Work Drama, TJ Adventure Day Tour, and First Concert of the Year – Delta Sleep (Math Rock) Were Amazing – Now, More Concerts and Camping

It’s been a weird morning already and it’s not even 8 am.

I got a call from a girl I barely know through Facebook messenger. She told me she was outside my apartment building and wanted to get in. WEIRD.

Here’s the thing… apparently, she was getting a ride home, but her ride crashed the car. And because they were intoxicated… the dude was getting arrested and she bounced. She called me as an emergency because the cops were going to take her as well.

I was already awake. Alarm was set at 7 am. After waking up at 5 am because of my girlfriend’s alarm. And we came home around 2:25 am, didn’t even go to bed until like 3 am.


I’m tired.

I wish I had all the time that I want to drink coffee, word vomit, reddit, and be lazy. Alas, I must go soon.

I’m running around packing my bag.

Delta Sleep was amazing yesterday.

My girlfriend was reluctant at first…

Let me backtrack.

The tour was great, like always. So much fucking fun.

Let me backtrack.

Before the tour, I had some work drama. Like… right.. before … the tour. I got a nasty email.

I was contacting a guy that is mentioned in the story who used to work for the Reader. I was letting him know the idea about the photos we were going to take.

He flipped. Got really angry at me. And send me a long teenage angst message about how I’m shit and he doesn’t want to be part of the story. It was weird. Apparently, I come across an asshole on email. I really doubt that was it though, I was nothing but courteous.

It gave me bad juju.

That and that I rejected the contract and it got weird with the festival organizer after also gave me bad juju.

I wish I could just cancel it all. I mean… I still could. But I had this on my whiteboard since forever ago. And I really want to go camping. Though my girlfriend is not going to be with and that part is super shitty.

So after the work drama, the tour began!

And what a tour!

The girlfriend of my past client and her parents were a joy to hang out with. The mom was allergic to beer so she couldn’t drink. But the dad and daughter could. So it was still a brewery and food tour.

I love Seattle people.

We started with food at Teléfonica, there was another tour already there. Then to Lúdica/Teorema where the dad had to attend a phone call interview for a job at the University of Washington (cool). From there, Norte Brewing, and like always, they were very impressed. Walk around some more. Mamut, why not.

Uber to Mercado Hidalgo. Here is where the mom was exalted and super happy taking pictures of all that she saw.

Hit up Plaza Fiesta for more beer and food. Hit up CECUT real quick before heading back to the border. And done! It started around noon, it ended around 6. The usual tour.

Came home.

Found my girlfriend sleeping. Joined the nap.

Woke up at 9 pm. Let the girlfriend sleep for a bit longer. But she wrote on the whiteboard “Wake me up for Delta Sleep.”

I did.

She didn’t want to get up.

I told her it was fine, that I wanted her to come, but that I could go by myself.

She got up and joined.

Got to the show. Haven’t been at a show for a while. But mother fucking Delta Sleep. There was no way I was missing it.

The first three bands were meh. I saw Delta Sleep guys hanging out selling merch to the side. I came to say hi and like a giddy fucking fan I bought some merch and told them I was a huge fan.

I bought a shirt. Which is also very rare for me to do. To buy clothes. But I had too. It’s rare to see such a good math rock band from the UK in Tijuana. I was thinking about buying the vinyl as well, but I don’t even have a vinyl player, so decided against it.

Delta Sleep started playing after 1 am.

And holy fuck were they awesome.

Camp Adventure was their third song. That is my favorite song by them.

The contrast between bands was gigantic. Delta Sleep was loud and fantastic. I’m thinking about writing a small review for money. Though I didn’t take my camera and don’t really have any pictures.

And now…

I get to do it all again.

Concert/Festival time. And camping.

I got my big messenger bag with the sleeping bag and tent. Taking my camera and tripod. Not sure what else to pack. Got my SENTRI pass. Everything is charged up. I guess I’m sort of ready. Woke up way too early so I could have time to word vomit.

Could have just skipped this shit.

Coffee, push-ups, shower, border, trolley, meeting up with the roommate, driving east to Inkopah, concert, camping, snap snap snap.

That’s the plan.

Pinche Paco said he was going to the Delta Sleep show and was posting excitedly about it days before the concert. I never saw that fucker there. He just told me he went to bed and didn’t get up…

I can’t stop listening to Delta Sleep.

I mouth the words to the songs and I don’t even know it. Just snippets of the lyrics I understand. The rest of the time I just mumble stupid shit.

It was the first time I attend a concert with my girlfriend. Concerts used to be my Tijuana life. I have fallen way behind in the music scene. It was the first time I attend a show the whole year. I need to start a new band.

I’m going to miss my girlfriend tonight :(

We need to get her Visa back…


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