Emo Taxi – Secret Admirer? Nah, Troll. – Kim Zolciak

I’m emotionally spent.

I was in an emo taxi.

As I was emotionally taxed.

In a Dashboard Confessional mixed with Death Cab for Cutie kinda mood but in Mexico.

If I had an emo band in Mexico, I would call it “El Taxi de Memo.”

Yeah. After pouring out my feelings in a word vomit last night, I talked to my girlfriend.

Issue solving.

And we talked and talked.

And solved things. Or so it felt like that. It was productive. Again. We grew from it.

Nothing is always going to be 100% perfect.

We watched Ex Machina after that. She wanted us to watch it.

It was very good.

Ron Weasley’s bigger brother is great in movies about robots.

The only thing that disappointed me is how easily the billionaire was duped and killed.

Girlfriend said “Jurassic Park” during the movie a few times.

And yep. It sort of was.

Build an amazing place blind to the consequences, shit goes awry, and you are fucked!

I got an email from a Tijuana Adventure cancellation. Good. It was going to be one guy, and he was mostly interested in going to the strip clubs. Obviously, my girlfriend didn’t want me to go to that. I just wanted to make some money.

And I just checked the comments on my overdramatic blog post yesterday.

I have a secret admirer?

Or a troll?

I’m very very attractive! Hah…

Yep. Probably a troll.

I posted my picture of the enchilado taco on /r/food in Reddit. It was doing very well. It reached 460+ upvotes and then the mods deleted my post.

Here it is.

Your post was removed because of Rule #5:

  • Any post that lacks a descriptive title. We allow titles that describe the food, just the food and nothing but the food. Not allowed: location, the occasion, any narrative backstories, any extra details that do not describe what the food is.


Mod discretion will be used to encourage you to repost with a different title, like this auto comment for example.

Just cross posted it to /r/Mexico, let’s see how it does.

I need a celebrity for this post.

And to write a lot of other things.

Looking through my files, I found this…

Also, need to type shit tons of other things because this word vomit is short.

Yesterday drained me though.

And I still have to edit the pictures from A Ship In The Woods and send them over.


Seriously, going through my files and I can’t decide. Just the month of January of 2010 and there are over 50 celebrities to choose from that I haven’t posted about.

I don’t even need to plug in my hard-drive, and I have an endless supply of celebrity pictures I took that never went anywhere.

And I’ll post them every fucking Monday.

I don’t feel like editing that many celeb pics because I have the large edit to do right after.

And a bunch of emails.

The fuckers at the UCSD parking are not helping. They say it takes 14 days to consider the appeal, though they give you 21 days to pay the ticket and it took them more than 12 days to reply to an email. So the 21 days are almost over, and I’m still not paying because they are considering the appeal. Makes no sense. Fuckers just want to take money from people. Definitely, the worst parking lot I have ever been in.

The UCSD teacher is being really nice and helpful about this.

Other emails are about work and what not. I’ll get to it. I have shit tons of work this week. Work that I ignored last week. Work that keeps coming. Work work work.

Not plugging in my hard-drive though a friend requested Jason Statham and I remember a cool shoot with him that he hated (dude went into my Starbucks while I was editing).

Poking my head through celebrity blogs and, apparently, Kim Zolciak is still on the radar.

I never knew who she was, but she was always cool. I talked to her several times.

I found a set from October 18, 2010. That day I also saw Ashley Tisdale, Kat Von D, and Brian Van Holt. D lists all over!

Man. From all the celebrities… I chose a super shitty one.

I’m sorry about that.

But I seriously don’t know who to choose, and I saw something about her, I don’t feel like editing much and fuck it! I’ll eventually post all of them… maybe?!

There are so many shitty celebrities in existence.

Camera rant and hate coming up.

The Nikon D3 was a glorious camera. I just want to have enough money to buy something like that. With the 70-200mm/2.8f. And more lenses. And I’m good with that. I can make money taking pictures (maybe).

So many people with cameras nowadays though… It’s so easy to be a good photographer (yet so many are shit). And I still have so much to learn. I don’t tout myself as good, but at least as experienced. And I still take a lot of shitty pictures.

The event I went too, every other person had a camera. A nice camera as well. I don’t even understand why people carry cameras and make it blatantly obvious that they are carrying a camera. I cringe a bit when I see people with cameras around their necks, yet this is the most common sighting.

For myself, I rather not even let people know I’m carrying a camera. It’s usually hidden in my bag. Maybe that’s because of paparazzi instincts/talk, but I really feel more comfortable with the camera hidden. Taking sneaky shots is the best.

I still have Andy’s wide angle. I need to give that back and get my own wide angle. It’s such a good lens. I want it for myself. I’m so far from being able to spend that kind of money on a lens.

I still need a car.

A fucking car.

But hey… how much do you want to bet that I’m not going to do any of the work I said I was going to do and then complain about being broke again?

Speaking of which, I didn’t make much money this bi-week. I request money tomorrow, and it’s like… hey… give me some little money. Because I’m only excited to take pictures now that that is all I do. Forgot about writing. I still have to do it. But haven’t been inspired to do so.

Fuck me.

Do I love to word vomit.

Back to Kim Zolciak because I’m done with the edit. She looks like a human Miss Piggy with bad fashion sense.

Dumping them all without organizing them because fuck it. I am lazy, and I need to start my day so I can do shit. Long ass edit coming up.

Ten pictures of Kim Zolciak. I have at least three other folders of her or more if I plug in my hard-drive. But fuck that. Not for her.

If you have a celebrity request, let me know, and I’ll post it next Monday (if I shot him and if I haven’t posted it before).

And hah! I’m making the puppy with wheels the featured image because I think that will garner more clicks than Kim who the fuck Zolciak.




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