Yep! It’s Mother’s Day! Everyone Post Pics of Your Mother! – Taking Pictures of Tacos Because It’s My Gig Now and I Got Published Three Times! – Bored Then Really Drunk, Didn’t See My Girlfriend At All Yesterday Which Made Me Sad

There is too much in my mind. And when I have a lot in mind, the word vomit tends to be shitty.

So beware, this is going to be shitty.

It’s Mother’s Day. For starters, happy Mother’s day to all them mothers…


Here she is creating a massive bubble at her grandson’s (my nephew) birthday party.

Love you mom (and seriously. You are the best mom ever).

See you tonight for dinner, a bottle of wine, and a book that I still need to buy for you.

I woke up drunk at 5 am. Drank a bunch of water. Saved me from a hangover. Or maybe a hangover wasn’t meant to be because I drank fancy whiskey.

Redbreast 12-year-old Irish Whiskey. It was smooth as fuck that it didn’t even feel like you were drinking hard liquor. I drank too much. My roommate kept pouring me some.

And before that, I had beers. And tacos. And some wine.

Tons of tacos.

I woke up with some hate.

I usually do.


This is really shitty.

I didn’t see my girlfriend at all yesterday. I got home at 10ish pm drunk and she was already sleeping. I went directly to bed next to her.

I missed her a lot.

While drinking beers, wine, and whiskey… I was hanging out with my roommate, his girlfriend, Stu and his wife…. I missed her a lot then… I felt lonely. Everyone had their partner (except Mael’s brother, who I never really talked to before, he is a cool guy).

I have to go shoot the homeless dude soon. He said today at noon by some church. I have no car. So I have to do this on foot. Public transit in San Diego sucks. I have to leave soon to make it a noonish. He hasn’t responded my text this morning.

I got published twice today.


When you write a shitty comment on someone’s shitty picture because someone left out a shitty comma and it turns into slight internet drama.

Easy solution. Just delete your fucking comment and block that fucker.

He seemed like a cool guy. But also an idiot. Everyone is a fucking idiot.

Hate and sort of depressed.

Maybe mixed with a tad of weakness. My weakness.

I got published thrice today.

One was the Valle story of me and my girlfriend. There’s already a comment on it that has nothing to do with the story.

Here’s the link.

The other is about a street massage I got from a sobador back in January. That took a while to get published. It doesn’t matter. It had no time issues. There is already a comment on that.

Here’s that link.

There’s still one story pending that I have no idea when it’s going to get published.

And the third thing is… PICTURES!

I got the cover shot, which features my roommate and his girlfriend who were nice enough to pose for me. And inside the magazine, there should be more pictures that I shot.

Those haven’t come out yet. But I know they will soon.

(Edit: it did while I was editing, here’s the link).

I don’t even know who wrote the story. Not even sure what it is. I just knew my mission was to take pictures of five different places. And so I did. It was fun. And it’s okay money.

(Edit: Oh. I see now. It was Bill Manson. Cool!)

And I have that mission today. Of shoot this homeless guy. I shall leave soon.

Told you this word vomit was going to be shitty.

Before getting drunk yesterday… I went around San Diego eating tacos for the upcoming issue about tacos!

Bumped onto my friend Danger Dave, though the Danger side is way tame nowadays because he also has a girlfriend that he lives with. I got him some free tacos and hung out for a bit. Talk about music, jobs, border crossing, etc.

He was on his way to work. I was on the way to mine.

Taking pictures of tacos and getting free tacos! There are some tacos missing… So I might have to eat and take pictures of more tacos.

I sort of regret crossing. And sort of don’t. I really ended up wasting a lot of time. To waste time before getting hungry to eat more tacos… I had a few beers.

The first one at Mike Hess. Got the Black IPA. I regret my choice. It was meh okay. I’ve had better Black IPAs in Tijuana for a quarter of the price. I’ve also had way better Mike Hess beers before.

I got bored. Took a picture.

It’s a shitty picture. Didn’t edit. Needs a crop. And some other edits. But fuck it. It’s a shitty picture that I took for no reason but boredom.

After Mike Hess I went to North Park Brewery. Again. Took pictures out of boredom.

I had their award winning IPA called HopFu! …. It was… okay.

I expected more intense hops and dryness. It was just your average IPA.


I bumped into my ex who was on a Tinder date (or maybe Bumble… or something).

This ex who I never called a girlfriend even though she was. My Asian ex. We were talking in friendly terms. I always told her to come to Tijuana but she wouldn’t.

Then when I met Karla, and I told her that I fell in love… she said very fucking mean things to me. Basically she said that I didn’t know what love was, that I was going to fuck it up, etcetera etcetera. Complete bitch move.

I blocked her from my social media.

Man. That block button. I don’t use it much. But sometimes is necessary.

I said hi to her. Well. From a distance.

Then she tapped me on the shoulder and I gave her a hug. I haven’t seen her in over 5 years I think… Last time I saw her it wasn’t pretty either.

Who would have guessed that I would bump into her in such a random occasion?!

It was chill. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her again. Her voice is fucking awesome (it’s super high pitched). And she is one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met (the reason why I dated her).

She went back to her date.

I went back to my boredom.

Then got hungry and went to take more pictures of tacos!

Perla Tacos.

They were fucking delicious.

I mean… one. That one taco was fucking delicious.

It was an octopus pesto with cheese on a handmade fluffy tortilla.

Snap snap snap.

Eat eat eat.

Leave leave leave.

My roommate decided not to come home. So instead I met up with him so he can pay rent.

He seriously just pays rent of a place he doesn’t even live in. I left him a gift on his desk. His room fucking smells of loneliness. That gift is just sitting there lonely in the smell of dry lonesome glorified warehouse space.

I guess he just likes the option of having an apartment…. But I don’t get it…

If he moves out, I might move out. Getting another roommate doesn’t’ sound like a thing I can do in a relationship. It might be weird. No roommate is ever going to be as cool as Chad.

That’s a tall order to fill.

I’ve had my fair share of awesome roommates… but none had taught me as much about life as Chad.

Fucking Chad. He is one of the greatest. And he can drink like a mother fucker. His girlfriend too.

Aren’t we all just alcoholics trying to find someone to be an alcoholic with?!

I guess not all. There are those weird people that don’t drink. Like my friend Dan.

I get it. It’s fine. It’s healthy. It saves you from a lot of trouble. It saves you WAY too much money. But I enjoy drinking way too much. Especially with my girlfriend.

The recycling in the kitchen is two bags filled with empty beer bottles and cans, and two bottles of wine. That’s from two weeks of drinking.

I’m missing my girlfriend way too much right now.

She’s at work. I should go to work.

It’s still shitty overcast out. Which is great for pictures. So I should go find this homeless man though he didn’t respond. Then I should do more work. Though my desire to write for money diminishes and all I want to do is take pictures.

Freelancing writing, pictures, and music is fucking complex. It seems like I can only concentrate in one at the time. And then I still do tours.

And do this word vomit.

And do nothing.

And play Zelda.

And complain.

And try to get to the front page.


I also bought new shoes.

Adidas Samba. My last pair of those were 11 1/2 and they fit pretty well. They didn’t have that size no more. I got the 12, and they fit a little tight. Weird.


Rent is due today.

I haven’t paid the internet. That was due a few days back. I’m surprised they haven’t cut it.

Lol. This was extremely shitty. Thanks for reading whoever you are! Again I wrote a super long title for funsies.



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