Scrabble, Jenga, Risk, and even Magic the Gathering – Gallos Lost, I lost – Oysters Time

She became Scrabble obsessed.

I created a monster.

Yesterday she didn’t want to stop playing. I had to drag her out of the house. Mostly because I wanted to place a bet on Gallos winning against America. Odds were paying well. But I made it a minute late and couldn’t place a bet.

We went to Bar Nelson to watch the game. Gallos was losing 1-0 by half time. The odds of the bet increased. I ran to the casino and place $11.70 on Gallos to win.

It didn’t work out. I basically made the richest man in Tijuana a tad richer. Like my $10 mattered. But I guess all the idiots losing their money in the casino is what makes the richest man in Tijuana, the mother fucking richest man in Tijuana.

There. Game three of the day is over. Technically it’s game 4. We left a game unfinished last night and started this morning. This final score is 279 to 166. She gets mad because I know all the stupid cheat words.

“You write glurpalurgh, and you get tons of points with made up words! It’s not fair.”

Of course, I play legit words. We check all of the words in the Scrabble dictionary. And yes. Many words sound shittily made up.

Now we play Jenga. I collapsed the tower in the first game.

It’s Donkey Kong Special Edition Jenga. Board games I bought forever ago.

Jenga doesn’t last long. After less than a handful of games you get tired and bored.

Jazz plays on the Jukebox. And by jukebox, I mean on the tv via chrome cast and YouTube. The fucking future.

I lost again.


She’s laughing at me.

Fucking Jenga.

We are going out soon. Yesterday after Nelson, she wanted oysters. She has been wanting oysters for a while. She really likes that trashy yet nice and clean seafood place. We are probably going there in a while.

But we didn’t get oysters. We were walking that direction when we walked in front of a pizza place and we were like “fuck it, let’s get pizza and go home.” So we did. I was already pretty drunk. Came home. Passed out.

Some stranger commented on my blog yesterday.

Thanks stranger!

Tolerable and pure gold are much more than whatever I could expect. This is really just word vomit. I do it every day. More than 1000 non-sense.

And now it’s Risk time. This is going to take forever…

Yep. Still playing Risk, but we’re both hungry and going out. Two player Risk is kind of lame. I still don’t know how I feel about it.

This is going to be a short word vomit.

I’m 550 words short of making it to 1,000, but there is nothing else to say.

We are going to get on the Uber and get some oysters now. Then probably to Plaza Fiesta for some craft beers. She wants to play all the board games in existence. She even plays Magic the Gathering, but she doesn’t have her own deck and my deck is ridiculously stupid good (most cards are not legal anymore).

Sunday blog post. Done. Sunday word vomit is as good as Reddit Sunday. Not good at all.

Tomorrow I have tons of work. A lot of shit to get ready for the whole week. And maybe a Tijuana Adventure. It should be a good week.


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