My Word Vomit is Like Pringles – Some Bald Gringo Mother Fucker Threatened me – Business Cards, Zelda, and Guitar


Let’s do this!

I don’t really have nothing to say and it’s very gray outside. But I know once I start, I can’t stop. My word vomit is like Pringles. Once I pop, I can’t stop.

Here’s an unrelated baby hippo.

I’ve been browsing Imgur as much as Reddit lately. They are very similar in a way…

Next… Tumblr?

I’m kidding. Never Tumblr.

I have a whiteboard now!

I should write my plans instead of doing nothing.

My parents had that whiteboard in the storage room with all the crap my brother left. My mom reads my blog. She gave me the whiteboard. I don’t have any markers, so it’s just chilling in the living room doing nothing.

Sad thing.

My girlfriend also reads my blog so she bought me a whiteboard online. That should arrive at the apartment in the following days. She also got a shower curtain…

But now I have two whiteboards!

I was thinking of just having a small one. But I think now I’ll have two big ones.

And what’s the point of the whiteboard? I guess just have it in my “office” with my future plans so I can keep working instead of just going on Reddit all day.

I forced myself to write yesterday. After the word vomit, I went to go get some fried chicken because Friday. Only wrote 258 words and I’m not happy with them. I wrote more and deleted it. I’m still not sure where I’m going with that article. I feel like I should scrap all and start anew.

The travel story got forwarded to the travel editor and that got accepted. No idea when it’s going to be published. It has no time constraints so it can be whenever. I have other travel stories in mind. The travel I did around a year ago with my college roommates. I wanted to write that and never did. I shall.

Travel stories don’t pay much though. They pay much as food articles. And they need those as well. But it took me two days to write the story… and what for?! Not that much money…

They should take me like one hour to write (according to other writers that I’ve talked too). But they don’t. They take me way too long.

I sat at Mamut in Pasaje Rodríguez and had three Rye IPAs while trying to write. Some annoying dude sat next to me and wanted to talk to me. I ignored him like a good dick that I am. I forgot my headphones. Headphones are the sign of “fuck you, I don’t want to talk.”

My girlfriend called me to tell me she was getting off work soon. While I was on the phone with her, some bald Gringo mother fucker with a white beard approached me and said softly “You are the cock sucker that gave my $100 guitar away, aren’t you?”

“Hold on babe,” I had to cut the conversation with my girlfriend.

I was not in a happy mood at all yesterday. I was ready to pounce on this motherfucker just because he said that. I just got up and said, “What the fuck did you say to me?”

Old dude now in a more relaxed manner said that I gave away his guitar. That I’m the dude that owns the restaurant down there.

I said he had me wrong.

He confused me with Stu.

Shit didn’t escalate to anything.

Turned around to continue drinking my beer, and didn’t see him again. Told Stu about the incident. He told me they have had previous incidents with that dude. That old man is always hanging out in Pasaje drinking beer and mixing with the youth as if he is the greatest shit. He usually has his guitar with him too (well, not anymore).

Needless to say. I’m going to be a dick some more.

His guitar playing is meh. I’ve never actually seen him do anything more than just a few chords. But the youth gather around him and he gives them “lessons.”

And dude… seriously? Threatening a stranger over a $100 guitar? Like you have to give the price when erroneously calling out someone? Fuck man… $100 for a guitar? That’s a shitty guitar sir.

Not to be more of a dick… but my guitar (my baby that I barely even play anymore)… that shit is worth over $1,000 ($1,800 new… )

Shit. Just googled my guitar and it’s selling in Australia for $2,922.

Of course, my guitar is used and a bit beat up. I need to take it to Alejandro Cervantes to get some fixing. But it’s still so loud and beautiful. It needs new strings. It urgently needs new strings. And I need to get back into guitar playing. I’ll write that shit on my whiteboard.

Oh well… on this website, it says that my Concert Hauser PE goes for $1,575 new.

Point was… fuck your shitty $100 guitar. Fuck for coming up to a stranger and saying that. Fuck you, because if it wasn’t me, it was Stu. And fuck you for believing that you are some sort of important shit.

No one is. Fuck you all that have that mentality. That includes myself… ?

Yep. Like I said… I wasn’t in a good mood yesterday. I’m still not in a good mood.

My girlfriend was going to meet her Tijuana Brasilian friend at a restaurant/bar that I really liked. I was going to meet up with them, but because of my sour mood, I told her to just enjoy the night out with her. She was reluctant at first. But I told her she should. I wanted to be alone for a while.

Went back home because I wanted to watch Jeopardy. Bought more beers on the way, some candy, and an instant fucking ramen because for some reason I wanted one. Watched Jeopardy. Did great (though I didn’t know the final). Ate the damn instant ramen. Ate all the candy. And started playing Zelda.

I played Zelda for around 3 hours.

I did Shrine Missions. I didn’t notice the little number of how many left there are before. I don’t think it was there before. But I have 29 out of 42. And for side missions, something similar. I forgot.

I gave up in two shrine missions and I used the internet to let me know what to do. I was already really close. In fact, I knew what to do. I just wanted to ask the internet for confirmation instead of wasting my time on the game. I still feel guilty. Should have not consulted the internet.

I’m still finding Korok Seeds left and right. I’m close to 200 now I think… I know I have like 60+ extra since I spend them all like a week ago.

My girlfriend got home at around 11ish. I was in the middle of a mission and I ignored her. She got mad and went to bed. I joined her a few minutes later and that was my Friday.

She is at work right now. It fucking sucks she works on Saturdays. It’s just a half day, so she should be done soon. But sad thing is… now I have to work. Though it might get canceled. It appears like it’s going to rain today. My British Siri tells me it’s going to be wet out there.

I have a Tijuana Adventure with a repeated customer. Cool guy. I follow him on IG and I remember him… but I don’t remember the tour I had with him. I do too many tours and them memories mix together in my head. He said it was one of the most fun nights ever, so that’s good. And that’s why he is repeating it with other friends… but I emailed him yesterday to confirm the time and to warn him about the rain… He didn’t reply. I emailed him this morning. Same thing.

So let’s see if I have a Tijuana Adventure after all. I do need it. I need to pay rent.


Told you once I pop I can’t stop.

Seriously, didn’t stop typing at all. Just got up a few times to get coffee. But for the rest of the time, I was just on my blog typing like a fucking monkey.


And I forgot.

I need a picture.

Oh yeah.

I was going to make business cards. I said that last month. I’m still not what my business is though. Now I have that photo gig and fancy Reader email address. It’s like I’m almost an employee but I’m not. I really want to be… Freelancing is ruff. RUFF!

One side of the business card is me. The other side Tijuana Adventure.

I was thinking using these two images:

Add text. Phone numbers. Business. Webpage. Etc.

Same for this one.

Two sided business card. But not sure what or how to do it…

Sigh. I’m dumb.

But now this blog post has a picture.

That picture with the guitar is from five years ago when I first moved to Tijuana (that’s not the Hauser PE that I talked about). Five… six? Six years ago? Fuck.



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