Back to Taking Hundreds of Pictures Daily – Girlfriend Quit Her Job (She Couldn’t Be Happier) – I Have Two Whiteboards and Many Missions

My girlfriend went to work this morning at her usual time. She went casual. No need to look super godínez.

Before I woke up… she was already back.

She quit her job.

I haven’t seen her this happy in a while.

She’s already looking for another job and I trust that she will get a better job soon.

Almost any job is better than her previous job. I can’t imagine how fucking shitty her ex-boss is. Not only a fucking asshole, but also an idiot. A self-entitled one. Obviously, from the little I know.

Yesterday she probed me about my day. And I told her. Told her everything. Every detail. And when I asked about hers, she wouldn’t say much.

When she finally gave in… she went on a rant about how horrible her boss is. WAS.

She’s so happy this morning. Especially because we went to eat at the fish taco place she likes because they have tons of salsas and chiles on the bar. It was only one seafood taco, but she drowned it in chiles, onions, salsas, and more.

She’s already on a call for a job interview. She’s using my phone. So I have to remember to answer politely like I’m his secretary.

Job offers are pouring in via email, but not from Tijuana.


She told me to stop posting about her life and the whole intro is about that.

Back to mine.

San Diego’s public transit sucks. It’s incredibly slow. But I spent my day riding public transit.

I finally found the homeless dude.

The guy was really chill. Much younger than I expect. Much more coherent. My girlfriend says he doesn’t even look homeless. He seemed like he showered recently. Only his nails were a bit dirty.

He was also a talented artist. In that, he draws a lot. His sign read “I spent all my $ on markers.” He had a large box of markers with him and was drawing on cardboard.

He rambled a lot about Jesus. But in a nice way.

Second time in May that someone talks to me for a long time about Jesus.

Anyway. That’s not my story to tell. Only to photograph. The story by Jonah Valdez will come out soon on the Reader. It’s a cool story.

And back on public transit I go.

To downtown Tijuana.

I’m not getting paid any extra for what I did, but I was hungry and they feed me free tacos. Also, I’m pretty new at the gig, so might as well over work it. It’s getting easier and easier. And I’m getting more and more.

Missions are never ending. And that’s good.

Now I have to get back to writing.

And then I’ll be banking in a very okay manner. Great for Tijuana, barely okay for San Diego.

Getting a car is in the back of my mind as well. But I have not decided about anything on that. I still don’t have the money, so once I have the money it will be easier to decide.

Anyway. I went to a fancy taco place in downtown San Diego. The manager took a while to come down and greet me, but I told him what I was doing and he said, “well, don’t you have the life?” And yep. Yep, I do. I’ve been eating tacos and taking pictures of them all week. Homeless dude was a tad difficult to find because he was very flakey and his phone battery kept on dying. But at the end, it was a pretty easy shoot. And the taco shoot was great.

Not to mention the tacos were fantastic. Way overpriced, but worth it… to a degree.

After tacos, I met up with my roommate to hang for a bit. And to give him a mag, because he is on the cover. His girlfriend came home stressed, she didn’t care about the mag. She had much work to do. I took pictures of her cat.

Pet photography is fun.

We just hung out for a bit before, talked about work and whatnot, then my brother picked me up. And we came back to Tj.

I have to go and do a favor for him (my brother) right meow.

Pick-up some stuff, take it to the office, and go pick him up from his work.

And I’m going to borrow his car Friday and Saturday.


It was Mother’s Day.


Mother’s night.

My girlfriend is a cutie and bought my mom and my brother’s wife a present. And wrote them a handwritten letter. I still have no idea what it says, but my mom says she was really nice and feels honored.

Family met at the family restaurant. Buffet time. And I was already my camera. So why not take pictures?

Snap snap snap again.

311 pictures for the day.

3 different sets of folders.

I spent my whole morning editing. Editing takes a while.

Back in the day, I would just send them to the office and they could edit.

Life goes full circle. I’m back at taking 100s of pictures on a regular basis

This blog needs a picture.

From the 311 pictures I took.

I posted on Instagram a shitty one of a flower with a bumblebee. And the aforementioned kitty.

Here’s one of my mom and her granddaughter.

(love you mom!)

It will be Mother’s Day again on Sunday. With more time.

My memory space in WordPress is starting to run out. I might have to buy extra space or delete old files. I really rather not delete old files though… But the word vomit is getting extensive.

I also have to pay my yearly subscription to WordPress…

As an experiment, I’m going to try to monetize this blog. But at the same time is like “COME ON!” I don’t have enough visitors at all. It averages 40+ clicks and around 100 views a day. That’s not much.

It’s funny… someone googled “wet fuck” yesterday and ended up on my blog. Ohhh the disappointment for him. Another one googled “astro photos and how to take them,” and I guess my SEO is strong enough that I was one of the results. I wonder what he thought of the word vomit.

Visitors come from all over the place.

In fact, for funsies, here’s a screencap of yesterday’s:

It’s usually like that. Most views from the US, closely followed by Mexico, followed by Canada, Australia or the UK. Then a bunch of random ones from all over the world. I usually do have one Hindu click. Maybe I have a fan in India?

Who knows.

People visit from all over the place.

Hi strangers!

Girlfriend just fell asleep. This is the first time I see her nap. She didn’t sleep at all last night because of the stress of quitting her job. And her imagination of what would happen.

I’m happy she’s happy. She seems so relieved.

And wants to enjoy a week off before she has to work again. She wants to go to Monterrey and visit her parents (and take me with). But I am getting busier and busier. Maybe the 1st week of June I can take a week off.

I’m happy with the new gig though. More missions.


And the whiteboard arrived. The one my girlfriend got me.

FedEx in Mexico works great! They called me to tell me at what time they were going to be here.

The board came rolled in a small cardboard thingy. It’s not your stereotypical whiteboard. It’s actually a whiteboard sticker. It’s really long. Just one big white giant sticker you can write on.

I haven’t written much on it. But soon will. Now I have two whiteboards. So I better use them! … right?!

Sigh. When am I going to have time to play Zelda?

I got to run and didn’t even finish the articles I wanted to finish.

Time becomes scarce…

And I really need to get a haircute. Gotta be presentable tomorrow…




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