Rijiuuuuu!! – Everything Goes Fine, Except I can’t Write – Oh Yeah, I Cooked


I haven’t thought of that word in years.

I was happy dancing and saying RIJIUUUUU yesterday.

Rijiu, definition by my friend Juliu who I haven’t seen in more than half a decade.

Rijiu = the best word in the world for when you have the best feeling in the world. Rijiu is pure joy. And to express it, you shout RIJIUUUUUUUUUU.

My teenage years I said the word Rijiu a lot with my friends. I miss them. I miss saying Rijiu. They are all currently all over the world, all over Mexico, all over the USA, Canada even, and more.

One of them just became a legal US resident. Shit. He has been living in the US for more than a decade. Congrats to him. He was always very pinche Gringo.

And yesterday was a great Monday. That’s why the word Rijiu is in my mind. Happy dance.

After word vomiting, then trying to do some writing for work, giving up, ended up playing Zelda instead, I got an email with great news. A job offer of some sorts.

“Position is too strong of a word,” so not an actual job like I would wish. But something. Something great. I’m still waiting to get confirmed and to know what the pay will be, but I’ll be working with the camera again.

I’ll definitely be needing a car. At least getting my license is already taken care of. Now I need to get a car. Uber hasn’t responded yet and I sent them pictures of my old license a couple times already.

“You made $0.00 with Uber this week.” I’m already getting emails telling me how much money I made driving though I still haven’t driven at least once. Uber really likes to push people to drive.

So everything is going fine, except I can’t write. For work that is. Daily word vomit is a breeze.

I already have my first mission. I have a week to do it. Take pictures of several places around San Diego. Yes. This is for the Reader. I can do it by public transit, but a car would facilitate this a lot.

And I could shoot, write, and drive for Uber at the same time. Again it’s like everything starts to fall into place perfectly. 2017 is looking good my man!

I should really make business cards. And I’ll probably need to get a press pass. So much to do. Adulting again. And I like it. Having a car will make me adult harder, but Zelda.

Yesterday I started writing two articles. I didn’t like what I was writing.

I played Zelda instead.

I woke up at 2:30 am and couldn’t go back to bed. I tried sleeping, but you know it.

I played Zelda instead.

I still haven’t beaten Calamity Gannon. I’m waiting on it for some reason.

I still haven’t found the Master Sword. I’m not sure how to find it. I go to Lost Woods and … well… I get lost.

If you want to give me a hint in the comments, please do. But I refuse to look up shit online about how to beat the game. That didn’t exist when I was a kid. I refuse to take advantage of it now.

My Link is already pretty strong and I have a lot of strong items, so I can easily beat Calamity Gannon. But Master Sword should come first, and I can’t find it.

So I just go around the map doing the minor missions and the shrine missions. I have 8 spirit orbs on hold and I’m not sure if I want more heart containers or more stamina. I already have the second wheel of stamina and I have five hearts on my second row.

Oh. And I have SHIT tons of Korok Seeds. Those mother fuckers get easier and easier to find each time. I just don’t know where the fucker with maracas is to expand my stash. He left the stable to Korok Forest because he remembered the way up north. I haven’t explored north much, but also haven’t explored that much of the south. The map is just so fucking gigantic.

All the way in the southwest, but not quite to Gerudo, there are some plains that have the stronger horses. I got me a very strong and speedy horse. Well, at least the strongest and fastest I found so far.

Now I want to go play Zelda again….

Oh yeah!

I finally cooked yesterday!

No. I didn’t cook a beer and two balls of cheese.

I left my house early because I couldn’t concentrate in anything and I had to stop playing Zelda. I was very early to meetup with my girlfriend in the usual place.

So fuck it. A beer to celebrate that I might have a new gig?

The rye IPA by Mamut is pretty good. Crisp IPA. Smooth. Not very hoppy. But very drinkable.

While I was drinking the IPA, an old man pushing a baby stroller with no baby. Instead, it had Oaxaca cheese. Yep. Made no sense. He was giving the bag for 40 pesos or two bags for 65. I heard wrong. He said 75 (they sound very similar in Spanish). So I saved a total of 5 pesos by buying the second bag!

But hey! The cheese is damn good. It is worth it.

So I drank another beer while waiting for my girlfriend and I wasted my iPhone battery on Pokémon Go.


Finally got a Tyranitar.

Texted my girlfriend that I would either see her at our usual place or at Mamut Pasaje if my phone died.

My phone died. I stood at our usual spot for more than 30 minutes and she didn’t appear.

I drank another beer while waiting for her, until finally, way late, she made it.

Instead of going out to eat, for the first time since our two months together, I cooked!

Oh yeah! I cooked!

And not what I had planned or in my mind.

When I promised her to cook but didn’t happen for whatever reasons, I had risotto with ras el han out, curry asparagus, and lemon fajita salmon. That didn’t happen.

What I did yesterday were quesadillas with portobello and smoked oysters. I also made some rice with el han out and dry Sriracha and wasabi furikake. Yep. Everything had a very strong flavor.

Girlfriend liked it and I like her very very much. That’s what matters. I liked it as well. It wasn’t very well balanced. I was pretty drunk and I was just throwing spices all over the place. But it was good.

I think I’ll cook for her again today… but it’s also tap Tuesday and we enjoy our cheap beers.

Zelda would call it “dubious food.” Only recovers one heart. Or maybe “sticky rice mushrooms” full recovery?

If you wonder why I can throw in all the fancy words in the stuff I cook, it’s because I cheat using spices by World Spice. So yeah. It’s not like I’m that great. I just do regular food and BAM fancy spice.

My cousin doesn’t work there anymore, but I still have the spices he gave me back then. I’m almost out of Ras el Han Out… It’s so good. I’ll have to make my own mixture when I run out. I ran out of truffle salt forever ago. I wonder where I can get some around here for cheap… doubt it.

My friend Susan is around here somewhere. She’s coming to come hang out for a while.

Then I’ll play Zelda.

And after that, get to work.

Write some articles. And plan accordingly to go shoot in San Diego for a day or two for the new gig. I have to hit up around a dozen places. Call them up for permission. Shoot it.

And oh yeah!




Sometimes that line doesn’t work I have no idea why.


Yep. My separation line thingy doesn’t want to work right now.


But oh yeah!


I should really make business cards soon. I should start the design today and have them shipped by next week.

Look at me! I’m excited for work! I mean… Zelda first. But yay! Work!

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