Birthday and Baby – Full of San Diego Tacos and A Chamoy Beer – 3 out of 4 Missions Accomplished

An old prostitute with a sculpted fake body wearing a tiny purple dress strolls Zona Norte at 7:35 am. I was sitting in the car with my brother on my way to the border when I noticed her. The strip clubs had their doors wide open, with bouncers ready at the door but no customers. Again. It was before 8 am.

What a life.

The stories behind all those lives.

Zona Norte lives.

Fuck. It stinks in here. Not in Zona Norte. I mean where I am typing right now.
I’m at my roommate’s girl friend’s place in San Diego. It usually doesn’t stink here. But the kitty litter has a fresh turd, and my roommate is doing one of his own. Smell is way too foul, moved to the kitchen so I can breathe.

My first mission was a breeze. And a tasty one! I got to a place called Duck Dive in Pacific Beach. I told them what I was doing and that I needed to take pics of tacos.
I was not disappointed at all. That taco was fucking fantastic. The tortilla was the only thing that was meh. But the meat was prime deliciously done beef. Toppings had a nice zest to it. I was amazed.
Ate tacos, walked around PB catching Pokémon, watched some cops argue with a homeless dude that was sleeping next to some trash, got bored, got in the car, drove to my roommate’s girlfriend’s place.
But before getting there, I decided to make a quick stop at a dealership. It was obviously not quick. A car salesman forcibly wants you to buy a car immediately. Test drive it and shit. I have little money.

A broke man in a dealership is no good. I thought it would help me decide on a car, it just made it worse. It was a Toyota Mossy place. I can’t decide what kind of car I want. Or what kind of car I want to burden myself with. Car loan payments and crap. If I can even get those.
If I had a car, I would be Uber driving right now.

My roommate and his girlfriend planned to go to Goodwill. So I joined. Because I urgently needed to go to Goodwill.
It was a success. Got me new jeans. Now let’s see if my girlfriend likes them.


Got some new cheap sunglasses.

I need a nap.

Three more missions to go.


Yesterday I finished the travel article that I started. Bam. Sent it. Now I have to wait and see.
I tried doing more work, but I did nothing. Started two articles. Got distracted. It got late. It was time to meet my girlfriend in the usual spot. Left the apartment.

It was my nephew’s birthday. The kid is three now. Forming a character. Obsessed with super heroes. And of course, with playing all the time.

I had my camera with. Took a bunch of wide angle pics because I am still playing a lot with that lens. Here are a couple shots.

That’s my girlfriend holding my niece.

We had pitas from Creta, beers from the seven eleven (Lagunitas), and tres leches cake. Family time.
I was tired. We went home a bit before 10 pm.

I am tired today again.

I’ve been feeling more tired than usual.

Given, today I barely had any coffee. And I woke up early.

I have no idea how my brother does it.

Works all day. Has two kids. Comes home to do more work. I do one thing, and I am ready for a nap.

I am going to nap. I need it. Probably in the car. Find a nice shady place and pass out for a bit.

Then three more missions. Two that are pretty easy and straightforward. The other… the other is still find a homeless guy that is not that easy to find.

For now, I am just going to take a nap. Then get some tacos. Then figure stuff out.


I was napping near the park. I was near into a deep sleep, and suddenly I hear “yo. Your lights are on bro.”
Woke up. Black guy warned me. I saw him walk away. Turned off lights, nap attempt #2?

Did not nap. Went to a camera store instead. The dude at the counter was cool at first but then got annoyed when he figured I was a broke mother fucker.

Broke fucker in San Diego.

Rich in Tijuana. Not really. But it’s easy to live large in Tijuana.

I got a nitro iced coffee from Starbucks on my way to the camera store. It was good. That nitro shit is good. It was $4. That’s a lot of pesos. Good thing I’ve been eating for free all day.

Hillcrest for another mission. Over decorated taco shop in Spanish that is pretty funny. Didn’t realize it at first, but I was talking to the owner.

Told him what I was there for. Got tacos and a beer to take pictures. Tacos were huge. And not my favorite. I had to use the toilet immediately after eating. I don’t blame the tacos, my stomach has been fucky for a few days now. Ever since Valle.

Couldn’t find the other mission. The homeless guy. He finally texted me back, and I was going to meet with me. Then he told me he got stuck. Maybe later?

Later didn’t happen.

We had to reschedule.

Now on to my last and final mission. To pick up my brother.


Not that.

That mission is done. I got to his work place 15 minutes later. He works next to Karl Strauss. Enough time to have a beer. That’s where I am now. I had a chamoy sour and a tower IPA.

From here, to the last real mission. Let’s see how it goes. I’m not confident, but boss man or person I shadowed for this job will be there. That’s Andy. Andy will help.

Pretend to be Andy.

It works great. Wished I had his money. That way I could tip nicely everywhere because I just come in, get free food, take pics, and fuck off. Leaving a tip would be nice.

Last mission is more taco pictures. My friend runs this new taco/torta place. It will be interesting. Let’s see how it goes. And how I will get back to Tijuana. And then tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday.

I am more confused about what to do than before.

Back home now to post this shit.

Much much more happened than where I left off. But who cares. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow.

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