A Ship In The Woods Full Album – Finishing Taco Mission – If The World Had Downvotes

A girl recently told me, “I just want to be insta famous.”

You are a hot young girl. A selfie garners more likes than any picture I’ll ever take (unless if I take pictures of hot girls).

It sounds silly. But I get it. We (or maybe not everyone) cares about getting some likes on Instagram (or whatever social media). That’s why we post. To cause a reaction. For entertainment. To amuse our egos.

I just got downvoted on Imgur. It’s not going to recover.

Posted it on Reddit. It might not go anywhere.

It’s even sillier I care more about those than IG or FB. I wasted my morning creating an album of the album with words and somewhat of a storyline. I wasted it to be downvoted.

These are the best pictures I took on Saturday night:

I do it on Imgur because it’s the easiest way to share high quality photos in a free service. And sometimes I try my luck and make it public. It’s not doing good at all right now.

If the world (and all of social media) had downvotes, shitposting would be more rare.

And some shitposters would be really famous.

Idiocracy. Here we come.


And now there’s a comment saying that I should invest in a camera because the light streams look bad. It’s a 7D with a fancy lens that is not mine. I do the light streams on purpose :(

I guess not everyone likes my silly shit.

Internetting is not my job, and I treat it like my job. Stop.

It’s pay request Tuesday, and I barely had pay to be requested. I need to finish something I said I was going to finish by yesterday, but I only have a rough draft. Yesterday I did work on it though. And now it’s basically done. Done by today then some by before Friday. Or before that.

My girlfriend thinks I could write a sci-fi book. Or a novel.


I can’t even write a comedy sketch, and I’m more interested in doing that.

Write now. Right now. I am more interested in taking pics and making money from it. Too bad is an oversaturated market in which the nicer the camera, the better the photographer (for the most part). But good that I have a photo gig that pays me decently.

I’m really enjoying that gig. Wished I had way more missions though I have three or four to do for the upcoming month. Wished I had way more lenses because one of my next missions requires a different lens. And obviously wished I had a car. But my brother told me I can borrow his whenever (and requested it for two days).

A photographer friend just created his business page. It looks fantastic and very professional. I should learn a few things from him.

Check out Track7.Media

Oh. And the prices. Those photo prices sound like someone who knows what he is doing and is charging good money for it. Meanwhile, I’m still like “yeah, I’ll sell my services for beer.”

I’m a cheap photographer. And my website could look a thousand times better.

Speaking of which, WordPress is reminding me that I have to pay my yearly subscription.

My girlfriend also thinks I should get some money from my blog. Hah! Maybe when 100 views is the norm and not a clickbait surprise.

Mission today. Finish that special edition article. It’s one of the easiest, and it always takes me forever.

Several other articles in mind.

Writing none of them.

So maybe I should get those started.

Yesterday I didn’t even have a photo gig, still ended up taking almost 100 pictures.

Mostly of my food, beer, and my girlfriend.

We went to Teléfonica because I mention a couple of taco places in there for the special edition article, so I went to do some research. And by research, I mean eating tacos and drinking beer.

Juan Cordero is one of my favorite recent beers, and they just started bottling it. It tasted better on draft, or my memory betrays me. Girlfriend loves La Lupulosa.

Taco research at La Carmelita.

La Carmelita slowly became my favorite place at Teléfonica.

That’s a cauliflower mole taco, pork in green salsa, and nopales with panela cheese.

Their pellizcadas are the best. But I’m doing taco research.

Girlfriend had the portobello gyro from Creta.

I had a tuna tostada from Otto’s Grill for dessert. It was too much food.

I only ate tacos and chocolate yesterday.

New building in downtown Tijuana. Shit is almost complete. Tijuana changes every day it’s stupid.

And I took a bunch of more random pictures last night just because I felt like taking pictures.

Now breakfast and work day.

I already did other morning stuff like watch the Colbert Report, drink shit tons of coffee, push-ups, and shower.

Morning is going slow. But there’s much work to be done.

Or so I tell myself.

This word vomit ended up short.

I don’t know why I keep doing this every day…

It’s precious time wasted and I could be playing Zelda….

Speaking of which… still, haven’t beaten Calamity Gannon and I’m still just going around doing other missions. Tarrey Town is complete. Hudson married Rhondadson (I think that’s her name) and the town is done. I still have a hundred missions to go. My Link is really pimped out that Gannon should be a breeze whenever I decide to fight him.



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