Skipped My Blog For Two Days Because Work and Lazy – Birthday Boy Got To Work – B.J. Novak in Tijuana (Bonus: Mindy Kaling)

I skipped my blog for two days.

That’s the first time that I skipped two days in the same week.

I skipped Friday (though I wrote it on Friday and published on Saturday morning). That makes it a total of 10 skips (I believe… let’s say 10).

Saturday was understandably way busier than Friday (for work). I got to be Andy for the whole day at Gator by the Bay. And use his computer, which has its own quirks. It took me a while to figure it out, but once I got it, I want it. The new Macbook is amazing. My iMac is looking weaker by the day. I could expand the RAM and it would do wonders.

I skipped Sunday’s blog solely because I didn’t feel like writing. It was Sunday and I was lazy. I spent it with my girlfriend as if she had to work the next morning. But of course not. She just quit. And she already went to an interview and basically got the job. It’s not good enough, so she’s looking for other jobs. She has an interview in a couple hours.

Monday now.

And I have to get my shit together to get the week started.

I have a few missions to do. And I should really write.

The weekend work was good. It’s the most money I’ve made in two days in the past few years. It’s as much money as I was making daily in Los Angeles. For way better work. A tad exhausting work. Too many pictures. Editing. Maintaining social media. But I like that work. It was fun. And $$$$$$$.


Plus overtime $$$$.

And they didn’t pay me for some work I did last week. That will be due in two weeks. Plus the work I have to do in these two weeks. Plus a loan from my brother. Equals, enough to buy me a cheap car. Or maybe the down payment of an expensive new car so I can drive for Uber.

I’m still way too fucking undecided on that.

Good thing is I have missions and jobs. And I am adulting more. Owning a car doesn’t sound like a farfetched idea as it did at the beginning of the year.

I have an easy gig tomorrow early morning. Snap snap snap. And done.

Easy gig.

It’s also my birthday tomorrow.

And like always… it doesn’t feel like it and it doesn’t matter.

I wanted to celebrate my birthday at Tacotopia. Because that became tradition when it started two years ago. It’s always around my birthday. And a lot of friends already gather to drink and eat tacos. It’s just easy to call it my birthday celebration.

But I had to work.

That’s what work looked like. Taking cool pictures, writing a basic post, try to get many organic likes. Sponsor the best post with organic likes. Grow the popularity of the festival. And we did. The Reader did. I helped.

It went from 9,000 to 11,000 likes. Many of them organic (which is the way you want to do it). So I’ll call the job successful.

SEO and social media and shit. I’m good at it. But not for my own shit. I should do it for my own shit. Especially for Tijuana Adventure. Because I could make more money. But I don’t. I get lazy because no one is paying me….

Because I skipped my blog two days… the visitors did drop a lot. The last two days averaged 35 views and 15 original clicks.

I should really do more SEO and social media stuff for Tijuana Adventure. Posts that are Tijuana food or beer related should go there and not on my personal IG. I post a lot on IG anyway. So having two accounts would be good…

But… I forgot the fucking password.

I’m word vomiting nicely.

I have two whiteboards now.

And there are only two words written in one.

My next two things.

Early mission tomorrow. Tijuana Adventure on Thursday that also starts early. Baseball adventure. It should be interesting and fun.

I should write the rest of my missions. Because there are several. And one of them will require me to be in San Diego probably both Friday and Saturday…

My girlfriend is distracting me.

Yesterday, we just watched youtube for a while. Then went out for beers and watch Xolos win vs Morelia. Then octopus at La Cevicheria Nais, and back for more beers.

She wanted to play Tekken. There was a free Tekken game for the PS3. I downloaded it months ago but never played it. After hours of updates and other shit… I started the game, and it’s not available. Apparently, it went down in March of this year. It would be nice if the PS3 told me… “hey! this game no longer exists, you don’t need to update it!”

So we played Street Fighter instead. And just like Scrabble, where she is obsessed with beating me, she tried beating me. There is no way that she will ever beat me. She beat me once on Street Fighter and once on Marvel vs Capcom… but I obviously lost on purpose. She mashes buttons like crazy. And she won’t listen if I try to explain the buttons. Again… just like Scrabble. She won’t let me tell her tips, then eventually will listen. And yep… I’m probably going to let her fight the computer for a long time.

Yesterday I slept a lot like predicted. I slept a lot today.

Girlfriend wants to hang out for a bit before she leaves for her job interview. So I must comply. But first… more word vomit. Because it’s throwback celebrity Monday.

B.J. Novak was in Tijuana this weekend. I knew he was coming. Tony Tee over at Corazón de Torta told me they contacted him to give B.J. Novak a tour. Of course, I had to mention of the times I saw him. I have two folders of him. One with Mindy Kaling at LAX, which I don’t remember at all. The other which I remember perfectly and the pictures don’t lie.

Let me edit them and get back to this.

Here’s B.J. Novak with Carlos, the owner of Norte Brewing… my second office. By the way, Norte is building a website and they will be using some of my shots.


Using Lightroom now. Took forever to open on my iMac… but I feel like an idiot for not using Lightroom before (or shooting RAW). My computer still can’t truly run it though… Lightroom took like 5 minutes to open, but once it opened, it was running smoothly.

Here we go!

First time I saw B.J. Novak I remember it well.

I didn’t have a car because my agency “fired me,” but in reality they transferred me to “freelance” status, so they can just rob the fuck out of me. The point is, I didn’t have a car the beginning of 2009 (just for the month of January).

I was going to LAX with my brother to help out on something.

And on the way there… I saw BJ Novak driving right beside us.

He didn’t believe me, so I took a picture of it.

I confirmed it. It was the dude from The Office. My brother started following him, but it didn’t take long. He went to the Coffee Bean that was nearby and on the way to LAX.

Here are the shots. They aren’t great. I wasn’t very good.

On his way in…


Window pictures…

I was standing on the wrong place when he came out.

My brother was in front of him, so he was getting the much better angle.

I remember he talked to us casually for a bit. My brother got great pics of him waving with coffee in his hand. My pictures are pretty shitty.

This second folder I have… I truly don’t remember. I don’t even remember seeing Mindy Kaling… I thought I didn’t see her…

My pictures are way better. But still not as good. I was already shooting with the D3 and for another agency. Pictures are from May 18, 2010. So basically 7 years ago. And also very near my birthday. I was 24. Damn. So young.

The light at the arrival level is horrible… but with today’s cameras and better skill from me, the pictures could be way better.

Paparazzi pictures are still a bitch though.

It seemed like they acted cool.

And Novak can’t stop drinking coffee.

Me neither. Coffee is great. That’s my friend Erik talking to them. I learned to surf with that dude.

Then more pictures from across the street!

I pick a few too many. But there you go. BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling.

He was in Tijuana. It would have been nice to have talked to him again.

Someone commented that they wanted to see my haircute. HiHi!

My girlfriend right now is making fun of my haircute. She says I look like a soccer player from Spain.

So yeah. I’m probably not posting a picture. If you followed me on IG I took a bunch of selfie stories while working where you could have seen it. I post a lot on IG.

Speaking of IG.

I GOT 1,000 Followers!! YAY!

It felt great for about a second.

I want more work doing photographs and social media. I’m good at it. San Diego pays for it. Tijuana does too. But San Diego does way more.


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