Bought an iPhone for my Girlfriend – Fucky Schedules and Getting Duped – Product Photography (Wordplay Goods)

And here I am once again. Wasting my time on the internet.

Hi hi commented.

You’ll be happy to know that I took her out for beers and bought her a surprise that was left at home.

I met up with my girlfriend in the usual and then headed to Mamut for tap Tuesday beers. Their cold room was not working, so they had no beer. We defaulted to Norte and drank three each (their new hoppy wheat is fantastic).

She asked if the surprise was alive. I said yes. And I also told her that it comes with added responsibilities.

She assumed it was a small kitten.

She was sort of ecstatic for another kitty.

She’s horrible with surprises. So I lied a bunch.

She never guessed right.

I bought her an iPhone.

Albeit it was an iPhone 5c.

And now that I am reading about it…. I’m regretting it a little bit.

Not that I bought that for her, but how much I paid for it…

Yeah. Got distracted reading much about the phone.

8 gig iPhone 5c is not that good. I feel like I got duped. I was a bit peer pressured into buying it. And I wanted to buy something for my girlfriend.

It seems like I overpaid by $30. But at the same time, underpaid by 1000 pesos depends on who is selling and in which country.

But yeah. I feel duped. I’ll complain to my friend and see if I can get some money back. That sounds dumb. I doubt that he will go for it.

… and at the same time… I have a lot of his shit.


A friend I do some photoshoots for every once in a while came and dropped some of his stuff for me to shoot. I’m not good at product photography, but I gave it my best. Now that I read more about it, I can do way better.

I don’t even really have the right set up.

The point is.

He had an iPhone for sale. For cheap. For way less than what I paid for my iPhone. But I got the motherfucker SE, not the 5c.


The 5c is sort of shit…

I do feel duped…

Fuck. I got duped.

But my girlfriend was happy.

Real happy.

iPhones are funny. It was like she found the One Ring.

She started customizing it. Changed Siri to French. Started downloading apps. Etc etc.

And now she doesn’t have to use my iPhone as an alarm.

She broke the iPhone that her old boss gave her… twice. Once the screen shattered because she tossed it by accident. The second time she dropped into a bucket full of water. Both times she paid from her pocket to fix it.

I’m scared she would break the one I just gave her. Yet again, it’s only a 5c. But she’s also scared. The iPhone is the living room right now because she doesn’t want to take it until it has a SIM card and a number.

By 8:00 pm, she already wanted to go to bed.

Our schedules are all sort of fucky.

And I don’t like it.

She’ll get off work in a few hours and I haven’t done any work at all.

Then she wants to sleep so early that I’m not remotely tired…

And yes. I didn’t do the work I was supposed to do yesterday. It went from having around 30% done to having 35% done.

That’s not much.

It’s due tomorrow. So I have no other choice than to finish it today.

The new issue of the Reader is out. And in this one…. there is nothing done by me. No pictures. No articles.

This post won’t get to 1,000 words. Not much happened yesterday. And I need to shift focus to work.

We were home by 5 pm. We ordered pizza and got more beer. I did some bad product photography.

Speaking of which. This post needs a picture.

Hat by Wordplay Goods. Or here.

I was shooting at 2.8f with the 80mm/1.8f and the flash with my white drop. What I need to do is shoot with a way bigger aperture to get everything in focus. The problem is my white drop needs to be iron. And I don’t own an iron.

I can do better than that. So I’ll try later. And also complain about getting duped for the iPhone.

For now… breakfast, push-ups, maybe shower (it’s cold out!), work, work, and seriously…. work.


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