She Missed Her Flight – I Did Nothing and Lost My Shit Sunglasses – Thwarted Plans, Now What?

Well… Nothing went like planned.

We went to try a new place by Pasaje Gomez that serves burgers and craft beer. She got a portobello burger, and I got the meat one with ham and bacon (and it was supposed to be a double, but I rather have just the single). They were both really basic burgers. Homemade with cheap ingredients. We could have done it ourselves. But cheap and okay, so not horrible.

As for beer, two Sierra Nevada’s and then one of my friend’s, Susan, special creations with roses and what not. She’s really new at brewing beer but super excited about it. It was bad, but at least drinkable. Not carbonated enough and it had a tinge of sour. If fermented for longer it might have ended in a nice result.

Then we got two IPAs from Azteca Brewery. This place is a huge hit or miss. This time it was a miss. Beer tasted like soap. For the first time in a long time, my girlfriend didn’t drink the whole beer and just had two sips. Neither of us could finish it. It was that bad. Which sucks, because sometimes they do awesome.

After that we came home… and then she had to leave for the airport around 11 pm.

We said our cheesy cutesie goodbyes and called her an Uber.

I started playing Zelda before going to bed.

She called me 45 minutes later that she had missed her flight, she would explain when she gets home.

She came back past midnight.

Her flight was for the day before at 12:30 am.

She missed it for a whole 24 hours.

Airlines probably do this on purpose. It would be so easy to have the flight for 11:50 pm to avoid confusion. But at 12:30 am, it’s easy to fuck it up.

Well. Not that easy. But she fucked it up.

So she didn’t go to Monterrey.

Her plans were thwarted, and so were mine.

And yes, I’m using the word thwart just for the fuck of it.

I was planning on finishing off some work and then play Zelda all day and then go to San Diego to shoot an event that I’m not even sure what it is about.

The work I said I was going to do yesterday…

I didn’t do it. I wrote two sentences and deleted them. Then used my writer’s block as an excuse to start drinking early. I didn’t write anything else anymore. I guess I wrote some in my head. Which later will come out.

I started this word vomit on November because I thought it would facilitate my writing for work and to get better. I’m not sure that’s the case.

My girlfriend was supposed to be at her parents’ house right now and later at a wedding.

Now we will most likely eat shrimp tacos, play Scrabble, and do nothing.

I still for sure have to go to the San Diego event thingy. And I’ll probably spend the night there. Sort of sucks. Because now my girlfriend will be alone here.

Everything got fucky.

And I never heard from Andy or Dirk yesterday. No idea what they did. No idea what they are doing.

I still have his Andy’s lens, and I sort of feel guilty because I want to give it back, but at the same time I want to keep using it, but I know I need to give it back.

And work.

I’m skipping a bunch of it.

Here’s a picture of the Mexican Consulate in San Diego.

Bleh. It’s a bad picture.

I enjoy that wide angle though. And I want wider.

I am probably going to end up buying that Tokina 11-16mm/2.8f.

Here’s a picture of some food I ate.

They were supposedly gnocchis but tasted like pizza rolls with Prego sauce.

Okay for $5.

The UCSD parking citation might get revoked. I finally got an email back from them and they asked about the citation # and the license plate of the car (though I wrote it in the first email). Also, one of the professors wrote a real long super formal email to revoke the ticket. I mean… that should do it, right?

Seriously though, that email was the most formal I have seen in a long time. After all, she’s a lit professor.

My brother’s car got fixed, which is great news for both of us. I really need to get my own car. I don’t want to look at leases right now though.

This Saturday is feeling like a Sunday.

Oh yeah.

I left my shit sunglasses at the Airbnb. They were my favorite pair of shit sunglasses. I have two other pairs, but those two are real shit. They don’t really help.

I need money for some real sunglasses.

I remember my first pair of real sunglasses. I never thought sunglasses were worth it because I always wore cheap ones. Cereal box cheap. And those just give me a headache or barely helped.

My first real pair were Marc Jacobs.

Because I lived in Hollywood and I wanted to be fancy.

But seriously, those were really fucking nice. And I loved the fuck out of them. They lasted me around 2 years, and I’m not sure where I lost them. I think I left them in Hawaii when I went to follow Lindsay Lohan because I never saw them after that trip.

After that, I’ve had a couple of nice Ray Bans. Also lost.

Now my cheap sunglasses that were “Ray Ban” but were obviously a super shitty knock-off…. those are probably lost.

I like to say that I don’t lose shit like wallets or cell phone, but sunglasses, those fuckers will always get lost. I used to dislike people with expensive sunglasses because I knew eventually they would get lost or broken and I thought it was a waste of money. I was wrong. Nice sunglasses are nice to have.




I’ve been using Grammarly to check my spelling and grammar mistakes on this blog (and others).

I always have a few critical mistakes and SHIT tons of other mistakes. The most common is that Grammarly tells me “repetitive repetitive word,” or “overused word word.”

And many times I’m like… FUCK YOU Grammarly! That’s how I like it.


She missed her flight.

She missed the wedding.

Now she’s writing the bride a long ass email about what happened.

It’s almost like an episode of Black Mirror.

I already missed a flight for her.

Now I don’t know what Merida looks like.

We are still living in a cheesy romantic comedy that will make most of you puke.

And now we shall go get shrimp tacos.

And after that, I’m not sure. I go to San Diego, she stays behind.

Things didn’t go at all as planned.

They never do.

And I’m left saying… now what?

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