Finally Did Do Some Work – Business Cards and Published – Memorial Weekend Gringo Party Time

Let’s start this word vomit with a tad of good news!

I got published a while earlier. Here is the article.

Let’s counter it with some bad news. The article is about shitty things that have been going in Tijuana.

So after feeling worthless yesterday because I haven’t been working, I finally pulled my shit together and finished something.

Now I have to keep doing that because there is still so much more to write about. So much more.

But let’s continue with the good news.

I got paid.

It was what I expected to get paid. And the most I have gotten paid in a while. If I get paid that much every two weeks, I’m golden. It’s not even that much for your American standards, but it feels good living in Tijuana.

No time to be lazy. I still have a lot of work to do. And a lot of more work to do. And more work to do.

Yes time to be lazy. It’s the weekend. It’s a long weekend. Gringo friends are coming down to party. They make way more money than I can even imagine. The money I used to make.

I used to make so much money but I was so young. And it wasn’t even “so much money,” it just felt like that because I was young.

Gotta play Candy Crush (Jeopardy).

I’m short of my daily goal. And it ends soon.


Played four games and lost them all. I suck at this Jeopardy app. I risk too much. When I don’t know it, I still go for it. It’s the multiple choice… it makes me want to always risk the click.

Yesterday I did work! Finish that article. Edited and sent this morning. Published a few minutes after sending. Good.

Today I should do the same. But I’m tired. And friends are coming over.

Roommate is home working. He works best with beers.

That’s what I did yesterday. Worked while beers. I finished two things.

Girlfriend cooked gorditas. It was a tad salty and she’s beating herself up about it. She apologized to the roommate for cooking salty. She has apologized to me and said she will never make it salty again.

Fuck that. It was still fucking delicious.

Check check check it out!

I made business cards!

Ordered 500 of those fuckers. And because the website was really good, it convinced me to throw an extra $10 for a mousepad with my picture.

Let’s see how they turn out.

I used “Vista Print,” and I must say, I am satisfied. Designing the card with the implemented software was a breeze. Well… there was a lot of choosing, changing, moving, etc. My girlfriend helped. But the software is really nice and easy to use.

The original front of the card was going to be the picture of my arm. Girlfriend didn’t agree…

This picture.

I had a tough time writing my info on that. And it’s a really old pic (around 5 years ago). Girlfriend said to use another picture…

And… since my favorite picture I have taken is that of the Milky Way while Glamping… I used that.

Fuck. Now that I’m looking at it… the ( looks a bit off-center. Could have move it slightly to the right. But that took me like 3 hours of making and changing so I was desperate and said fuck it. Let’s order now. 500 of those bitches.

Now I will have 500 business cards…

I still have tons of my old business cards…


I eliminated two things from my board.

And the cards will help with customers.

I don’t have any upcoming customers for Tijuana Adventure…. And I really need to push the Instagram and other social media of that. And fix the web page. Sigh.

I’ll do that later.

Friends are crossing the border now! I shall go meet them at Nelson’s Bar!

They are here for the weekend. So there will be tons of activities.

Yesterday after all the work and all the beers… we went out for a bit. Girlfriend just wanted to go out for an hour, I was on the same plan, roommate said the same thing. We went to the new brewery. It was completely dead, but hey! Great beer.

Then we went to Teorema/Lúdica. There we bumped into friends. And the roommate’s popularity hit. He hasn’t been in Tijuana in forever that when friends realized he was there it was like OH MAI GAH A WILD CHAD APPEARED.

Hah. He just told me he went bar hopping until 3:30 am.

Fuck that. My girlfriend and I came back home before midnight and passed out by then.

I don’t have the drinking energy I used to have back then. I do when I’m getting paid for it. This time is free tours because they are friends, but still doing a Tijuana Adventure party time.

Memorial Weekend Gringo Party Time!


Short of 1,000 words.

But fuck it.



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