iPhone Went for a Swim – Sunday Cocktails and Cheese – Harold Ramis

iPhone got water damaged.

Not my iPhone. I am usually really good at taking care of my stuff.

My girlfriend, again, broke her iPhone. It’s not even hers. It’s from work. She might get fired for this, but I doubt it. She woke up very worried about it at around 4:45 am.

Her iPhone went for a swim.

I still don’t know how she managed to do it. But she came into the room all sad because her iPhone wouldn’t turn on after dunking it in a bucket of water.

Like the first time she broke the screen… It made no sense. She simply tossed it to the ground as hard as she could by accident. Somehow! Somehow! She managed to just launch her iPhone with brute force to the ground accidentally.

Poor iPhone.

Now somehow she managed to dunk the iPhone in water and it’s fucked.

I haven’t heard back from her, so I’m not sure what is going on.

I’m not sure what celebrity to post today.

I just went through the only celebrity blog I sometimes read to find inspiration. I didn’t.

This is that blog btw.

I rarely go on it. I started going on it in 2007 when a friend told me about it and I thought it was funny. Not to mention, he posts a lot of semi-naked to naked girls. Back then, it was just one guy posting around 5-10 times a day stupid shit, thoughts, and half-naked pictures of celebrities or others. He wouldn’t even post on the weekends. And now, well now it has more writers and a lot of fucking ads. It grew. And it grew a lot. That dude is probably banking with his shitty blog.

Similar to Perez Hilton. That blog is so extremely shitty.

I don’t understand how people make money like that.

I think about monetizing this blog. But seriously. I don’t get that many visitors. And whoever is visiting. You are weird.

Calling any of my readers fucking weird probably doesn’t help. But seriously. Yesterday I shitposted and I got 6 likes from strangers?! How did you end up here?! I want to know!

I find it weird that friends read this. Including my roommate who “skims it” but still reads enough to know what I did. That way he doesn’t have to talk to me. No one has too. I can just be like “hey, read my blog fucker.” But that’s rude. And I talk a lot. If I word vomit a lot in this blog, you can imagine how I am in real life.

Back to yesterday.

Before my girlfriend threw the iPhone into a bucket of water.

She wanted cocktails. Fancy cocktails. For some odd reason, a martini. She says that hard liquor got really bad for her in previous years, but apparently it’s not that bad anymore.

So after doing laundry, and not doing any of the other things we said we were going to do, I took a nap, and she went to buy a bottle of gin and a bottle of vodka.

Then we walked all over downtown looking for a fucking martini glass and some vermouth. We never found a martini glass, but we got some vermouth.

I told her that I would make her the martini. She prepared it herself and ruined it. Too much vermouth. Rookie mistake.

She took a couple of sips of that and liked the drink I prepared much better.

I made gin and tonics with lemon juice. Extra lemon juice for her. Extra gin for me. So that’s what we drank. I didn’t go to mother fucking bartending school for nothing (I’m kidding, it was for nothing, that school sucked and I have never officially bartended in my life).

We drank tons of those while putting on youtube videos with my roommate and his girlfriend also hanging out.

Then the girls lost control singing musicals and doing some karaoke.

The boys were annoyed.


I was so tempted to just put on MarioKart and be like, yo, stop singing. But we let them be them. And loud they were.

We both (roommate and I) got fed up with it. And it was getting late. So the party died down.

And that’s when my girlfriend somehow dunked her iPhone in a bucket of water… Then promptly put the iPhone in a tub of rice and went to bed after.

She woke up really early concerned about her phone and her work. Nope. The rice didn’t help. Phone still dead. Probably dead still. I messaged her on Whatsapp and on Facebook and I haven’t heard back from her. I guess is still early.


She just replied. Let’s see how it goes.

Yep. I kinda guessed right. Her boss had the iPhone insured. She’s not fired. But no idea what is going to happen next. She’ll be fine.

Btw. I only ate cheese yesterday. Well, and some crackers and hummus. And some salami.

Point is, I mostly only ate cheese. I had quesadillas for breakfast. Then a cheese plate. Then cheese slices.

There is so much cheese and liquor in the fridge. That’s mostly what’s in there. Seven types of cheese, some hummus, a bag of salami, beers, bottles, and other random shit. Just so much damn cheese.

And good. I love cheese, but I need something else in my diet.

I can’t decide on which celebrity to post still.

I wanted to post pictures of Amy Winehouse. I saw her around three or four times. But now that I think about it, I always did video, not pictures. I remember I asked her for a cigarette once (on video). She told me to fuck off. She was with Blake.

So I don’t have any pictures of Amy Winehouse. And I wasn’t lazy and did plug in my hard drive.


How about Don Rickles?!

He just died…

But apparently, I already posted about him here.

So what now!?

Just went through TMZ and none of them made me think YEAH I’m going to post about that person.

Ok. Fuck.

I have two in my mind and both take little to no editing.

Jason Biggs. I only saw him once. Very early in my career.

And Harold Ramis. Also only remember seeing him once very early in my career.

I plugged in my hard drive okay! So I’m looking at very old pictures. 2008 to be precise.

And also I’m very hungry but already ate too much cheese and salami yesterday.

Oh yeah.

There is also some bananas and trail mix. Eating trail mix now. MORE COFFEE!

Harold Ramis

Because he is fucking Harold Ramis.

He directed one of my favorite movies ever. Care to guess which one?!


Fucking Groundhog Day.

Here he is at the checking line checking out that blonde girl.

Pictures are from September 24, 2008.

Here he is chatting up that blonde girl.

Hah. There is a water bottle on the floor…

And before going up to TSA, he was nice and talked to me and my friend that was with. I’m not sure who was with, but I’m thinking it was my TMZ friend. This was very early in my career. To be honest, I don’t think I knew who Harold Ramis was back then….

And… at TSA. Also early in my career, you can tell I was not that good of a shooter…

There you have it. Word vomit + celebrity throwback Monday.

Now time to get my week started. Pushups, shower, breakfast and work work work.

Not much today, emails I sent during the weekend accomplished nothing. Now I have more emails to send to set up a shoot sometime soon. I have a shoot tomorrow. And more writing work?! I still have stories to pitch….

Oh yeah. Call Uber and figure out if they’ll be able to finance me a car.


Oh. And I haven’t played Zelda. I did dream about it though….

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