It’s May – Nephew Turns 3 Today, I Turn 31 Soon – Busy The Next Three Days (and All of May)

I woke up at 3ish am and couldn’t go back to sleep.

So naturally, I played Zelda.

Ran around everywhere for a while finding Korok Seeds and marking spots where Korok Seeds are, but I couldn’t figure out the riddle. There are many shrines and seeds to go still… and only one memory.

I fell back asleep at 6 am while cuddling my girlfriend so she can wake up. I had dreams that I was taking more long exposure pictures at night.

I’m not going to lie… it’s my new obsession. I want to go glamping again, different location, and take similar pictures. It’s one of my best attempts so far and it was my first time using that lens. One of my favorite pictures ever and I know it can be better. And I’m thinking maybe businesses in Valle might be interested in product photography… I have no idea who is doing their photography, but that’s something I would like to get into. $$$$ is what I want.

The picture is doing well on Reddit. Not front page material. But it is doing good in other subs. The pictures can get so much better.

I woke up wanting to play Zelda. So I did that for my first hour of the morning (or more…). I found that last memory that I was missing. It was in the castle. Near Zelda’s room. And now the 13th and last memory has been unlocked and a new ending? Yeah. Probably a new ending. Maybe after that last memory?

Zelda made it obvious when I first killed Gannon by ending the game saying “Do you remember me?” So obviously I need to recover all the memories and beat Gannon again.


I seriously only word vomit.

At least yesterday I started and almost finished an article. It’s about the glamping in Valle thing… so it’s not that great. I never really like what I write though.

I just read it. It’s not bad. And it’s for the travel section. It’s lighter writing than the usual.

It’s May. The busiest month of the year.

It’s my nephew’s birthday today.

He is three years old now.

It’s going to be my birthday soon. I’ll be 31.

There might be a small family gathering for his birthday today. But my nephew has a party on Saturday. My brother and my sister-in-law love to go ALL OUT when throwing parties. I’m sure it’s going to be a magical little kid’s party Disney style. They love throwing spectacular parties…. but… sadly. I’m going to miss it.

I have a Tijuana Adventure tour that Saturday that I forgot about until today. A guy that I toured a year ago is coming again with a different group of friends. It will be the standard breweries and eat as much as we possibly can. It should be real fun. It was tons of fun last time. And I’ll get some $$. Rent money!

Speaking of rent, the apartment is falling apart.

When we arrived from Valle de Guadalupe, the kitchen wall started to peel. The ceiling had been peeling since after the heavy rains. But the wall randomly peeled in the ugliest of manners. The ceiling in my room, the walls in the living room, a lot of things in the kitchen, and the balcony are all deteriorating…

Unrelated picture of the lobsters we had in Puerto Nuevo. I am hungry. Haven’t had breakfast. I woke up hungry. I’ve just been ignoring it. I’ve been ignoring everything. Except coffee. I drink coffee all morning.

I don’t have OC pictures for today. And I just need one to have as a featured

Maybe I should write food articles again. They need more. And I already have a lot of pictures.

Food pictures.

Sky pictures.

Paparazzi pictures.

San Diego pictures.

Product pictures.

Wedding pictures?

I should do those….

Not doing it for the love… but it’s fun to take pictures… I only do it for the $$$.

Charging orbital prices instead of going cheap sounds more reasonable. Still… need gear and a car and more gear and a car.

Well… I have all day to finish the article and to start another one.

But tomorrow… and the day after…  and the day after… I’ll be very busy. Then the week after that I have more photo missions. And it’s Tacotopia. And close to my birthday. To then have more photo missions. And so on… and so on….

And good.

Cuz $$$.

Tomorrow is taco-shooting time. And locating that homeless guy again. And helping my brother out in whatever he needs.

The next day is taco-shooting time again. To make sure I’m covering it the best I can.

And the day after that is Tijuana Adventure time, weekend time, and my nephew’s birthday party. If I can fit all of those into one.

Today is working time. Forcing myself to work. I don’t have a whiteboard to remind me of all the shit I’m supposed to be doing, but I wrote it all in a google document. Whiteboard would be way more in my face get to work.

I need to get back into writing. For profit. Not this stupid shit. I can do this stupid shit all the time. Just type type type.

It is probably getting redundant because I do it daily instead of when I’m inspired.

So I’m forcing myself to finish the articles that I have pitched or the ideas I had. Because I start a lot of articles then never do shit because I am not inspired and I blame writer’s block.

Beer does help though.

Coffee helps to word vomit.

Beer helps to get creative. Or maybe it’s just an excuse for me to drink beer.

I used to drink bourbon. I haven’t drunk bourbon all year. Bourbon helps as well. I should get a bottle of bourbon.

I started writing yesterday at my second office, aka Norte Brewing. I had three beers, writing and waiting for my girlfriend.  Until she showed up around 6:30 pm. And… we went to Mamut again because portobello burger that she cannot stop eating. And of course more beer.

Came back home. Watched the movie HER by Spike Jonze with Joaquin Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix looks a lot like my friend Drew in that movie. It was uncanny.

The movie was like a very long episode of Black Mirror. It was a good movie, I just felt like it dragged a bit too long.

Sleep followed.

And woke up at 3 am.

Went full circle with my word vomit.





Plan my next two days accordingly for pictures.

Pictures tomorrow. Pictures the day after. With a bunch of time to kill between shoots. So I should also try to write in those downtimes. Or go search for a car. Thinking about hitting Mossy Nissan and see what they offer. If not… John Hine Mazda? That’s the last dealership I ever went too over five years ago. Then there’s Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda…. Or I could also go American and try for Ford since they’ve been doing better…

So many options. I’ll figure it out. But I’m more convinced about leasing a car. If I can get it…


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