Reddit Success (kinda)! – I’m a Shitty Boyfriend – Maybe. I Have No Idea.

The album of pics of beisbol and mostly cheerleaders in the stadium had some Reddit success!

In a subreddit which I have never posted before (in /r/baseball).

/r/Tijuana did okay. In /r/Mexico I got downvoted heavily, and then somewhat recovered.

I got called out for the creepshots. And it’s fine. First time using a long lens again in over 5 years. All I do is creepshots. That’s what I did for years in Los Angeles. That’s what happens when you give me a long lens.

It’s sad. In LA some paparazzi told me that once a paparazzi, you never go back. There are some they call “lifers” as in they will be shooting celebrities for the rest of their lives. Some of them I believe it. They probably are still in the game. Most my friends are completely out of the game. But some still do it. I don’t really talk to them, but I know that they still do it.

Point is… give me a long lens and the paparazzi instincts kick in. Shots that would sell. Creepshots.

That instinct also kicks in when something interesting happens regardless of the circumstance. Something newsy. Something that needs to be filmed or photographed (I prefer photography, duh). I feel more comfortable with an iPhone in my pocket because I know in case of emergency, I wouldn’t miss a thing.

If I’m walking around Avenida Revolución and out of fucking nowhere I see that Tom Cruise is walking like an idiot, I’ll grab my iPhone as fast as I can and start shooting it. Instinct.


I never saw Tom Cruise.

The pictures didn’t do that good on Instagram. My friend’s Instagram ( has way better photos for Toros, baseball, and other sports. No creepshots.

We didn’t go to Valle de Guadalupe yesterday.

After scrambling to try to get there after my girlfriend got off work, nothing happened. The glamping that I’ve been wanting to do for a while was fully booked.

My brother (and sister-in-law) were nice enough to let me borrow their car. Not sure if they are letting me borrow it now because I have a license or because I have a girlfriend. Probably the latter.

The glamping that I’ve been wanting to do for a while was fully booked. So we started to look at other choices.

They all seemed to be heavily improvised, it was getting late, and I didn’t want to just pointlessly drive to nowhere.

I felt like a shitty boyfriend.

Then she said she didn’t want to walk.

We walked.

I’m a shitty boyfriend.

We walked far.

The original plan was to go to Buda Burger because she wasn’t hungry (and I was) but they have tons of cheap beer. After that, simply walk home.

But Buda Burgers was closed.

We walked far.

I had no idea where I was going. So I just walked with her and walked some more even though she didn’t want to walk.

I’m a shitty boyfriend.

We ended up in Plaza Fiesta because I felt like eating the hot dog from Border Psycho and because beers. She had a sope (and some of my fries).

And we drank more beers in Plaza Fiesta and then more beers.

We got hungry again after that and went to eat at el Taconazo. I told her not to get the burrito. She got mad at me because she thinks I’m telling her what to do. Maybe I am. I just didn’t trust the burrito. But she wanted it. But she still listened to me.

I’m a shitty boyfriend.

We then headed home. Walking.

It was a bit of a far walk.

She didn’t want to walk but did because of me. She was tired.

I’m a shitty boyfriend.

On the way home I remember a friend was celebrating his 30th birthday. I felt like stopping by. After all, it was in my favorite bar and it was only 9:00 pm.

She was tired and wanted to go home but joined me at Nelson instead.

I’m a shitty boyfriend.

My friend was in a really small and crowded table already. It didn’t seem like a good place to sit. I wanted a beer and a comfortable place to sit. So we ended up in the booth by ourselves and I poured some beers.

She collapsed on top of me and didn’t touch her beer. Requested water instead and she was charged for it which made her mad.

She just wanted to go home and sleep.

We argued for a bit, but then she collapsed on me again.

I’m a shitty boyfriend.

A friend of my ex-girlfriend came in. Someone I’m friends with because she also visits Nelson Bar on occasion. I haven’t seen her in a while. I got up to say hi and disturbed my tired and collapsed girlfriend.

We argued some more but after a while, we were fine again.

My friend (with her friends) didn’t have a place to sit in, and we were occupying a large booth. So I told them it was fine to sit with us. Apparently one of the dudes that were with her I also previously met at Nelson.

I meet a lot of people and don’t remember. But apparently I was friendly and the dude liked me. I want to say his name is Jorge… I think it is. And I want to say I’ll remember next time I see him. But I probably won’t.

I’m a shitty dude.

I pounded the beer at Nelson and said my goodbyes so we could go home.

She was tired. I just played whatever I wanted on TV. She just laid on the couch with me and fell asleep on my lap.

It was around 10:14 pm when she fell asleep. I drank another beer and watched more TV.

She just came in and gave me a kiss.

But I still feel like a shitty boyfriend. It’s a strange guilt. Because it’s not doing anything wrong. It’s more like not knowing what to do right.

You see… for the first time since we’ve been together, I felt it necessary to close my room and be by myself.

I miss my solitude sometimes. Living with someone as soon as you meet is very intense.

I don’t usually mind at all. I have fun. And I love her.

But it’s pretty intense.

She hates it if I call myself shitty.

She hates it that the apartment is dirty and that Tijuana is a filthy city that works more in dollars than in pesos. She hates all my shitty clothes with holes in them.

I’m pretty sure there are way shittier boyfriends than me. But I just feel shitty. Like I’m not giving it my best because I can’t always be at my best. And I know I can be better, but I’m just lazy. And she gives up. And I feel like a shitty boyfriend.

She says the novelty is wearing off.

Everything is still pretty new for me. I’m getting old and for the first time, I feel like I’m in a real relationship. I guess I don’t know what to do now. She is getting tired of what I always do. Drink. Play video games. Complain about life.

But it’s the same to her. And right now all I want to do is go to Nelson Bar, drink some beers, and watch the game.

And I’m really hesitating to hit publish on this blog post because it’s all saddy touchy feely gay.

It’s very unlike me.

Or very much like me?

I have no idea.

And I’m sorry to use the word gay in a negative sense. But this blog post is pretty gay.

I guess I don’t know what to do.

Not about her.

Not about myself.

Just about today.

All of that was really dramatic because I feel like a shitty boyfriend today.

I took her to the place we like to eat on Sunday mornings. I’m thinking about writing an article about that place. I actually wrote two paragraphs (hah.. go me). Not even real paragraphs. Rough drafts.

This place:

After eating there, we argued again. Then she just started cleaning the house and I started playing Zelda.

That’s when it hit me again and felt like the shittiest boyfriend.


What the fuck is wrong with me.


Next week. I have work to do. I have no other choice. I’m on a path to being broke.

It will be fine. Work will keep me busy and when the money starts lacking is when I push myself the most.


Sundays have historically been shitty for me. Days that need to disappear. And this Sunday I just feel like a shitty boyfriend.

I’m reluctanctly hitting post and going drinking.

Wish me luck.







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