First Day of Adulting – Highway Driving – Pretend to be Andy

I thought I wouldn’t have time to word vomit this morning, but I made it quite early to the gig. My brother picked me up shortly after 7:30 am, we crossed the border, went to his work building, then I got his car.

I am typing this on my iPad and it’s not as smooth as being home.

I got in his car and drove to where I currently am, Influx cafe in San Diego. Basically a hipster version clean looking Starbucks. I got me a large coffee and an overpriced everythigng bagel with scrambled eggs and jack cheese.

I have a slight headache that the coffee should fix.


Breaking lines does not work on iPad. I actually type faster than what my iPad can run. It’s pretty fucking annoying. I will eventually need a new iPad or a macbook (for work).


And yes, adulting is making me nervous. I feel like a little kid on his first day of school. The job is fine and I’ve worked way harder gigs in my life (ahem… Five years of LA heavy work bullshit).

What makes me nervous is the driving. Having a car. Though my brother’s car is sort of shitty. The steering wheel makes a funny squeaking sound in every turn. And the first thing that I did (besides exiting the parking lot) was to get on the highway.

Oh shit! You go fast on the highway.

Oh shit! There is no place to park where I wanted.

Oh shit! What a weird feeling!

Besides driving, the other weird feel is being in San Diego. I am way too used to Tijuana. I feel strange over here. Like an outsider visiting a bubble. Though I have been coming to San Diego since more than 10 years ago and I lived here five years ago. I look around and just feel odd. And extra white. With my large hipster coffee and my everything bagel. It’s a weird feeling.


Antropomorph people around me. I feel like such an alien. How is this regular life?!

Everyone looks like an under developed character on a sitcom that never aired. And I am sitting here. An extra. The odd one.

No one cares. Everyone is engulfed in their roles.


This is the baseball story. It came out great. The pictures inside by Andy are very similar to what I shot. And that is basically my new gig.

Like I said, I am typing on my outdated, broken, shitty iPad mini. So if the word vomit looks extra shitty, that is why.


The cover photo was by my friend Manu Montoya. Story by Justin. And it looks great.


Soon, in 20 minutes or so, the job begins. Then lunch appointment, my other appointment at 4 pm. And maybe more work the next day.

And my job will basically be to pretend to be Andy. Except no motorcycles because I like to crash those. And no happy go lucky attitude. My stoned serious face demeanor is hard to change. My bassy voice and heavy Russian accent does not help.

But hey! Gig! Time to adult!


Yesterday I finally  wrote and finished an article. I didn’t query it, but sending it and testing my luck when done with this.

What I wanted to query, I didn’t. Someone wrote basically the story I wanted to write. But I have another angle and should still pitch it. Have to write way more. And not here. But for money.


My girlfriend got out of work way late yesterday. She is so much better at adulting than me. If she could work in the US she would make so much money…


Here wo go. Work time. I will get used to it and this will be easy. Hell. I feel better already.

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