Roles Reversed (I Work, She Sleeps) – Gator by The Bay Paid Event – Two Posts Today, Busy All Day

Well… I’ve been sitting for more than an hour doing absolutely nothing and hoping I will get paid for this. Andy told me to be here between 9-10 am. I got here at 9 am. Nothing is happening. And I forgot my phone’s extra battery. Phone is already at 70%. Haven’t even opened Pokémon Go, but I am so bored that I want too.

I am completely unprepared for this event. Well… not that unprepared. I just wished I knew I could have gotten coffee and breakfast before coming here. It’s seriously nothing right now. Just waiting while hungry.

Roles were reversed this morning. I got up early and left the apartment. My girlfriend woke up early because she had a job interview, but then said she was too tired and went back to sleep. And she will probably skip the interview. She is getting a bunch of other emails and what not though…

Yeah. This event doesn’t even start till 3:30 pm. I have no reason to be here right now….
At least I am getting paid.

Could have slept in. Could have come here on public transit. Nope. Just sitting here waiting for something to happen.

I haven’t had a chance to sit on my computer and work on articles for a while. Yesterday I spent all morning editing, then wrote the word vomit. And then ran errands for my brother. That took all day. When we came back to Tijuana, I needed a haircute. Because I wanted to look presentable for today. I didn’t really even need it. The haircute yes, because my hair was shitty, just not necessarily for today.

The usual chick that gives me my haircute was not available. She hasn’t been for over a week. Or so she says. I think she is jealous because I have a girlfriend that she doesn’t want to give me haircutes anymore. The other barber I know wasn’t working.

I went to a new place. A barber shop with a pool table and hipster comfortable vibe. Turns out that I know one of the dudes that work there. Didn’t realize it at first, but after talking for a bit, he told me we met before at my second office (Norte Brewing). He dates one of the girls that used to beertend.

It was a nice haircute experience. I hate going to the barber, but this was fine. Also got a shave with a hot towel. Fucker even trimmed my eyebrows. I never had my mother fucking eyebrows trimmed.

My girlfriend met up with me at the barber. Then we went to a sushi place she wanted to try. A place that I know well for being mediocre. It was closed, but there was a similar one near the apartment. We got that. It was a bit of a mess to order. We fought a bit over it. Over me not wanting avocado. It was dumb. Now that I look back I know it was really dumb.
We ended up okay. I regret that dumb fight.

Shit. More time goes by and nothing happens. I should leave and get some coffee and breakfast.
Andy also told me street park to save money. I parked really far because street parking is very limited and the spot I found was like a mile away.
And I sit here. Doing nothing.

This is getting ridiculous. If by 11 am there is nothing going on… I should really leave for some coffee and breakfast. And then maybe not street park. The parking is only $15 and I could get it reimbursed (though it will take some time). But being here doing nothing sucks.

11 am.

Still haven’t done shit.

Way too hungry and it doesn’t look like food will be ready in hours. Nothing will happen in hours. I was booked wayyyy too early.


I was about to leave, but Andy told me to wait for another 20 minutes or so. I just want some coffee and at least a granola bar or something. A clif bar would do me a world of good for a couple hours. There are just some Coca Colas here. I don’t want that shit for breakfast.

Waiting. Waiting. I’m getting paid to do nothing. Similar to the security guard near me. He is getting paid to do absolutely nothing. At least he has some fucking coffee.

I can’t complain. I want this gig. I need this gig. This gig pays well. I’m just an impatient mother fucker who hates waiting.


Right after all that… I got really busy.

Not immediately after. At first was just learn basic social media stuff that I kinda already know. Just go through it. Meet the people in charge. Meet the other photographer and time to work.

After that… WORK WORK WORK.




It was like that for around 6 hours.

All for one picture that made the cut. Well.. a few more made the cut. But only one made the cut on Instagram.

I don’t get no photo credit. Because I am getting paid. It was a cool picture.

I actually took shit tons of cool pictures. The wide angle is fantastic. I get to use Andy’s gear which is a lot. He has that fucking 85mm/1.2f



I sucked at it. Focusing is slower than the 70-200mm/2.8f. My bread and butter. The lens that I miss so much. The lens that I used most of my life. I’m really good with that lens. And I’m probably going to use it a bunch today.

And the wide angle.


And I walked shit tons.

My legs are killing me.

Still made it home last night to go out with my girlfriend for a beer and then stayed up with her for a while.

Now I really have to go.

And do it all again.

Oh shit!

8:30 am.

I need to be there around 10ish am.

No need to be there that early like Andy said at first, but Saturday action starts sooner. So I do have to be there at 10ish am.

Work time!

Oh. And I’m missing Tacotopia :(

Gave my tickets to Paola. Who I said I would take way before even meeting my girlfriend. :(

I want to go to Tacotopia… but … MONEY!

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