Pictures of Food Exclusive to Tijuana Adventure – Fishy Grunion Hunt Tonight – Friday Night of a Boring Couple

Saturday doesn’t feel like a Saturday when every day is a Saturday.

My computer was running extra slow this morning. My brain is running slow as well.

Before my girl got off from work, I went to buy her an iPhone protector yesterday. I also got her a SIM card so she can actually use the damn thing. We haven’t been able to activate the SIM. She might want to exchange the protector. But hey. Better than nothing.

She’s great at ruining surprises.

She told me she was going to call me after work to see where we would meet up. She didn’t.

I was waiting for her at Mamut. Naturally, with a craft beer. They did a West Coast IPA that is the standard of the West Coast which means it’s fucking delicious. They did a good job on it.

I waited… and waited…  and waited. And started to get worried because it was almost 5:00 pm.

She came straight to the apartment and didn’t call me. When she finally did, she thought her iPhone was lost… so I had to tell her I had it.

She ruined the surprise.

I also bought a shitty spinner.

Just because.

I bought it to see how Bisho would react to it. I haven’t tried playing with Bisho. I would try it right now, but I left it in my girlfriend’s backpack that she takes to work. My sunglasses are also in the backpack.

She finally made it to Mamut. We were both hungry and indecisive. Destiny took us to La Cevicheria Nais, which we have been a numerous time. We are both big fans of their Pulpo Pacheco (stoner octopus).

We also ventured and tried something we never had before, the Carnitas de Atun (tuna). Blocks of grilled tuna with some white sauce with almost no flavor, accompanied with guacamole (not for me, but girlfriend said it was bomb), and a hot sauce that was very spicy for my taste.

They are good as appetizers/snacks. I would love to just have a bag of the tuna to munch on.

And of course, chiles toreados. Because every restaurant has to have them or my girlfriend will hate it. And I ate one. Didn’t cry. (A story video was up on the IG).

Now every time we go out to eat, almost every single time, I’m going to take pictures and post them on the TijuanaAdventure Instagram.

It feels good. I like it. I should fix the official web page and push it more. I don’t have any upcoming clients or anything. But I know the social media push on FB and IG will be easy enough. I chose the name Tijuana Adventure for a reason (because it’s fucking easy). So it will be easy to get a lot of Tijuana and San Diego to follow. A show about the food here would be so easy as well…. People love to circle jerk. And circle jerking Tijuana is fucking easy.

And I should really post more in Tijuana Adventure. Maybe when I don’t word vomit as much. When I am done with this daily 1,000 word posts a day. Fuck.


If you want to follow my food adventures, you know what to do. Follow Tijuana Adventure. = non-sense blog, actual photography, and soon more music. = food, beers, and tours.

Just like my business cards. Two sides.

I tried making the Tijuana Adventure brand grow with friends before, that didn’t work. So now I know the way to do it is, grow it myself (with the help of my girlfriend), and then later maybe have friends join in. Seriously. I feel like it will be easy to grow, I just never really tried. But we’ll see how that goes.

After Cevicheria Nais, we bought a bottle of rum and mineral water. We didn’t open the bottle.

Girlfriend was tired because her schedule is all fucky. By 8:30 pm she was crashing on my lap while watching Netflix.

She went to bed shortly thereafter and I continued watching Love (the Netflix series) for a while.


Friday night of a boring couple.

Hey! It’s mostly because she also has to work on Saturdays. She’s at work right now. Which means I should do some work. But it’s Saturday! And I already got paid.


I’m going hunting for the grunions in Playas de Tijuana. Though it doesn’t sound very promising. My mom observed the beach last night for fishies and said she didn’t spot any. So it might be a waste of time.

Again. It doesn’t really matter. If I get the pics, I make extra cash. If not. They’ll figure it out.

I tried doing work yesterday. It went nowhere.

I also read some horrible printed written articles in a local magazine. It doesn’t take much to be a writer.

You know what I suck at though? Product photography.

I mean, I’m not horrible. But again. It wasn’t that great of a job.

I also don’t have quite the equipment for it.

I realize now, that the backdrop my brother left me, it’s not that great or expensive. It’s actually just like $40 on Amazon. The lights that he left behind were around $350, but those got lost. I wish I had those lights.

But there’s also a very cheap setup that a friend uses that is only around $40.

So the remaining of my gift card should go to cheap photography shit that could help a lot.

I need a new CF card and a battery. My camera doesn’t read the battery anymore. I’m sure because it’s an off-brand battery and not a Canon one.

So yep.

Got shit to buy on Amazon.

Dan got the strings, so I got to pick that up and restring my guitars.

I also have a photo mission to do in San Diego next week. So that will be fun. The photo taking will be fun. Talking to the people on the phone to setup the shoot is going to be the shit that I don’t like. But it must be done.

And then.

Snap snap snap. Done.

Reddit meetup next week.

It’s supposed to be the global one. Let’s see if people go.

Not feeling like showering today.

Barely done push-ups. Gotta do more.

Still have some shitty coffee.

I need breakfast but I have no idea what to eat.

It’s past noon and I feel like everyone is still sleeping from partying yesterday.

Because Friday happened. And nothing happened.

Time for beer already?

How about that Trump, huh?!


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