Flopping Fishies – The Best Sushi in Tijuana (so far) – MEX vs USA, Nelson?

Well… I’ll be damned!

Them fishies appeared!

I didn’t they think were going too… but we went to Playas de Tijuana at around 10:30 pm and there they were. Flopping around all over the beach.

I’ve been living in California for over 10 years… This is the first time I knew about grunion fish.

I’m not satisfied with my pictures. It could be better.

It’s tough to try to get pictures of fishies flopping on the beach when it’s totally dark. Poor fishies. I flashed the fuck out of them. I went all paparazzi style on those bitches. And I didn’t get anything great.

I wasn’t ready.

I seriously didn’t expect anything to happen. I thought it was going to be dark and lonely and no fishies.

I was completely wrong.

Playas is pretty lively on a Saturday night. Aquamarino Cafe was still opened and had people. Same with Horno 320° (the pizza place). And another pizza place that I’ve never been.

A few people were also having fun catching the fishies.

So this is how it happened.

We took a nap in the afternoon so we could be up for the fishies late at night. Around 7:30 pm, we took an Uber to my parents’ house. We were both hungry, so I took my parents out to sushi.

We’ve been meaning to try a sushi place that was recommended by Karla’s friend as one of the more authentic sides of sushi in Tijuana.

Here are some pics of Koi Sushi:

I forgot the name of this thing, but it’s Japanese seafood salad. It was probably my favorite part of the meal.

This was the Rex Roll. My girlfriend has been telling me I should write about food again. And maybe I should. But in that case, I need to take notes every time we go out to eat. I didn’t. I completely forgot what’s inside the Rex Roll.

It was good, but the sauce kinda killed it.

The miso soup was very rich and flavorful… and they gave complimentary edamame.

WTF am I doing?! I should be posting this through Imgur. My blog’s memory space is almost at capacity. Can’t be affording them large JPEGs here.

Girlfriend is doing laundry and talking to me. I’m not paying attention…

Oh yeah.

Back to it.

My parents got the teriyaki mix. And guess fucking what?! It was also great. I’ve had so many shit flavor teriyakis in Tijuana that I got so used to thinking all of them are going to be shit. Nope. This one is great.

And finally.

Girlfriend got the Hamachi roll. Again. Unsure what’s inside. But it was the best (same with the seafood salad).

Two pictures because yes.

We are definitely going to return to that sushi place.

We got a bottle of sake to go with that. I don’t like sake. But when in fucking Rome.

The check was 640 pesos, aka $35+ USD.

Many of those pictures are going to the Tijuana Adventure Instagram. Again. It feels great to have an account that is just for food and beer. It makes so much more sense. I don’t know why I wasn’t using it like that before. Just because I had to reset the password because I forgot it, I was hesitant into splitting accounts. I know people that have split accounts and both are virtually the same fucking account. I don’t get that… And they upload the same pics in both accounts. Yo. Don’t.

Just because I had to reset the password because I forgot it, I was hesitant into splitting accounts. I know people that have split accounts and both are virtually the same fucking account. I don’t get that… And they upload the same pics in both accounts. Yo. Don’t.

Social media is funny. Instagram might disappear in a couple of years. Yet, here I am, investing great pics on it. As a portfolio.

So I should get back to the food writing game and maybe just for myself and Tijuana Adventure or maybe it’s a great idea to send them to the office. Next time I’ll take notes. I wonder if I can have a pseudonym for food reviews on the Reader.

After that, we went to my parents’ new Venezuelan friend that has an apartment by the beach boardwalk. We wasted time until it was 10:30 pm and then we went looking for the fishies.

None of us had hopes of seeing the fishies. We never even heard about the fishies. My hopes started low and they went even lower on my first glimpse of the coast. I went to the rocky part and couldn’t see shit.

But then as we got closer to the sandy part… three young people were catching them and drinking beer (two girls, one dude). They were probably 18 or so…

Anyway… Rolled up my jeans, got my camera and jumped into the beach for some action.

Them fuckers are slippery and hard to photograph. And I didn’t bring the right equipment. The 80mm was insanely hard to focus at night. The wide angle was much better, but I was overblowing the shot. I’m not completely satisfied with the shoot, but there are a few rescuable ones and way better than what the office had.

Not as good as some of the online shit I’ve seen.

To shoot it at perfection, I would need a second shooter to illuminate with a flash gun or something.

So… I might try to shoot it more.

Though I just reviewed the pics and there are some that are more than good enough. And the editor is a wizard at taking pictures and transforming them into gold.

Next time them fishies will be flopping around the beach is tonight. One of the best times will be tonight. Then tomorrow night is supposed to be shittier. Then in two weeks when the new moon is up they do it again for four nights. And it’s always best on the second and third night around 11:00 pm. Fun shit.

I have a great idea for other shots. My nephew loves the beach. If he catches one with his tiny fingers, that would look awesome.

Coffee coffee coffee! Covfefe!

I need breakfast soon. Push-ups. And shower.

Mexico vs USA plays today. That’s going to be a great game.

I’m excited for that.

Wished Bryan was around to watch it with. But still, will be fun.

So going to get fishies might not be possible tonight. Ubers are extra expensive on Sundays. And the girlfriend works tomorrow.

Going to a different beach where there might be more might be cool as well. But as we discovered, in Playas de Tijuana there are already plenty of flopping fishies.

Coffee. Empanada for breakfast. Push-ups. Shower. Laundry. Soccer game at a bar.

Again. Should be a fun day. Life is good. Just need more money (like always). But that also seems to be on the rise.





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