121 Days and Counting – 150,000 Words of Epic Nothing – Bizarre Cheap Burger & Beer Town

“We haven’t been in this bar for a while,” said my girlfriend last night….

Yep. It feels like it has been years…

It’s been 121 days since we met. And consequentially, fallen in love, and moved in together. That’s like 4 months. 1/3 of the year. I’m still confused on how it happened.

I feel weird. And I’ve been feeling weird. I tell her that every time I see her. Not about us. But about everything.

Life is weird.

And Tijuana is extremely bizarre.

It still amazes me on the daily.

The dude at Barrica 9 is one of the nicest and funniest bartenders around. He is a tad over the top, but he has excellent customer service, knows his craft, and a natural entertainer.

Third time in the week that I eat a burger.

This time from Indie Burgers.

I was hungry. I started eating the garlic fries before I took the picture. Garlic fries are really good.

And though my girlfriend doesn’t prefer this burger, I like it. It’s light. It doesn’t unnecessarily fill me up like other burgers. Yes. It’s greasy. But it’s damn tasty.

She had the portobello. She likes the ones in Mamut better. And other places. And now we’ve been looking for burger places a lot… Not sure why that started.

Ahh fuck.

My mom told me that there’s been a lot of robberies on the beach. I shouldn’t go there to take pictures of the fishies that apparently swim up the coast at midnight. Fuck that. Even with the pepper spray, I’m afraid of getting jacked. Got to find a nice private beach to not get fucked over. And then still. Fucking Mexico. Lawless fucking Mexico.

Lightroom is still not working and I haven’t heard back from the office if they will hook it up. So I’m going to end up buying it later today. And maybe get reimbursed for it later.


And I got paid today.

I should do more work so I can get paid in two weeks.

A cover story is in my mind.

But again, so much more is in my mind and I end up doing nothing.

Push-ups. Coffee. Shower.

Only done one of those.

And I’m not close to even 1,000 words on this post.

This shit is getting harder yo.

I’m trying to figure out when I started doing the daily word vomit. In October and November I started doing way more frequent posts.

October I did 18 posts, November 24 posts, December 25 posts… and then January I only skipped one day. Next month only 2 days. Then 3 days. Then back 2 days.

This is dumb.

Let’s just call it the beginning of the year.

158 Days – 8 skips… so around 150 posts so far this year.

So I’ve written 150,000 words of pure nothing.

According to this link, I’ve written an Epic of Nothing.

If you are too lazy to click link: it says that a novelette is between 7,500 – 20,000 words, novella 20,000-50,000, novel 50,000-110,000.

And epic or sequels over 110,000.

I did it blog!

Not on this post.

This post is fucking short. Only half the words so far!

When I’m done with this blog, the idea is to do the same, but actually write something and not just word vomit. And find someone who will pay for it.

I didn’t even count the 1,000s of words I’ve written for the magazine. Those count more. It’s been 151 days and around 15 published articles. Most around 800 words, but some over 3,000.

So if I did it for pay… I would be rich?!

Well.. not rich by many standards. Rich by my standards.

Yay! Mom is going to hook it up with a private beach so I can do the grunion hunt. Let’s see how that goes tomorrow night!

So I really need to get Lightroom.

Coffee. Push-ups. Soon shower.

Back to yesterday.

My boy Bryan is in Mexico City working for Juan Futbol.

Whoa. It worked just by linking it.

This post still needs a picture, so screen capping the share.

And Bryan likes to read when I mention him. Other people do too. Silly people.

Back to yesterday. We watched the video before going out for burgers.

And at the burger place, we got a few beers.

Tinieblas by Insurgente for me. And a Pilsner by … fuck. I forgot the name. But they are from Mexicali. And they were good. (I remember while editing… Mandala!)

After that… the fridge had some interesting new ones “Lambic” style flavors were “not your mom’s” apple pie, iced tea, or strawberry rhubarb by Small Town Brewery. Fucking horrible. Tasted like strawberry soda with no head, volume, or beer… I was half-hoping it would be like Lindeman’s line of lambic beers. No. This was straight up a fizzy sweet drink. Lindeman’s is already sweet, but it’s fantastic with a champagne feel to it. This one was shit. I do not recommend it to anyone (unless you like Smirnoff Ice and shit like that).

I had to clean my palate with a Ruination by Stone after that.

And then I noticed the Cali Creamin by Mother Earth and I wanted my girlfriend to try it because it’s my favorite cream ale.

She didn’t like it at all.

Mexico vs Honduras game was on.

And like I mentioned before, she likes watching games with me, though it’s not about the game at all.

And I felt like going to that shit bar that has beers for 15 pesos. FUCKING 15 pesos.

Less than a dollar for beers.

It was loud and packed in there. It looks like a shitty strip club. A lot of lost Americans go there. But it’s so damn cheap that it’s hard to beat.

We drank a couple of Bohemia Clara with the game. Then headed back home after enjoying that easy 3-0 win against Honduras.

The 7-eleven was selling the Bohemian IPAs that I’ve been meaning to try.

It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s not hoppy at all. But it tastes like a Bohemia with a pretend IPA taste. It even uses some of the best hops. According to the label, they use Cascade and Citra. Which should result in a hoppy citrusy taste.


Tastes like Bohemia. Just riding the IPA train.

But for 18 pesos ($1 each)… it’s worth it.

Girlfriend is emailing from work. She gets off in less than three hours.

She’s loving the new job still.

And an ex-co-worker (bam-bam-bam-that’s not how it-works).

And an ex-co-worker contacted her to let her know about a job as an assistant that pays WAY MORE. Basically, four times what she makes right now. So she might apply to that and switch jobs. But she loves her new job… but it doesn’t pay much at all.

Oh, life.

We’ll figure it out.

And speaking of jobs. I should do some jobs.

Pitching a cover story so I can concentrate on that.




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  1. Interesting as always, and the burger looks awesome. Burger and beer, is anything better?

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