Open Wide, NO! Wider! – Dan Almosts Gets Me Arrested and Takes a Selfie – YEP YEP YEP

Yesterday didn’t go quite as I expected.

After having the expensive breakfast and coffee, I went to search for the owner of a restaurant that I needed to shoot. It was too early to find him. So I walked around Coronado for a while catching Pokémon waiting for the dude to arrive.

Who knew rich people had better Pokémon? I seriously caught like three that I didn’t have…

The owner of two restaurants got there around noon. We chatted briefly and he was more than happy to help me take the photos. Took a quick shot of the owner, then got a plate and some wine to take pictures on the patio. I’m not totally happy with them. It’s funny how it is easier for me to take pictures of celebrities that don’t want their picture taken than having something setup. I’ll learn though. It’s a much easier gig…

After the shoot… which didn’t take almost any time, I walked with the owner for a while. They are looking for a main chef and line cooks at Costa Azul in Coronado if anyone is interested.

Had tons of time to kill before it got dark for the next shoot. So I went to hang out with my friend Dan at “my apartment.” I almost got arrested for that fucker. Reminder to not do silly things for friends. Seriously. My life could have been ruined just for a small stupid favor…

Dan’s phone broke the previous night. So we had the mission to try to fix it because it’s 2017 and being without a phone feels really weird. Also, he had tons of Tinder girls waiting for his reply. Ohhh the single life. He says he wants what I have… but do you, really?

Before going out, I gave Dan Andy’s lens so he can give it to Andy. And I borrowed his super wide angle.

From wide… to WIDER!

Dan took a selfie in his car. I didn’t even notice this until I got home.

This fucker is WIDE. 11-16mm/2.8f for those who know what I’m talking about.

We went to Best Buy to perhaps fix his phone. We also just fucked around in Best Buy. I thought about buying my own tripod… or maybe videogames? I need an Amiibo…

Best buy didn’t help. We went to Verizon…

Dan’s phone started charging there… and he is so addicted to his phone that we stayed in the store for almost an hour for him just to charge it and try to figure out what the fuck is going on.

I was bored and played with the stupid super wide angle.

I also had another mission which was nearby: to take pictures of a homeless guy that will be featured in a story. Homeless people are tougher to find than you think… so I didn’t find him. I had the guy’s phone number, but he is homeless… so the call never went through (straight to voicemail). I looked for him where he usually hangs out. But he is homeless… he wasn’t there.

We searched for him for a while and it yielded no results. We went back home for more time wasting.

After hanging out with Dan and watch him play video games, I got hungry and it was almost time to pick-up my brother. I went to a hot dog place in downtown San Diego. Cool place with silly names for their hot dogs and a “chain” feel to it. Well… obviously, because it is a chain. I liked it.

This place.

“DogHaus: The Absolute Wurst.”

I fucking love hot dogs. So I was happy. Too many choices, but I went for the Scott Baioli.

It was a messy eat, but a good eat. Sausage was pretty dank, bread was soft and delicious, toppings were a fucking mess, cheese was not present, but bacon grease was all over.

After that, I went to pick up my brother and kept playing with the wide angle lens.

I mean… look at that fucker. I can fit a whole fucking building in a picture.

Wide angles distort with the “fish eye” look. But IDGAF. I seriously love wide angles. Ever since I was a kid I thought they looked cool. So yeah… I’m enjoying it.

My brother works in front of that building…

My brother had to go to Coronado, ironically, next to the Cafe I was in the morning….

And to Coronado we go again!

My brother gives this dude a ride after work almost daily. Dude is a drummer who works cleaning a building in San Diego. He banks working like that…


It would be really cool for skate shoots.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY. It’s what I need to do astro landscape long exposures for Milky Way shots and crap.

For that… I must go where there is not that much civilization.

That would be Valle de Guadalupe. With my girlfriend.

Something I’ve been wanting to do forever… Not sure if we are going to be able to do it this weekend….

Shit is more complicated than it seems.

I need a car. I can borrow my brother’s, but that’s not always an option.

We need a place to stay. The glamping place is booked for Saturday, so maybe Sunday, but we are taking our sweet time to reserve so it might be a no go…

Sigh. I just want to take wide angle pictures and be with my girlfriend.

After my brother was done in Coronado, I dropped him off and that dude (Miguel) at the border. And I went back to downtown San Diego.

Grabbed a beer with my roommate at Bar Pink.

Took more wide angle long exposures. BECAUSE YES!

My friend David just got here. Time to wrap this fucker up and start my day. I have more work to do and perhaps a Tijuana Adventure later?!


That’s what happens when you leave everything for the end.


After it got dark… it was time to work. No fucking parking anywhere. And the place I needed to take pictures of… was completely empty.

Took a few shots… then went back home. Drop my shit at my apartment, said hi to my girlfriend, went to drop off the car, came back home to sleep.

Now it’s the weekend.

Let’s see what the weekend entails.




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