Girlfriend Wakes Me Up And I Tell Her The Shittiest Joke – Shooting the Adventures of K-Wamo and Chris – Hipster Pictures with a 1960’s Seagull TLR Medium Format Film Camera

I swear that my girlfriend’s favorite activity is to not let me sleep.

She woke up at around 5 a.m. stressed because she is worried she is going to get fired.

And bugged me. Didn’t let me sleep.

The shittiest joke in the world occurred to me. She told me she couldn’t sleep because of the stress. And I asked her, “why isn’t escuatro?”

Get it?! GET IT?!

Estrés (stress in Spanish) = is three.

Explaining the joke probably killed the joke even if there was a joke to kill at the beginning.

She’s also tired of Tijuana and wants to go back to Monterrey. And it’s unfair of me to ask her to stay. She has nothing but me here (and one friend). Her job is shitty, mostly because her boss is extremely shitty. She is getting underpaid and now living with the stress that she might get fired. The job gives her no benefits at all. In fact, she’s a freelancer. So on top of getting underpaid, she has to pay taxes.

I know she can get a better job. She’s an expert at getting jobs. She got the job she has right now rapidly. Less than one week trying to get a job and she nailed a pretty important gig with a boss who is a complete douche. And she works her ass off. More than 8 hours a day, including fucking Saturdays and overtime because her boss is always calling her.

It’s stressing her. And she wants to go back to her parents.

And then I asked her… “you want to live in Monterrey?”

And she says no.

But also not in Tijuana.

My life is here though. I don’t know for how much longer. But for now, I have nowhere to go. And I like it here. Maybe things are getting repetitive. We go to the same breweries. We get the same food.

Having a car would help a lot.

I want to go to Valle again with her…

Getting her Visa back would help a lot.

That way we can spend time together in San Diego and Los Angeles. Expand our horizons. If her Visa gets rejected… our relationship might be doomed. Or we might need to get married.

Half my life is in America. Half my life is here. I have shit to do in San Diego today. I have shit to do in San Diego all weekend.


More pictures of tacos. And try to find that homeless man yet again.

And this weekend. I’m missing Tacotopia. Which I use as my birthday celebration.

But Andy offered me a gig pretending to be him. And it’s a good paying gig. So I’ll pretend to be Andy. Do some photography and social media work for an event in the Bay. Represent the magazine. Friday is training. Saturday is work. Easy peasy. I like those gigs. I want more of those gigs.

I have to skip Tacotopia. Because Andy obviously has to be there for Tacotopia.

Birthday celebration is (or will be) null.

It’s not even my birthday on Saturday. I think it’s on Tuesday or Wednesday. Who cares. I probably won’t do shit. Just go out for beers (which I already do daily…)


Yesterday’s blog was, in my mind, really shitty. But not for Bryan. Bryan enjoyed it. I made him laugh twice. I wasn’t even trying to write jokes. I guess that’s how it goes. I mention Bryan because we hung out for a little while yesterday.


After word vomiting, I felt like taking pictures. My neighbor/friend has a cute new mutt stray puppy called K-Wamo. I offered my photo services for free. So we met up, walked in the park, and I took 100+ pictures. Edited it down to 37.

Here are the adventures of K-Wamo and Chris at the park:

I was carrying my hipster 1960s film camera twin lens reflex medium format Chinese made Seagull. The film was $5.75 for 12 pictures. I’ve shot 5 pictures so far. I used one on a picture of K-Wamo and Chris. Obviously… I have no idea how the pictures will turn out until I develop the film. Which brings the question, where the fuck am I going to develop medium format?!

And obviously… EVERYTHING is fucking manual. Photography really used to be an art. And then you had to develop the film which was Photoshop back in the day. It cost money. It cost a lot of time. Now iPhones do amazing things and pretty much anyone can be a photographer.


Bryan hates it when I talk too much about photography. He gets bored.

This is the Seagull. It’s been fun shooting those 5 pictures…

It has a little counter.

To learn how to use that fucker, I went on Youtube and saw a video of a Chinese guy explaining how to use it.

Basically, you just put it on Auto mode and click the shutter. I’m fucking with you. This is not a mother fucking iPhone.

Nope. Shutter and aperture are at the front. The bottom lens is the one that takes the pictures, the top lens is basically the viewfinder. You look at the camera from the top part (and the display looks insanely nice). If you move it left, it goes right. It’s reversed. Like C-Sticks on Golden Eye or other Nintendo games.

The crank on the side is to roll the film. Loading film was another complex aspect. The focus is on the other side of the crank thingy. It seems pretty obvious when it’s on focus.


We’ll see until I develop the film. I have 7 more pictures. It makes you really worry about the clicks. 7 pictures left. Each picture is basically 50¢ + the developing… then it’s more than that.

Shit. I just ran downstairs and back-up. UPS was at the door. I’m expecting two things that my girlfriend bought. A whiteboard + sharpies, and a shower curtain. If I’m not here to receive them, we have to go get them somewhere. UPS wasn’t for me, but for a neighbor. I think they are coming in through FedEx anyway…

So fuck it. Back to my computer and coffee.

After pictures, I went to grab a sandwich and a beer at my second office, Norte Brewing. There I wrote the other half of an article. I should finish that soon and send it in. Met my girlfriend. Met up with Bryan and his girlfriend thingy. Came back home and watched Youtube for a couple hours until I had to kick out Bryan.

I haven’t had breakfast. Only coffee. And I am hungry since last night. I want more coffee. Then push-ups (I haven’t been doing as many as I should). Bucket shower because it’s cold outside. Then have to cross the border to work. And work includes pictures of tacos. So I’ll end up eating tacos for lunch. I need breakfast before crossing the border. Way too hungry.

I also want more coffee. The coffee I have is way too watered down. Should have made a new batch. But I got to leave soon.

I posted a picture of K-Wamo on Reddit. It’s doing well but not rapidly. Most likely it will get stuck with only a few upvotes. If it makes it to the front page… then fuck. But probably not.

I have no idea what’s my obsession with the front page…

I just went back to edit and write the title… holy fucking long title Batman! Now I’m not only word-vomiting here… I also word vomit the title, then word vomit on the FB post.

Bryan wonders how long it takes me. I woke up at 10ish (and did some work emails). Then started writing this around 10:45 am. It’s 11:38 am. I don’t really take breaks from word vomiting except to drink coffee or if I get distracted on Reddit.

Now it’s done. And I shower and go!



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