My Life in Magazines (Again) – I Walked Shit Tons – And Tons and Tons and Tons of Pictures

I had to edit yesterday’s post because posting on iPad sucks. I looked at the text and it looked all fucky. Dislike.

Yesterday after Krakatoa cafe and breakfast sandwich, and abandoning the blog, the day was pretty fantastic. I did shit tons of walking. Probably like 8 miles of walking or more. Pokémon Go does my walk count. I hatched like 6 eggs, and each egg was around 2 km. So yep. Around 8 miles.

I walked from Golden Hill Park to Little Italy because I had time to waste until it was pictures time.

When I got to Bar One for pictures, it was pretty empty. I talked to the manager and told him I’ll be back later during happy hour to take pictures. Then I took a long ass walk towards Cafe Bassam.

That place is great. The owner didn’t want his picture taken but I snuck a few ones in. The place wasn’t really photogenic but snap snap away I did. And the owner gave me two beers for free. Blue Moons. I don’t really like Blue Moon much, I didn’t even ask for them. But I haven’t had one in forever and the guy gave them to me enthusiastically.  He seemed shy and had a really thick accent.

The job was done.

Then another place, an Italian place, where I spoke to the manager and I agreed to meet him the next day. Sorry. I can’t really give many details or post the pictures. Or I’m not sure.

Point is, I did my job. And got a bunch of pictures. My mission was confusing here, but I got it done. And took pictures of shit that weren’t in my mission.

I went to Bar One again to see if there were more people, but there wasn’t much. I still took a bunch of pics.

I borrowed Andy’s wide angle 16-35mm/2.8f. This lens is hella nice. I can’t wait to make enough money to start buying my own gear and building more.

Speaking of Andy, I had to remember to imitate him to get the job done.

I knew none of the pictures were cover worthy… so… what to do?!

I invited friends over to see if they’ll join me for a drink to get an actual shot that is worth it. No one came except my roommate. Still not good enough.

Then his girlfriend joined! That’s the shot I wanted (and I think the mag wanted). It looks like what Andy would do in the situation. Plus, the chalkboard on the outside of Bar One was perfect for the occasion.

Again, I guess I shouldn’t say much because pics are for upcoming material. But hey! My roommate and his girlfriend might be the cover. Which is hilarious. That’s what Andy would do…

I need more San Diego friends. I need to spend more time over there. Mostly for work. Also because I’m enjoying it. And it reminds me how to be American.

I really need a car as well.

Then more gear.

Then more ‘Muricuh.

Bar One gave me a nice discount. Perks of the job.

I’m going to have to go back though. A long exposure at night, or maybe some light light painting with flash might be a better cover. I also need to hit two other spots. But I’ll definitely need a car for this. So I’ll have to wait until the car is fixed probably until next week.

I also need to finish two articles. Probably three.

But I won’t be able today.

Andy and his (our) friend Dirk are coming down to party. Possibly more people as well. I’m not sure what will be off today. But I’ll find out soon.

And sigh… my girlfriend leaves tomorrow at night.

Only for the weekend though. She’ll be back on Sunday.

And YES! To recap. We did not break-up!

I take a lot of pictures. Yesterday I took 267 and edited down to 65… so they can perhaps use 3 to 5.

Yep. That’s a lot of goddamn pictures.

Things I can do post about are… Pictures that already came out.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

My life is in magazines.

I used to take 400-1000 frames a day for perhaps get one picture on a magazine at some point and bank. Now I have a gig where I know what I’m getting paid, some shoots are complicated, some are easy. It will only get easier with time. And I’m happy for it.

I need more gear. I need more gigs. I need more money.

So… in the latest issue and on my first mission as a photographer… they used three pictures!

Out of like 100 that I took. The cover was by Andy (and they had since before). And a bunch of the pictures were by someone else. One of those places didn’t let me take pictures…

Here are my originals that were used.

That was the biggest they use. And it’s a tad blurry. Could be better. I wished I had the 70-200mm for that. It’s at the Kroc Center by City Heights. Great place and the woman that received me and gave me a tour was extremely nice.

This was at Rady’s Childrens Hospital. That’s Cassidy’s little cousin (and Cassidy is Andy’s girlfriend). So yep. I was real lucky on my first mission and I had help. I also took like 60 other pictures that went nowhere. And Cassidy actually gave me a ride from the border yesterday! Fun stuff!

That’s someone’s dog. Random picture. I also took many more pictures at this place that never saw the light of day.

Because those are mostly just animals and the building, I think they deserve to be shared here.

The other two albums had a bunch of kids running around. I don’t feel right just publishing those though there are some great pics.

I also took a lot of random photos yesterday. Some of them are going on Instagram I guess. The 16-35mm is a pleasure to shoot with. I wish I had one of my own. The Tokina lens makes that horrible noise. It gets stuck on the infinity focus and the machine makes a very loud noise. It’s clunky. Something is way off. And I don’t know if it’s worth servicing.

I really need a new lens.

There are four other folders with a few to a lot of pictures that haven’t seen the light of day but might soon. The ones I took yesterday will take a month to run and I still have to shoot several more. The ones I did in UCSD still is in two weeks or so. And I should get way more work done.

But all I want to do is picture missions. I’m having fun with those. And the more I do it. The more I like it. The better I get at it. And yep… you know it.

Not enough word vomit!

I got back to my apartment at around 8:30 pm after Cassidy gave me a ride to the border. I didn’t meet my girlfriend where I always do. Hey. I had work to do. And … uhh… I got pretty tipsy while at work. You know. Perks of the job.

We watched a couple of youtube videos, shared a beer and went to bed again super early. Her because she is a Godinez and needs to work early in the morning. Me because I day drank and I was ready to pass out early on.

I woke up at 3:30 am. I wanted to edit and send the pictures. I was excited to see them on my computer and for them to be the possible cover. But I didn’t want to wake her up. What can a man do?!

Of course I went into the living room and played Zelda until like 6 am before she wakes up to cuddle like every morning.

Because duh. I love her.

And Zelda…. I still have one more memory to go and I can’t find it. I still haven’t beaten Calamity Ganon. And yesterday while searching for that last memory… I ended up in the Colosseum Ruins. HAH! I was supposed to find that very early on the game and I just did. There was a Silver Lynel in there. That dude was tough. But I have so much fucking food, weapons, and everything, that it didn’t really make a dent on my link.

I fought all the dudes for… absolutely nothing. There was no reward. I think a chest with a silver rupee. Hooray for that!

There is so much more Zelda to do. My next weapon stash expansion with Korok Seeds is up to 25. I spent all my Korok seeds last week, but I’m up to 18 right now, for a total of 111 or some shit like that.


Oh, Zelda. I just want to play you. The addiction has calmed down way more. But I still just want to play.

Now it’s time to hang out with Andy and Dirk and maybe more. And party a little bit. I want to talk about the job. And to clear my mind of what is next. Hanging out with Americans to be more American.





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