Beauty and The Geek – Art Touring A Reality Show Winner – Music Not on My Radar, Photography Still Is

“I’m am very Jewish looking.” I received a phone call at 4:30 pm from a guy named Josh who contacted me for some sort of Tijuana Adventure.

Josh is a writer from Los Angeles and he is down in Tijuana interviewing artists. I thought I was going to meet him at around 1 pm but didn’t hear anything from him all day until he called me. I was not ready, thought he was not going to come, but I told him I will go meet him and that was the description of himself “I’m very Jewy.” He mentioned it twice.

I met Josh and his friend Marc (or perhaps Mark) at the lobby of Hotel Ticuan. Josh was indeed very Jewy looking. Marc is more of your typical American. Both are from Michigan, near to where I went to High School. They both now live in Los Angeles.

There was something familiar about Josh but I didn’t know what it was. His friend Marc all giddy told me 10 minutes after meeting with them that Josh was on a reality show.

Which one exactly?

The Beauty and the Geek.

In fact, he was the winner of Season 2.

And sadly… I remember watching the show when I was in college…

Here’s Josh with his Beauty and the Geek partner.

Of course, Josh hates to talk about the times he was on the reality show. It’s probably similar to when people find out that I was a paparazzi and want to ask me the same line of questions that I have heard time and time again. I don’t mind. I just get tired of it. And after all, I have a blog where I have answered those questions several times and I post my experiences with all them fuckers every Monday.

So if you are here because you were looking for celebrity shit… Come back on a Monday. Or sift through my posts.

I gave Josh and Marc a brief tour of Tijuana. They were late, and I had to meet up with my girlfriend. After the short walk around and pointing out interesting spots/galleries, he is here researching border art, we went to Norte Brewery because it has the best viewpoint in town. There I waited for my girlfriend.

And after that, Josh and Marc went to Playas to view more on the wall and what not. Not sure how the rest of the day went for them…

I might meet them soon.

Fun stuff.

Funny experience.

Josh is a really funny character.

I charged 1/5 of what I usually charge for a Tijuana Adventure. After all, it was just a 1/5 of the tour. But hey. Got to value my time and knowledge.

Still felt kinda guilty when I was like … “yo dude… you owe me some money.”

But I didn’t have any money because the line to the ATM is fucking ridiculous on a Friday. And that money helped pay dinner and beers for me and my girlfriend.

After dinner, we simply came back home and hung out for hours. We watched the first episode of Beauty and the Geek Season 2 and laughed at the silly premise of the show. And of course laughed at seeing Josh in there which my girlfriend describes accurately that “he acts like Woody Allen.”

We actually went to bed at 1 am.

It was really silly and dumb. Just hung out and drank beers and had fun.

I plugged in my electric guitar and started playing dumb shit.

She drummed on the mattress as hard as she could.

Drumming is easy. She could do it.

Speaking of drums.

I had an electric drumset that doesn’t belong to me, but to my friend Jmar. Now that drumset is in my friend Danger Dave’s house. I helped him move it. It’s better over there. I was barely putting it to use. But I do want to have a drumset.

Music is still not on my radar.

But playing electric guitar makes me realize it should be. I should jam with Danger Dave and see what comes of it. I want to play with more people. Too bad the only type of music I’m interested in doing is weird, mathy, noisy, not easy.

Photography is on my radar.

And I have that super wide angle lens with me.

Valle de Guadalupe seems like it might not happen. But I still want to take pictures…

The work I got paid for is done.

Yep. I got paid in advance which is always nice, but it’s the same because I still had to finish it and get paid the same.

Finished. Sent. I have no more worries. Until next week that I have three more missions (and so much time to do it).

And again, I should write articles instead of just the word vomit and my photo missions.

No plans for today.

Whatever my girlfriend wants to do.

And she’s often very undecided. So who knows what the day entails.

She has Monday off. So we have a couple of days to do whatever the fuck we want.

I do want to go to Valle with her. Hopefully, there will be a way to do it.

Time to shower, push-ups, and get the fuck out of my apartment to see what Josh is up to, wait for my girlfriend to get off work, and get some mother fucking food.

This word vomit only has one picture that was taken from the internet. And it’s Josh and that beauty chick. This is the first episode of Season 2 of Beauty and the Geek. Josh is so uncomfortable around women that I just want to take him to Hong Kong just to see what happens. He also doesn’t drink. He really is like Woody Allen.

I have many more wide angle pics to post that could be fun. But content is not fresh. I’ll go get some fresh content today. I’m enjoying that wide angle lens. It’s pretty useless for true street photography, but it’s fun for architechture and to fuck around. I really really really want to do astro landscape pictures though. That’s all I care about in the world of photography right now. I’m such a noob at it. And I want to get better.

Short of 1,000 words.

But fuck it.


I went back and added some bullshit and edited the post and it’s over 1,000 words now.

Word vomit daily… SUCCESS!




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