Eating Meatsies for David’s Birthday – Stupid Thoughts About Men and Women – Start Already Sunday!

My computer is running extra slow today.

It got restarted yesterday over some stuff that had to be installed. I just said, “do it at night computer.”

Wake up, and it is painstakingly slow.

It’s getting there. It’s like still waking up.

I need to dump everything in my hard-drive and clean this fucker. It’s so slow that I can’t play Spotify and word vomit at the same time because it keeps freezing. It’s really frustrating…

I skipped the blog yesterday. That’s #6 I skip believe.

Oh well. I should have a rest day every week. Sometimes I just don’t feel like word vomiting. I actually don’t feel like doing it now. But here we go.

Friday was good. It was real good. After basically working all day, we went to Playas to Mael’s birthday party. Mael going after a piñata is fucking hilarious. Roommate arrived with his girlfriend, so we all went together.

And we drank. And we partied. But not too late. My girlfriend had to work in the morning. So we left before midnight. Roommate and his girlfriend arrived at around 4 am and continue to party in the kitchen. I joined them briefly.

There was an earthquake around 3 am in Tijuana. No one really mentioned it. I think I felt it. I am sure I woke up in the middle of the night and felt shakes, but I just assume it was a dream and it was all in my head. Bisho was on top of my desk, not sure if to spite me or because he felt something.

My girlfriend loved the house they live in. They is Mael and Stu. She wants to move to something similar. Difference is, they have been dating (and are married) since forever. It’s been two months with us.

If there is no chance at the penthouse above my current apartment, Playas might be the right choice. But I’ll need a car for that. And a car I’ll get soon. Uber finally contacted me. I have to confirm some stuff with them and there is a big possibility that I’ll be getting a car and driving for them.

And not only that. I’m going to be adulting every week. In fact, I have so much adulting to get going as soon as the week starts… That’s tomorrow morro. Get my adult on. Photograph gigs. That makes me happy. And I’ll write more. I have to.

My iMac seems to start running again at its usual speed.

I lied. It’s still going very slow.

Oh god. And it started playing This Town Needs Guns and I can’t skip it because it’s going slow. I hate that band… I don’t get why Spotify insists that I should like them.

Oh great. Now it is skipping shit tons of songs because I hit the fwd button too many times.

And it recycled back to TTNG! FUCK ME!

I just got distracted replying on a Reddit thread about Tijuana. I’m getting very hungry. My girlfriend is doing laundry. Because that is a must now that I’m in a relationship. Laundry every Sunday.

My bedsheets change a lot. Who knew that you had to change them every week instead of around 4 times a year….

Yep. Being a single dude you can get away with being disgusting a lot. But not anymore.

There is so much to do when the week starts…

Yesterday that I skipped my blog, I’m not sure why I skipped, didn’t fucking feel like it I guess. My girlfriend went to work. I did nothing. I played Zelda for a while, but I just waited for her.

She said she was getting off work at 11 am.

That turned out not to be true. And she didn’t until way late.

Things started to go wrong for some reason. I’m still not sure what happened. But she freaked out on me a couple of times yesterday. And started crying, which made me sad. And no matter what I said, I made it worse.

New city, new job, new boyfriend (who is shitty), new apartment, new life. And she works a lot. So she was tired. I think all of that got to her.

We even went to Teléfonica to get her favorite tuna tostada. She was happy for a moment. But then again she suddenly freaked.

And since I was doing everything worse, I let her be.

She said something along the lines of “I don’t want you to get in my mood. I’m having a crisis and I’m sad.”

And she was pulling me to that mood.

My great friend Danger Dave had a birthday party carne asada fun time. I went without her.

I ate so many meatsies. Grill master Diego did a fantastic job with the meatsies.

I told her about it from a long time ago. I wanted her to go with me. But she was not in the mood. She needed time to herself.

At the end. It all got resolved. And we’re all good. Waiting for laundry to get done so we can get this Sunday started.

We both have to do adjustments. What is clear is that we want to be together. So that’s good.

My friends didn’t get to meet her. Only a handful know her and they all like her. My family likes her too.

I fucking love her.

I really don’t get how she puts up with my weirdness. She says I’m her favorite and best person.

I just am.

The world worlds.

Matt Matts.




Apparently, that’s my name, according to my roommate and his girlfriend who are yelling that at me right now…

They are hungry as well. They want to go to Cevichería Nais.

My girlfriend is still doing laundry. But I also want to go to Cevichería Nais!

This post needs both a title and a picture.

I haven’t posted anything on my Instagram since Monday….. weird….

I’ve been using that “story” feature way too much. Obnoxiously. Most social media is.

Here’s a picture of a cat that I took on Thursday while visiting the Animal Shelter in San Diego. Yep. That was my job. I have many more shoots to do for work. I’m really excited for it. Camera gear… here we go!

So it was two nights of partying with friends. One night with my girlfriend, one night without her. It was kinda odd to party without her.

David’s party was a blast. And it is becoming a yearly tradition. Seeing him with a girlfriend is very weird. And they live together. Suddenly all my friends are coupled up. Or maybe I’m just going out with friends with couples. Or maybe I’m just noticing it now that I am in a couple.

Point was that the party was fucking great.

Their apartment is really weird. It’s at ground level in Zona Norte, something I would never do. In fact, I haven’t lived in ground level since I was a child. For the past ten years, I lived on the second floor of a building or above…

And their bathroom… their bathroom is a shower and a toilet together. And the sink is outside. And there is not kitchen sink, just one sink in an odd place. It’s a really fucking weird apartment.

But they make it work. And David is happy with his girlfriend. He is a changed David. His nickname Danger does not apply as it used too. He is not careless anymore. He is the opposite.

So fucking weird what women do to men. And what we do to them.

I don’t understand it at all.

And I never will.

But it’s working out for me. It’s working for my roommate. It’s working for David.


Girlfriend is having a tough time at the laundromat. So this is going to take a while. And I’m freaking hungry.

This Sunday is taking forever to start.

Hitting post. Not worrying about it. Sunday has to start now!



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