writing missions there are still tons and I’m doing none (none of them are forced or pitched, just ideas and drafts).

Tijuana Adventure is going. Well. The social media for it. I haven’t fixed the web page. I should do that.

This blog is still the same.

I could fix the website some more, but what’s the point.

I have to email taco places to invite them over to a taco festival. That has been going. It’s hard to convince people (especially in Mexico) to sign up for a festival that is months from now.


It’s Willy’s birthday today.

He will be celebrating at Public House.

Fucker still has my Hypervenom Sonhos Dourados (my turf soccer shoes).

10 am.

One more hour and I got to be in another country.

Still feels weird despite doing it so often.

Coffee, push-ups, shower, etc.


We had a pizza party yesterday. So there’s pizza leftover. Pizza could be breakfast.

Lunch will probably be a hot dog from the “Dog Haus.” Eaten there twice already and enjoy it way too much to choose another random shit in downtown San Diego. Might as well write a review.

I just posted the InKoPah album to Reddit. It’s doing okay.

It never went anywhere and I never signed a contract, so I might as well post it.

One of the pictures was considered for a cover, but it never was. It would have been today’s cover.

This album.

This post needs a picture and a title.

How about another Milky Way shot?!

I need another excuse to go camping to take more pictures like this. And light paint some more. The new moon on Saturday the 24th should be perfect for it. But… where could I go?! And without a car…


Come on! It will be fun.

We could light paint under the stars!

Just one condition, be it in Mexico. I don’t want to camp without my girlfriend.

And I need to frig off.

Leave Tijuana for the day.

Camera battery charged. Flash batteries charged.

More coffee for me and charged.





Snap snap snap snap all day.

Oh god.

Someone just linked me to this article called “A Gabacho Reflects on Visiting Tijuana for the First Time.”

Just read it.

Poor guy. Seemed so lost. Got some random driver to show him around. Didn’t even get good info about the city. Didn’t visit anything of the new. He basically fell for every single tourist trap and asked the stereotypical question about Donald Trump.

I’ve learned that OC Weekly articles aren’t the best.

It is the second time where I feel like heavily criticizing them.

Oh yeah!

Distracted with Reddit!

And it’s almost time!

Pack my bags. Gone to San Diego for the day like if it was a big deal.

I wished I had to cross daily to a daily job.

Driving for Uber seems to be more out of the question more and more each day. I already do a lot of shit. I just have to do the shit I do more.

I talked about cars with David the neighbor, and it seems impossible for me to get a car with my credit. He offered me his to drive around for Uber. Obviously, there would be a fee. So I could perhaps try it. At the same time. I don’t want to.

One last cup of coffee.

Push ups. Shower.

Get out.



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