Whores for Four and a Kid’s Birthday Party – Multiple Service Provider – Canelo vs Chavez and Melt-Banana!

My life goes all crazy directions. One moment I’m at a kid’s birthday party, the next I’m in a brothel/strip club.

My brother and his wife decided to have my little nephew’s party in a park in the middle of a fancy neighborhood far in Tijuana. Well… far for me. But it wasn’t really that far. 20 minute Uber drive and it was only $5.

Ubers are ridiculously cheap in Tijuana. And I still always get on nervously thinking that it’s going to be a lot of money.

I took my camera.

I took my girlfriend.

Little kids were everywhere. Makes me feel so old. I wonder how my brother feels all the time? Like… “Shit. I have two little kids. And I have to care for them for the next years.”

Little kids sound like prison.

But people keep on making them. And loving them. Weird life.

I’m far from kids. Or the desire to have kids. In my thirties and I seriously don’t think I’ll ever want children. My ex-girlfriend was way into kids. That’s all she wanted. To have a kid of her own. That and another billion reasons was why it would have never worked…

Snap snap snap.

Again took a million pictures.

That’s become an almost daily activity.

553. Not a million. So plenty.

I edited down to 120 and it’s uploading to Facebook right now.

The upload is taking forever….

I’m an idiot… I was uploading the 553 instead of the edited 120. Have to do it all again…. sigh.

Uploading on Facebook takes way longer than Imgur or Google photos. But it’s the easiest way to share this huge dump of pictures.

I just saw the album again. A lot of the pictures are great, many are okay, some are barely okay, and none are truly fantastic.

And yet here I am… thinking… I should get money for this job.

I mean… for sure other SHITTY photographers do charge for way worse pictures. But it’s the selling that they are good at. I’m not good at selling myself. I’m just good at taking pictures.


$50 in Tijuana for the first hour, $25 every hour after.

$100 in San Diego for the first hour, $50 every hour after.

That sounds like a reasonable price for my services… Maybe even cheap?

Speaking of my services…

Yesterday I had a fantastic tour with a returning client. I barely even remember the first tour I did with him, I just remember that it was fun and that he hired me. My memory is fucking horrible.

He returned with three different friends. They all flew into San Diego just to come to Tijuana to party and then head back. Crazy kids (they were all 28).

After the kid’s birthday party, my girlfriend and I headed home around 4:30 pm. Tour supposedly started at 5:30 pm. Left the house at 5 pm, girlfriend was already in her pajamas (aka, my clothes).

5:25 client texted me that they were already at the border. I was about to cross… so I simply told them to meet me on the Tijuana side and ran over.

Running was pointless… they had a 25-minute wait at the Mexico border. DUMB!

Didn’t even mention… weather is shitty. It got cold out of nowhere. It’s overcast and raining for the most part.

Met the guys around 6 pm. All cool people. I had a chance to talk to them for a while. That’s how I like my tours. No much larger than 4 or 5 people. Touring shit tons of people is also fun… but I don’t like being a shepherd of drunks. I like getting to know people and the exchange of ideas.


To the fucking point.

Tour was great.

We started at Nelson. Caguamas here. Pasaje Rodríguez for a short walk, beers at Norte Brewing, and then ventured into a new brewery called Santuario on Calle Séptima.

About Santuario. I had the IPA and it was like a watered down version. Recommended for IPA noobs, but it wasn’t hoppy. It was just… beer! (which means great! but super forgettable)

The brewery in itself is quite nice. It’s a pretty large open space with the small tanks displayed. 6 tiny ones, 3 small ones. The walls are simple and white. Art is needed to make it better. And maybe a foosball table or some sort of other entertainment. And most likely, some sort of food in the future. But place is brand new, so I’m pretty sure they’ll get there.

Back to the tour.

We went to Teléfonica. I had the tuna tostada and an octopus taco. The guys all had tacos from different places. We saw the Canelo vs Chavez fight there, they had it projected on a wall on the back. I wanted Chavez to win. Then I saw the first round… and I was like fuck this.

Boxing is shitty.

It’s always all hype for meh fighting.

Maybe UFC desensitized us from boxing.

From there, to Plaza Fiesta. Place was fucking packed. I chose Border Psycho because the novelty dildo taps and because is always a guarantee good place.

It was a good place.

Then we went to the shitty bar above to see the shitty scene because it was requested. You know like, “take us where you wouldn’t usually go.”

And after that, Uber back to downtown. Mezcalera. Mezcal shots (obviously). There was some sort of event in the back that charged $5. We just wanted to enjoy the back. They had it closed down. It sort of sucked. So we bounced.

Into Tinieblo for more mezcal! Smokey old fashioned for me and the birthday boy (oh yeah.. one of the tour guys was celebrating his birthday). Mezcal for the guy that hired me. Rum and coke (for I have no idea why reason) for the other two.

Fuck yeah! A Melt-Banana song that I haven’t heard before came on my Spotify. It’s making me bounce my head. FUCK YEAH MELT BANANA!

After Tinieblo… walked towards Zona Norte for the end of the tour. The bachelor section tour. The part that I don’t really write about because… well… Shit happens there.

Before Zona Norte… we stopped by that shitty brothel/strip club because it was requested as a warm up. And so they know what they are getting into.

Shitty strip club wasn’t as shitty. Manager there loves me. And the manager of the girls added me on Facebook (yeah.. weird).

Ahhh the weird shit I get into…

From shitty strip club and unto the finishing flag, Hong Kong. Where the tours many times end. If the tour doesn’t end back in the border, it ends in Hong Kong.

And if you are thinking “OH BOY! This kid loves strip clubs,” you are right.. and somewhat wrong. I like them, because YAY naked women. But I’ve been there so many times that I’m tired of it and I just rather go home. Plus, I have a girlfriend now and the rules of society tell me I can only have one girlfriend (unless I lived somewhere in the Middle East). Also. Because I only really need one girlfriend. She’s great.

I still don’t know how to describe us. We are comfortable with each other. It’s like we’ve been dating years or so. It’s natural. I love sleeping next to her. I actually like the waking up better. It’s going to be weird to not wake up next to her….


Over a thousand words already and I don’t feel like I’m done with the word vomit yet!

Fucking fuck.

Facebook is still uploading the pictures. It takes way too long.

It’s sporadically raining and basically shitty out. Girlfriend wants to watch a movie. I want to shower and leave the apartment. Not totally sure where. I just don’t want to be here. Kinda feel like doing an activity.

I need to do way more exercise. SPORTS. I need sports. I need sports friends.

We ordered pizza for breakfast.

Half pepperoni and mushrooms, half prosciutto for me. Half spinach, goat cheese, and mushrooms, and half “Greek” for my girlfriend. They were great. They are great. There’s still two halves left.

She wants to play a movie.

I’m not in a movie mood. But shower… and time to be with her.

And fucking Facebook… come on!

I know 120 pictures is a lot… but come on! It’s taking so long!

I need to make money taking pictures.

Tours. Pictures. Writing. Guitar. All of them combined… and then perhaps I’ll start paying my student loans? I mean… paying them is dumb… I rather invest in something better. But I’m not that much in debt that I’ll pay some of it… maybe…

Right now I can’t pay shit.

But at least I can afford rent.

And pizza for breakfast.

And because they are both cheap. If I lived in ‘Muricuh… I wouldn’t be able to afford either.

Alright! … close to 1,500 words.

I’ll say that’s enough.





I forgot I need a picture…

How’s this!?

A rare picture of me. Creating a gigantic bubble.

There were bubbles at the party. That was fun. Also an Alpaca piñata, a cake made out of beans and avocado (and it was tasty..) and way more other shit. My nephew has dozens of new toys. Not like he needed anymore…

Didn’t even mention that I used the 80mm/1.8f to shoot. That thing is way too much telephoto. It’s just nice to have a 1.8f. I also used the wide 11-16mm/2.8f. That’s a joy to shoot with and want to keep using it a lot.

The photo above was taken by my girlfriend.


Now enough.


I forgot… I started changing things on my website. Well… one thing. The header image. It should randomize between two photos. I uploaded that photo of the Milky Way over the airstreams. I don’t like the way it looks. So I’m probably taking it out.

Point was. I’m going to change the website. Make it look more pretty. Because I want to charge money.

Same with Tijuana Adventure. I need to really do more Tj Adventure social media and shit. There’s money there. And I enjoy them. It pays my rent and I get to drink beers with cool people.

This time. Enough.

For serious. Except I want to talk about how I put medium format film on a twin lens reflex (a Chinese Seagull camera). I’ve never shot medium format. I haven’t shot film since I was a kid. So this will be a fun experiment.






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