Stinky But Great Going Adulting – Reddit Meetup and Stuff- Tons of Word Vomit Today and 600+ Pics to Edit

“You didn’t write 1,000 words yesterday,” said Bryan yesterday at night.

I know you fucker. I know.

I said so. I was typing on my iPad in a cafe. It wasn’t the most comfortable way to word vomit. I typed faster than what my iPad processed, then I noticed there were tons of spelling mistakes and it wasn’t that easy to correct (and a slow process again).  And I didn’t even have my word count. And I had to adult.

So yeah. You are the one that reads this stupid shit anyway!

The lines weren’t breaking yesterday either.

It was basically a shit post. But most of these are.

After breakfast and coffee, it was time to adult. First stop was in downtown. Couldn’t find parking. Finally got a place two blocks away. I entered the building with confidence and told the receptionist why I was there for.

I immediately got shut down. She seemed nervous, not sure why. Maybe my nervousness got to her nervousness? She gave me a phone number of the person to reach.

I asked her if I can call from the lobby. She seemed confused but said go ahead.

I dropped my Pelican case on the side and reached for my phone to dial the right person. She said… “OH NOT HERE! You have to go and arrange it somewhere else!”

… wtf?

What are lobbies for but to make phone calls…

I felt so weird.

So I just left the building, call the person and asked her about doing my job. She wasn’t happy either. And didn’t let me take pictures that same day.

My first stop in my first mission was super shitty. Fuck.

And I might have to go back, but that will be fine…

Get in the car again. Drive highway. Drive a bit far.

This driving thing is way easy. But after five years of driving, it took me some time. But by the second highway drive, I was feeling fine with a car already. At first, all the worse scenarios went in my mind. What if I crashed? What if I got pulled over? What if… what if.. what if…

Obviously. Nothing happened. Got to my second destination and parked close by. It was a beautiful building with cats and dogs for adoption.

Receptionists there were super helpful! And they call the person in charge for me right away. While I waited for her to show up, I wander around the pet store for treats and toys for Bisho (my cat).

The girl in charge was super helpful too! But… I’m just fucking awkward.

She extended her hand for a handshake “Hi, I’m Kelly, sorry my hands are really cold.”

And I responded with “Don’t worry, mine are really fucking clammy right now.”

I didn’t say the fucking.

But I thought about it. WHO SAYS THAT THOUGH!?

She told me I could shoot all the public areas no problem. And if I wanted to arrange a photo shoot with the animals, they could schedule that. And that would be FANTASTIC. But I was there just for that hour. Good hour. Just walked around and took pictures of the building, animals, and tried to sneak in pics of people being there.

If I did a good job, I’ll find out later.

Third stop. Mission 1 still.


In this third stop, I had a cheat code, an insider… Andy’s girlfriend. So the pretending to be Andy part was more of a reality. She treated me to some sushi for lunch at her place of work in Rady’s Children Hospital.

And gave me a nice little tour and I shot shot shot shot.

Pictures were a tad boring, and not really what they sent me for, but I had no choice. Taking pictures of children in the hospital was going to be a difficult one (with permits and all).

So I snapped everything I could. I was told to not over do it. I over did it.

Got in my brother’s car with the squeaky steering wheel to go over my last and final stop for mission 1. Though again, maybe I’ll have to do more soon for the same mission.

And when I was about to start the car and leave, Andy’s girlfriend called me to tell me that her little cousin had a doctor’s visit and that I was welcome to take pictures of her!

That’s the shot that they wanted!

So I met her little cousin and her aunt while she was in hearing therapy. Lovely pictures of a lovely little blonde girl with a hearing disability. Practically deaf, but TECHNOLOGY is fucking amazing that they put thingies on her head to be able to hear. That was really insane to witness. And I got great pics. Most likely, they will use one out of the 250 pictures I took of the place.






Sometimes the line doesn’t work and I thought I discovered the reason why it didn’t work and it still doesn’t fucking work.





Oh duh.

There is a button that just says horizontal line. I should just click that.

See… I was just hitting multiple dashes and hitting enter, it would automatically give me the line.

Or sometimes just do the shitty lines like above….

Stop 4, mission 1.

Drive far a bit again, gas tank almost empty. This time to The Salvation Army Kroc Center. I was there early. BUT WOW! What a place! A magnificent 12.6 acres sports club (I think it was 12.6 acres.. it was huge).


Before I go on with that. Just received an email that I got published.

I said I started and finished an article on Wednesday, remember!?

Well, here it is!

Or click on the image above to read the full story.

If Eli reads that story. Eli… just go back to the old ways. Kick out all those motherfuckers. And get back your old clients. I don’t care how forward you are with me. And that you have touched me indecently more than in one occasion while whispering in my ear “me encantan los flaquitos,” but yeah. Just take back the bar. I’ll come back for caguamas and bring you coffee each time.


Another email. Another photo gig confirmed.


Another email. Now it’s a Tijuana Adventure. A solo Tijuana Adventure to go see girls. Haven’t done that one in a long time.


Back to yesterday and my first mission as an adult.

Oh yeah.

I was stinky.

You see… there was no water in Tijuana so I could shower. I should have brought spray deodorant. The day was hotter than I expected. By the time I was done with my 3rd stop, I was sweating, I was probably stinky smelly…

But 4th stop.

Oh, and what a wonderful lady received me at the Kroc Center. She was extremely nice and helpful. She gave me a tour of the facilities and told me to shoot away! She made the job extra easy!

And the facilities are amazing! She even offered to give me some free passes if I ever want to go! And I do. Three pools. An inside therapy pool. Two large basketball courts (I felt like playing so bad). Huge soccer field. A mother fucking ice rink! Libraries. A charter school. Gigantic theater space. And a nice tower with crosses (cuz Jesus loves the Kroc Center, yep, it’s a Christian place).

I really do want to go back….

I haven’t checked out the pictures.

I have to edit and send soon.

I took 605 pictures.

That’s way more than what I need. But hey. Better be safe than sorry.

Out of those 605… they are going to use 3. Maybe 4 or 5. But most likely just 3.

And mission 1 over! Semi-accomplished! I might have to do some more shooting.

Done before 5 pm.

I went to Trader Joe’s because I haven’t in ages and brought my girlfriend CHEESE. Tons of cheeses!

And I lied to her. Told her I couldn’t find any cheese. So when she saw that I got parmesan and a lot of other cheeses, she was happy.

Got myself a huge bag of salami as well. Some pita bread. A six pack of a horrible double IPA. A bottle of Two Buck Chuck (Sauvignon Cabernet). And other Trader Joe’s goodies that I missed.

Put money on the gas tank. Went back to my brother’s place of work and came back to Tijuana.

Basically spent the money I earned on gas, groceries, my breakfast, coffee, etc.

But it was great day.

And night…

Got back home almost at 7. The reddit meetup was at 6.

Met up with my girlfriend and got in an Uber for the reddit meetup.

It was a very low turnout. In fact, only Polygonic was there. He told me about the app “untappd.” It’s basically a silly game about beer drinking and collecting as many beers as you can. Like Pokémon Go for beer. I will use it just to jot notes about the beers I taste.

But after a while, another guy came in (yay!) and Bryan showed up. Small redditor gathering. Beers. Reddit talk. Oddities. Fun stuff.

And just now… Bryan sent me horrible dark pictures of me and my girl last night.

Nope. Not posting that. Actually, not posting any pics. The featured image for this post will be that screen cap.

Actually, no. Fuck that. The original image that I took will look a bit more decent.

And see! No Zelda at all!

I couldn’t.

I was busy.

I’m still busy!

I have to edit pics and send.

And see if I will need to take more.

Publish this post.

Party tonight.

Party tomorrow.

Not by choice. Well yes by choice. But also because friends have birthdays and they are throwing a party and I want to be there.


And lastly.

My press pass under than San Diego Police Department got accepted. Now I get to pick it up. And I’ll have an official press pass.

And I got an official San Diego Reader address.

Also.. Uber hit me up!

I need to call them to see if I get a lease.

Look at me doing all this adulting.


Can I play Zelda now?!


Didn’t write 1,000 words yesterday. This one clocks at 1,700. Better?!


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