Pocho Millenial Bukowski – Oysters, Tacos, Beers… a Lot of Beers – Look at me Go!

David the neighbor is here. He left his apartment for a job interview and locked himself out. I threw him the keys to the apartment and now he hangs out on the couch internetting.

We’re going to get tacos de birria in a while.

He interrupted me when I was about to make some breakfast…

I started preparing my breakfast after replying to some emails… to find out that we ran out of gas.

I had already scrambled three eggs.

It was gross, but it had to be done. I had microwaved scrambled eggs burritos for breakfast with homemade salsa by my girlfriend. The salsa helped it a lot.

Millenial Bukowski but Pocho says the roommate after my drunken tirade of a blog yesterday.

And I’m looking for an excuse to start drinking already today.

Lack of motivation and lack of inspiration I default to alcohol.

I’m spending all the money that was supposed to be savings for a new car.

But I want to press the pause button on life.

Just fucking pause for a second.

Let me play video games all day and all night.

Let me get drunk all day and all night.

That’s what we did yesterday.

Met my girlfriend were always after drinking three IPAs at Norte. It wasn’t even 5 pm and I needed food because I was already drunkish.

Speaking of Norte, the brewer messaged me that he wants to meet for a project. No idea what he is talking about, but most likely photos. He said it wasn’t urgent, so I’ll meet him at some point soon to talk about it.

Girlfriend wanted oysters from Lion Fish, her favorite shitty place. Roommate joined us.

And we ate and drank and did a merry.

Taking pictures to grow the Tijuana Adventure brand is a grand excuse to eat and drink and do merries.

Oysters for starters:

Girlfriend wasn’t there yet. We left her across the street at AT&T to fix the line on the iPhone. They didn’t help.

But she did it later and now has a phone.

I think she’s pissed at me for drinking all day long and hanging out with the roommate.

So here are more pictures of food. That was a tuna taco with crusty cheese.

I over edit the photos. Especially when buzzed. And buzzed I was.

The black harder tostada with neon bright salsa. Again. Good.

I think the roommate is going to write a review about this place. He is back writing about food. I shall too.

I just don’t want to work at all.

Oops. Boss reads this. I should make the phone calls that I have to do.

And Tijuana Adventure is also about the beer. I tried all the tarts from the new line at Insurgente. Insurgente is always fucking delicious. They were all great. Regular tart, guayaba, guanabana, kiwi, jamaica (hibiscus), and peach. Can’t decide on my favorite. They were all great fucking tart beers. Now I want more.

Before Insurgente we also drank a beer at Tres Fuegos. They didn’t have any local beers, which is unfortunate. So I tried some IPA that was from somewhere else. And we had already eaten, but the menu and the food looked good.

And after Insurgente, we ubered home. I immediately came to my bed and passed the fuck out. It was around 8:30 pm. I have a text from my girlfriend that says “te mamaste.” Yep. She’s probably mad.

I woke up at 10:30 pm to find my roommate still drinking beer. I joined him. We played MarioKart for hours and talked about life and what not. We do that a lot. We’ve been doing that for years. Drinking beer that is.

I already want to drink some beer.

It’s like I’m escaping of absolutely nothing.

My roommate is selling shit online now.

Check it out.

His website is Hello GoGetter!

It’s silly shit. And it might just work out.

A virtual store. Do some SEO. Make a bunch of websites. Make money from your desk. Hopefully, the store goes viral and he makes tons of money.

That would be a nice role model to follow.

This weird modern world.

Tomorrow I have a photoshoot that I must do. I feel like I haven’t done good shoots lately.

My camera’s battery is off-brand. My camera doesn’t read the battery anymore.

So I have no idea how much battery is in it.

I ordered new batteries already. And a bunch of other shit. The cheapest stupidest studio lights ever. Friend told me they worked good. Saw reviews and they seem to work fine. Let’s see how I do with them. Cheap studio lights! HOORAY!

I want nice strobes :(


Made a phone call. Straight to voicemail.

Sent some emails instead.

Calling more people soon.

But before. Birria.

And my girlfriend is getting home soon already.

I haven’t done any work yet again.

Look at me go!

This post needs a picture that hasn’t been posted before.

The beers at Tres Fuegos.

This place needs a proper review soon.

Again. Too bad that they didn’t have any of their own beers on tap.

I know me.

I won’t get to work until I’m really running low on money.

And I’ve been spending it as if I was making a lot.

I really need to do some work.

Look at me go.

Not doing it.

Just filling the rest of my blog with stupid words to reach 1,000 words so I can go eat some tacos de birria.

And then I’ll play video games for a while instead of work.

Call some people.

Email some people.

Call more people.

Video games.

Complain about life.

See my girlfriend. Be nice to her because I haven’t been.

I’m an expert and not being able to decide anything.

Emails email emails.


I hate the phone.

But it must be done.

All I want to do is drink and play video games… Oh… if such was the life.



2 responses to “Pocho Millenial Bukowski – Oysters, Tacos, Beers… a Lot of Beers – Look at me Go!”

  1. If you worked your ass off extremely hard three weeks a month, maybe you could spend a week being a couch potato every month?

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