Swell Time I’m Almost 31 – 4/20 Celebration Dumbfuckery – Too Many Car Options

Here we go!

Another day. Another word vomit.

It feels like a Saturday.

Alas, it is not.

Ok. Getting way too distracted with Reddit, looking for cars, and reading articles. I have work to do…? Question mark?

Haven’t had breakfast yet either. This day is going slow, and I’m doing nothing. Let’s change that. First with the word vomit.

Yesterday was fun. I met up with Andy and Dirk at Nelson for a beer. Then went to their Airbnb in Playas and had more beers while doing nothing. Then went out with the girls.

Yep. It was like a triple date night.

My girlfriend didn’t want to go out at first, but I insisted, and she had a swell time.


I just used the word swell like this is the 1930s.

The night consisted of more beers at Nelson, followed by dinner at La Cevicheria Nais, then one last beer at Zacas before splitting. We were home before 11 pm.

I guess that’s what my 30s will look like. Soon to be 31.

Though them kids are younger.

It’s weird when you are 30, thinking of age about others suddenly gets blurry. Dude is three years younger than me, but I feel like we’re the same age. Probably because he makes more money. But then there are shit tons of younger people that make way more money and still look like kids.

Anyone between 25-35 feels natural. Anyone younger than that looks like a kid. Anyone older than that is just a looming “that’s what I’ll be in a few years!”

Almost fucking 31.

Yesterday was 4/20, and I did not partake in the celebrations. Everyone posted about it.

Is there a beeraholic day or alcoholic day? Or a happy coffee day? It really doesn’t matter. 4/20 is every day. 4/20 is Hitler’s birthday. And it’s also George Takei’s birthday.

Celebrating 4/20 is like celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
Mexicans don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
Stoners don’t really care about 4/20.

Every day is practically the same, yet today feels like a Saturday.

And Saturday will be some sort of work day. And my girlfriend will be gone.

Tomorrow I have a photo gig that my roommate got me. $50 + beer sounds like a swell deal!

A deal by Mr. Deal.

Tonight my girlfriend goes home to Monterrey.

She’ll be back soon, so there are no worries. Just gone to see her parents and to a wedding that she’s not that enthused about. I’ll see her again before the weekend ends. And we still have so much time to spend together after. I like spending my time with her.

She just messaged me on Facebook from work. Since she dropped her phone in water, she hasn’t really been available on FB or Whatsapp. So it’s rare to hear from her.


Today I should finish work. Or at least leave it almost finished, so I only have to brush it on Monday and then do more work.

I’m hungry. I need to shower. I need to do push-ups. I’ve been doing nothing but internetting while drinking coffee and browsing cars.

The UberXChange Lease went to hell. And good. I don’t think I needed that.

Apparently, I can get a Nissan Sentra for around $119 a month + taxes and a low down payment. (+ insurance and probably tons of other bullshit). There are similar offers from other dealerships. In fact, there are way too many offers for leases and other bullshit. This is a really tough choice.

I really do need a car.

If my brother sells me the car for cheap, I can just do that. If I get that car, I wouldn’t be able to drive for Uber/Lyft, but I’ll have a car! And the car already has SENTRI, so that’s a plus. It’s a really old beaten up car though…

The only other problem is that I also need a place to park the car…. Sigh…

I’m trying to contest the UCSD citation ticket again. Professors and the writer are helping me now. But it is not helping. I have one more week to pay it. Andy always gets a ticket there. He probably simply just pays it. There’s more money in this business than I like to think. I’m just so accustomed to being poor.

Print is dying. But there’s still some money to be made.

And I have to give Andy his 16-35mm lens back. I need my own lenses :(

Here’s a random shot I took with that wide angle on Wednesday.

Some weirdo has been messaging me on Reddit. Not sure if he is trolling or is he just really naive. He seriously asked the question if in Mexico is normal to wear sarapes and sombreros. Like he really believes we all walk around the city wearing that shit.

After telling him several times that Mexico is not a different planet or in a different timeline, he messaged me about Hong Kong club…

Probably a troll.

Ignoring him now.

Here’s a screencap of some of the silly messages…

Just for reference, he is from Houston, Texas and he has been posting in Mexican subreddits looking for help in where to move. Sounds like he is running away from something.

My neighbor came up this morning because she wanted some coffee. I could tell she was in distress. We chatted for a while. Things aren’t good for her since she quit her job. They don’t sound horrible, but she’s not in the best position right now.

She just messaged me incredulous asking if she heard right, that if I in fact, live with my girlfriend.


I know it’s weird. We met each other and started living together. Intense. Try that people!

It’s actually been fucking great.

And now, my friend James, all the way from Michigan who loves to shitpost, send me a shitpost of some meme that my friend Alex posted a week ago.

Yep. We can all relate, right?

Funny how the internet world revolves and it’s 2017, and we’re destined to the weirdest future.

And he says he doesn’t read my blog since the click bait episode. Again. Sorry everyone!

Imagined how I felt when I read that shitty email. It wasn’t good for me either. I was devastated.

The next two blog posts garnered less than 1/4 of the views together. Click bait works. And most people only read the title…

So yeah. If we break-up for realzies, it will be weird. And though it’s only been 3 months, I feel like adjusting back to the bachelor life is going to be a very odd process.

I used to follow Mitch Clem a lot. Here’s his Tumblr. Or click on the hyperlink for his Wikipedia if you don’t know who he is.

I have his book “Nothing Nice to Say.” I started reading that comic when I was a young punk of around 13 years of age. It was about two punk dudes living in Minnesota. After he stopped drawing that, he started drawing “My Stupid Life,” which was his life with his girlfriend and how he deals with being a freelance cartoonist.

I have no idea why I brought it up. Maybe because subliminally I do the same but with a word vomit instead of cartoons.

A cartoon would be more successful.

Too bad that I don’t know how to draw.

I guess pictures will suffice. Some people just come in here for the pictures and not for the word vomit after all.

Now I shall do some push-ups, shower, eat something, and walk around.

Andy and Dirk are still hanging around Tijuana. Let’s see what they are doing.

But first… I really should do at least 50% of an article that I should finish by Monday. And the other three I mentioned are just…. nothing. That happens a lot.

Scrap all of what I just said. I’m just going to play Zelda.


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