In Coronado from Tj – Beat Gannon – Shitty Post

From Tijuana to Coronado. So close yet a million years apart. Coronado is one of the most expensive places to live in California, Tijuana the cheapest. But I got sent to here for work. Simple pictures. Now I have so much time to kill until my next shoot which should be around lunch time. It’s only 10 am. I woke up at 5:30 am because anxiety of spending my day driving and working in San Diego.

That’s my breakfast sandwich. It was okay. It was also $9. They gave me a salsa that had no spice. It was more like tomato purée. I am surrounded by rich old white people. It’s odd.

Of course, now that I am here it feels like nothing. I could have slept more. I crossed the early morning with my brother. We got secondary inspection. Nothing happened, but weird scenarios went through my mind because I get scurred around authority figures.

Yesterday escaped from my hands. Not sure what happened. Zelda for sure. I was supposed to work on an article but I thought to myself “just a bit of Zelda.” I got absorbed and suddenly the day was over and I barely advance on work stuff.

I ended up beating Calamity Gannon. It was pretty easy. Especially because I went in extra prepared. But after the end, Zelda says to Link “Do you remember me?” And it kinda ended weird. I am still missing only one memory. I am sure that the ending will be different once I complete all of those… Maybe… Maybe nothing happens… I still have so many side missions. And the game is so good that I would totally replay the whole thing from the beginning.

Writer’s block, aka Matt is lazy, aka I wanted beer.

I went to Norte to meet my girlfriend after work. It had been more than a month since I’ve been to that brewery. It used to be my second office, now I rarely show up.
We ordered food to the brewery from “Joanne’s Tortas.” She got a shrimp burger that tasted like chicken nuggets. I got a chili cheeseburger that was greasy as fuck. Both items were less than $3. Super cheap. Super greasy and bad.

Facebook memory just showed me that exactly one year ago, the Reader published my first cover. All about beer. I want to write about beer again. But then again, right now all I want to do is take pictures. Soon, a lot of the cover pics will be mine. I need more lenses…

I have to give Andy his lens back. It has been a good ride. Imma gunna miss it. But he needs it for work as well.
Got distracted with work emails…

I hope my brother’s car is fine. I parked at a meter and placed my Media Identification card for the vehicle that says I don’t have to pay for the meter…. But it still makes me nervous.

It just hit me, sleep that is. I wish I was home for it’s comforts and so I can take a nap. But I must work. Word vomit is short and shitty. Because it was typed on my iPad. A macbook would be nice. And a car. And more lenses. I had all that in LA. It is time to have it again…

Shitty post because typed with my iPad. And now time to waste time and do some more work. Next place is literally across the street.

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