Vivid Nightmares Make for An Odd Morning (Reason Enough to Skip the Blog) – Ghetto Karaoke Party – Craft Beer Talk and Tijuana Adventure Update

I skipped my blog yesterday.

I woke up feeling weird, sad, and shitty. I had very intense, vibrant, weird, scary dreams. The only one I remember with somewhat of a detail. There was a shooting in some bar, a lot of people died, I watched hidden under a table. Then the guys… guys? I don’t know what they were. They killed Sam. They fucking killed Sam.

Who is Sam? I have no fucking idea. I just remember the name and that he was the owner of the bar. And I remember how his old wrinkly face and his gray thin hair, a sly smile, and suddenly. He was beheaded. That was one out of the four weird dreams.

I woke up, just to go back to bed to dream some more, and re-start the process. When I finally got up, I was in some sort of hangover, but not quite, more like drained from the dreams. It was odd.

I didn’t feel like writing at all. I didn’t know what I wanted. I was sort of lost.

My girlfriend woke up way before me and did shit around the house while I was having nightmares. After a long time of not knowing what I wanted to do or eat… We ended up in the Korean taco place for breakfast.

From there, to Santuario. The new brewery that has a great cranberry tart ale.

This place:

It has nice views. A wide space. Internet. Fresh new beers.

I think I found my next office. Views aren’t as spectacular as Norte Brewing, but it’s a nice change of scenery. Now time to befriend the brewer or owner and see if he wants to exchange beers for photos. Also going to hook it the fuck up with new clients from my tours and maybe a shout out on the Reader.

On the left, the cranberry tart, on the right, the double IPA. Their double IPA is not that great, but they also have Silenus’ double IPA and that one is fucking great.

Two beers there.

Then Nelson for a while. Two caguamas there.

Played songs on the jukebox. Girlfriend danced.

Day drinking success. My girlfriend starts work tomorrow…. sigh…

We came back home, where the neighbor was having a birthday party for his partner, Carlos. They rented a karaoke machine/jukebox/video player that was loud as fuck. After some amazing dinner that my girlfriend cooked, we join the small party. And obviously… Karaoke. She fucking loves Karaoke.

My girlfriend and birthday gal Carlos sang Gloria Trevi songs for hours. Then more singing. And more singing. Sadly, the party had no beers and there weren’t very many people. Happily, there were tons of fucking food (shrimp and carne asada) and a giant ass cake with Gloria Trevi drawn on top of it.

Karaoke ghetto party at home. That lasted all afternoon and all night.

There! Changed the password of the TijuanaAdventure Instagram and posted that picture of beer with shit tons of hashtags like #beertours #craftbeer #TijuanaTours etc etc etc.

The TijuanaAdventure Instagram will focus on beer and food from now on and will be way more active. And the Matingas_ one for great pictures and what not. Sometimes food if I feel like it I guess…

I received an email for a tour yesterday… that’s what reminded me. I finally replied. It’s another bachelor party. I’m going to start pushing the tours way more and start charging a bigger fee. People have always happily paid me more than what I charge. So let’s see if this strategy works out. Let’s see what happens after I start giving away business cards as well.

Friday. The Gringo party. That went great.

We started at Nelson as always, followed by the craft brewery I posted above, then Teléfonica (such amazing food), and to the AirBnB for more beers. They got a nice apartment in Playas with great views. Cheaper than the usual, it was only $90 a night. Gringos are still there partying.

I thought I would be partying with them all of Saturday. But that didn’t happen.

And today. I’m not sure what will happen today. I thought I was going to party with them, but now Bryan will be here and the Mexican soccer final starts in a few hours.

Well… I guess I do have an idea.

Bryan is on his way. And the Mexican soccer final is on in a couple of hours.

My girlfriend already did laundry. We already had some shrimp and fish tacos for breakfast. And of course, she ate five chiles toreados and now her stomach hurts.

And another weekend will end. Another week will begin.

Though tomorrow is Memorial Day so America doesn’t work. But Mexico does. And freelancers work as well.

So I’ll probably do work. And my girlfriend’s first day of work.

I’m still so very nervous of her going to work before 5 am. She is thinking about buying a bike because there is no traffic at that time and that way she’ll also get some exercise done. But I’m also afraid of her going out on a bike at that hour. So we’re thinking Uber every morning… Which means 1/6 of her salary would go to transport her to work…. sigh… there are no good jobs in Tijuana for her. It makes me feel so guilty.

She spoke briefly with a lawyer. The lawyer said not to do anything as of now. It’s too early to request a Visa again. Border living without the ability to cross the border is shitty.

Less than 1,000 words.

But I feel like I’m done. No missions next week except writing. And writing I will. I’m sort of inspired for it.



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