Broken Gear – High School Drawings – Work, Write, Pictures!

This is one of the most painful things I’ve seen in a while.

That’s not my gear. It belongs to Ryan Fu who amazingly still works as a paparazzi. He is one of the few that keeps at it.

We rarely shot together, but I hung out with him at some pap parties. He is a fun guy. He sometimes reblogs my silly word vomit.

I can’t believe he is still a pap. He has fun with it though. He is constantly jumping in pictures and generally looks like celebrities have fun around him.

I just realized that I never really check out his blog… never even gave him a shoutout. I’m a dick.

Here’s Be Like Water Productions by Fu. Check it out.

Now that I see it, I’m a bit confused by it… Oh. I see.

It’s a bunch of other blogs.

Is that what I’m supposed to do with WordPress?! I thought this was for daily word vomit…

Whoa. There are a lot of people that word vomit. They seem much better than I am and have a lot of followers. I guess they all have a theme. Some have nutrition. Some talk about photography way more in depth. Some talk about raising children. I like to word vomit about how I’m a manchild that is pretending to adult.

Speaking of word vomit, hope you have your puke buckets ready… cheesy romantic things are coming up… Pictures are still transferring to the Dropbox. And I’m still not sure if I want to post those pictures.

Here’s that picture again.

It hurts so much…

It never happened to me. What I broke a lot in the beginning of my pap years was the off-camera flash cable. I probably broke like seven of them before I got a better grip and then they didn’t break as often.

Never dropped a camera. But boy was I close.

The most specific memory is running to try and catch Britney Spears in the airport. A lot of people were already set up but I had to run to get pictures as well. I was running full speed with my flash camera in one hand and the Nikon D3 with the 70-200mm/2.8f in a shitty Bob Marley tote bag I had since college when suddenly, the strap on the bag snapped. The camera had no protection inside the bag. It was about to hit the ground when somehow, like mother fucking Spiderman, I caught it. I swept my left arm behind me and low to the ground and caught the camera by the lens. Kept running and got them fucking pictures.

I do things like that sometimes but there is no one ever to witness. And it’s fucking stupid, but when it happens, it’s great. But talking about it sounds really dumb.

This happened like two weeks ago. I was in the shower soaping myself up, soap got in my eyes so I had them shut, when suddenly the soap jumped from my hands. With my eyes still closed I went for a blind catch. Caught that fucker.

I was so proud of myself. Blindly catching a fucking soap.

It was fucking cool.

It was cool in my mind at least.

I finally did some work yesterday. Barely played Zelda, but did play a bunch of Pokémon Go.

Walking helps me write.

But work wise! YAY.

Emails, emails, emails. WORK!

Finished that rough draft. Got to clean it up, and pretty much done. Pictures are done. The annoying little details are done.

Today. Finish it up things that I’m talking about that are in my head, not yours. And start the next rough draft that is in my head, not yours. I am not sure what I was waiting for. But now I’m writing it. I’m convinced of it.

Tomorrow! Pictures pictures pictures!

I have a day set for a lot of work pictures. Two sets in the morning. One at lunch time. One at night time.

Doing a long exposure picture for work. I’ve never done one of those for actual money. Hope it comes out alright. I’m excited.

And yesterday!

Yesterday I ate Korean Tacos to get inspired to keep writing about tacos. When I was done I played some Zelda, but my girlfriend got off work at her actual time, so I barely even did one shrine. Met up with her, and went to go get pizza at Mamut. Still going there for their cheap beer and pizza. I mean… $2.25 pints of Rompe Olas by Insurgente… that’s such a good deal. And $4 pizza…

The important thing is. When I met her. She gave me a love note. More like a love drawing. She gave me this.

When work is slow… she draws like she’s still in High School.

This really made me laugh. And I like it a lot. Though she thinks I don’t. It’s hilarious…

And apparently, I’m always telling her I’m not going to buy her stuff.

That’s because she wants to buy everything she sees!

There’s sort of a love note at the end.

It’s the second drawing she gives me. The first one was really good too. But I wasn’t sure if I should post them. I’m not sure about anything that I post…


Wednesday. Middle of the week. A bunch of work to do and suddenly it’s the weekend. And it’s suddenly May.

I hit 31. Blogging daily reaches almost half a year (I started doing it in November). I’m not quitting the daily word vomit until I accomplish the year. It’s so dumb, but I just want to do it. When I told some people that I’m blogging 1,000 words every day, they thought it was hardcore. It’s not and it is. I write a bunch of stupid silliness, which makes it somewhat easy. But there are some days that I just really force it. Some days where I feel like it’s fucking crazy that I’m doing it. Some days where I just type until I see the word count hit 1,000. Then I get distracted and it’s suddenly at around 1,500.



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