Scrabble and Board Games – Everyone is in Either Coachella or Ensenada – Pinche Paco Bought a Camera

My girlfriend takes for eternity to play a word in scrabble.

I have played a lot of scrabble in my life, I believe I am pretty decent at it. So I am obviously kicking her ass.

I started playing a lot during my college years. Before word with friends was a thing, it existed on Facebook and in other places online. I played a lot online. And it taught me a lot of what I know. How to deal with spaces. Cheat words. And more.

So obviously I am going to kick her ass in the next few dozen games. I don’t see a way she will beat me anytime soon.

We started a new game after kicking her ass on our first game. She is looking through the scrabble dictionary looking for words. It’s just her first word, and she has already looked up more than seven words… that is cheating. But even with that, she is still going to lose by a lot.

Finally! She played a word.

Never mind. She just faked me out. She is still trying to figure out the first word to play….

She takes so long that I decided to multi-task and word vomit while I scrabble. Yep. I am typing this on my iPhone while playing in the kitchen. She looks up every word on my iPad.

Before posting, I’ll go on my iMac and edit this shitty word vomit.

She went back to looking for words and hasn’t played a single one yet. It’s been more than ten minutes…

Finally!!! She played “xi.”

That’s one of the cheat words people that play a lot of Scrabble know about it. She looked it up.

At least she can beat me at chess.

All my friends are either in Coachella or in Ensenada. You know. Doing shit for their long weekend. And here we are just sitting doing nothing. Playing scrabble.

Yesterday we just played chess and drank a lot of beers (drank a six pack of Stone Ripper Pale Ale). Then we just played YouTube songs that we liked for hours while we talk about everything and nothing at all. It was actually a lot of fun. A great night.

Today carries the same sentiment. She did laundry and prepared a salad. I made breakfast burritos and helped her out in general. And now we do nothing. Playing bored games. I mean board games. This is not really boring. I just don’t get how so many people misspell that word so damn often. That, and the boarder. BOARDER. Hah. Border fuckers. People that want a boarder wall usually type it like that. Broader boarder border bored board games bro games board gadgets border.

A true word vomit.

Gallos plays today vs America. They have lost the last two games. And now they play away. Playoffs seem improbable. This next win seems improbable. If the casino is paying good, I might place a bet on them. A stupid silly bet.

And I want to do something about this Saturday.

Yep. Already 3 pm and we are basically both still in our pajamas. The worst part is I don’t really know where to go if we go out. I ran out of imagination. And a car would be nice.

And yep. I’m ahead of her for more than double the points and this just started.

She doesn’t care about winning, she only cares about it playing. She told me this early after meeting her. I will never understand this mentality. I am very competitive and care deeply about winning. I think more like if you don’t play to win, then why do you play?

Fun is overrated.

We should get beers. That’s what we do best. Drink beers together and eat a lot of food. And that sounds kinda sad for a relationship. But it is not. At least not for now.

Scrabble game is a tad more even now. I am still destroying, she is still semi-cheating. But I only have shit vowels on deck. Still. There is no way I am losing… Like it matters.

This is horrible word vomit. I should do push ups and shower while she thinks of her next move. She takes a good five to ten minutes, I usually have two or three words in mind before she is done. So it’s mostly me waiting for her.

Push ups time.

She is trying to make up so many words.

And she gets mad when I know a word that sounds made up but it’s real. You know, like “qi” cheapest word in the Scrabble dictionary. And “jo.” I gave her that one for another word she made up.

My eye hurts. Bisho scratched it this morning.

Hahaha, I played the word “day, ” and she thought I made it up. Then realized day is a very common word.

And now she is just changing letters hoping to get the ones she wants for just making up a word that she wants….

And yep. She never found the letters that she wanted. She passed too many times. And I was ahead of her for more than 100 points. She gave up and went to go grab beers and other stuff at Calimax.

I’m editing this and posting it.

Here is what the board looked like. The bored looked like this. Boarder bored broad brogames brode.

First game.

Second game.

Pinche Paco bought a camera.

That’s his feed for now. Follow him.

I gave him harsh criticism in a lot of the pictures.

He just got a camera, and he seems like your typical teenager girl whose parents just got her a camera and thinks she is so artsy because she got a new toy.

DSLRs are so cheap now, and they are so easy to use that any picture can look good. But I mean, I had to give him harsh and fair criticism. So maybe he can learn. He asked me for tips before and then ignored me. I told him not to buy a camera kit, he bought a fucking camera kit. Kit lenses are usually worth shit.

For those that are new in photography, don’t buy cameras in a kit. Usually, the extra shit they include is worth nothing, nd it makes you look like a total beginner. The Canon bag is not a good camera bag (is clumsy and uncomfortable as fuck). Not to mention it screams “look at me! I have a camera! And I’m a beginner!”

The lenses that come in a kit are beyond shit.

You are better off buying the body by itself and then buying a lens by itself. Then build an army of lenses before purchasing a new body.

Then buy more lenses before purchasing a mirrorless as your second body. And then more lenses for that.

I want a mirrorless so bad.

But I need to at least buy two more lenses and some filters.

So don’t be like Pinche Paco. And listen to me when I tell you do not buy a camera in kit form. Just don’t.

Oh. By the way. There are two pictures I actually liked by Pinche Paco. The poop on the floor is great subject but badly shot. The woman sleeping reflected on the trolley is again great subject, nice composition, great idea. But the crop is a bit off and the picture is soft as fuck. Those are his two best shots.

Besides knowing how to shoot shit, the idea behind the photograph is very important. My brother shoots with a fucking iPhone 5 but he studied photography and his feed is beyond fantastic.

Often I see fuckers with a camera just shooting in general. Their cameras around their neck, pointing at shit that is backlit, bad composition, bad subject. But hey! They have a camera! They have to shoot! So many billions of pictures taken a day that go absolutely fucking nowhere.

You fuckers need to learn how to shoot.

I’m not that good. But hey. I like to criticize.


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