I Need My Own Car – Press Pass Mother Fucker! – Swearing for Fuck’s Sake

The more I work, the less time I have to write stupid shit on this blog.

I woke up early today again to go to UCSD. I borrowed my brother’s car again and this time drove across the border by myself. For some reason I was nervous. First time crossing the border while driving a car (that is not even mine). I thought I might get secondary inspection.

Nah. Nothing happened. I crossed fast.

Drove all the way to La Jolla.

I enjoyed the road.

Cruise control that fucker all the way. I mostly stayed in the same lane too. Driving is easy. If I had a car and a job all the way in La Jolla, with my SENTRI, I wouldn’t give a fuck.

I really need a car.

I parked really fucking far from campus this time. I was afraid of getting a ticket. So I parked by a Ralph’s. There was a sign about the parking lot being for customers only or get towed. So I was a bit nervous about getting in more trouble. But I had a long walk ahead, and I had to make it on time.

I didn’t follow the GPS, and I ended up walking a very long way because I’m stupid like that.

Barely made it to the agreed time with the professor. But I met her and she was super nice. Extremely nice. She even offered to help me with my parking ticket. This job is super easy when everyone is super nice.

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Small talk.



Great Job!

And back to the car. Long walk. The car was still there. No problem.

There was a Trader Joe’s in the same parking lot, and my girlfriend wanted vegetarian sausages. So I went to TJs. Fuck I love that place.

And fuck do I need a car.

Got TJs goodies and got back to the car.


Car wouldn’t start. Battery dead.


Seriously?! Another day using my brother’s car and fucker wouldn’t start. I was about to lose it. First a ticket, then a broken car.

I opened the hood and was ready to look for some jumper cables and get some help.

I just shook them cables on the battery and thought “maybe that will do the trick.”



Started the car and it was time to go the police station to pick up my press ID.

“Did you see the sign?” Nope. I didn’t see any sign. Sorry copper.

There was just a sign that said “Please wait here,” but there was no one waiting in line. But copper was eating a sandwich. He was a bit of a dick at first, but then said “don’t worry about it,” and helped me out. Then I was like “Enjoying your sandwich sir.”

I went to the back of the station to human relations. Some nice lady helped me and took my picture. Then printed out the card and gave me the big sign that says I’m Press to display in a car. I can park almost anywhere now!

That was it. Painless process to get my media ID card (or press pass) or whatever you want to call it.

Cake. And now I can go behind police lines. And park in places where not everyone can.

Check that fucker out! I’m excited! I feel like such an adult!

All my San Diego friends are in Coachella. So I couldn’t hang out with anyone in SD :(

I had one other mission in San Diego. Take pictures of a building.

That was it.

Snap snap snap.

Pictures of a building.

I need more lenses for sure.

Way more lenses.

Wide angle more than anything. And better lenses. Soon.


And now I have my doubts.

I don’t really need to drive for Uber or Lyft, but having a nice car that gives me that option would be cool. If my brother sells me his car that would be great too. I can finally afford car payments. Or I can save up and buy a car for 2k or 3k.

That’s the dilemma now!

What fucking car should I get?!

I mean… depends on what I can afford too….

The other dilemma is… where the fuck do I park?!

The street outside my building is super shitty to park.

Then there are paid parking lots. They are kinda pricey and not that good.

So…. car car car car dilemma.

Point is. I have a job (job is too strong of a word, more like gigs in this gig economy). I adult now. I don’t have time to word vomit comfortably in the morning like I used too.

I have missions for next week as well!

I’m going to contest that motherfucking ticket, because fuck that, I don’t want to pay a ticket.

And I have to shoot the next cover! That’s going to be fun!

So starting Monday, I need to make a few phone calls to arrange a few photoshoots… and then SNAP SNAP SHOOT SHOOT. Pictures pictures pictures.

So much better than dealing with paparazzi celebrity bullshit. It’s fun. People and places actually want their picture taken. So this should be good.

This adulting thing.

This adulting thing is going fine. And the more I do it, the more natural it comes to me, the easier it gets, and MONEY!

I swear a lot in this mother fucking blog.

There’s no reason for it. It takes extra time just to type an extra mother fucking word just to curse for fuck’s sake. But I like it. So fuck you if you don’t like it.

This is not how I write other shit. You know that, right? YOU!

I’m talking to you.

I really need a car.

Not sure if buy cheap.

Or lease cheap.

And once I decide that, then it’s time to decide what to buy or what to lease.

I prefer Mazda. Last time I was driving, I was driving Mazdas. My last two cars were a ’95 Miata and a ’06 Mazda 6. I loved the fuck out of the Miata, but I can’t have that go-kart anymore. The Mazda 6 was also nice. VERY fucking nice.

Before that, I had a ’08 VW GTI. I loved the fuck out of that car too.

Point is. I really need a car.

And a car makes me feel like an adult.

Adulting car.

Car soon.

Insurance payments. Parking lot payments. Adulting is serious stuff. I need to do more of it.

And now Friday. This shitty word vomit was really forced (if you didn’t notice). I was actually thinking about skipping it because I had nothing to say. And once I start KABLAM! I have already written 1,000+ shitty words of nothingness.

I want to do something special with my girlfriend. I have the weekend off. I just have no idea what to do anymore. I’ve been single for far too long. Coupled people! Tell me what you fuckers do!

If I were by myself, I would just play Zelda. And later on go to the punk show. But nope. Can’t do that no more. I’m 31 and finally adulting.

I need a fucking car.

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