1,100 Pictures – Beer, BBQ, Baseball, Cheerleaders, Mascots, Fireworks, Shit Band, Non-Sense

I took a massively 1,100 pictures last night.

I guess this is nothing.

I used to shoot over 2,000 frames a day.

But by the end of the day, (or throughout the day) I would just select pics, and send it to the office. Editing was on the editors. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT. Choose. Send. And fuck it.

I shot all day every day at all hours of the day and night. Well, with my second agency I had a 2 day weekend (Mondays and Tuesdays 0ff). But sometimes they even call me in those days. Or if I was out and about, and a celebrity crossed my path, it was shooting time.


No wonder I got burnt out. I couldn’t do that shit anymore.

On top of that, celebrities started to just become repetitive and bothersome. I saw some of them dozens of times. And it was the same generic photo shoot. Or for those celebrities that hated it, it would be the same cat and mouse game that was fucking painful and left us both with a bad taste in our mouth.

Point is, I quit that job over 5 years ago. I carried two cameras with me all the time with the same two lenses. I took most of the pictures (around 86% of them) with the Nikon D3 and 70-200mm/2.8f (or the equivalent in Canon). The other was a Nikon D700 with a shit kit lens that I don’t know why my agency or myself ever upgraded. It was okay. But my flash sucked. I never learned how to flash properly. I’m okay with it. And I like doing long exposures with flash. But properly setting up everything with the flash, metering, power, etc. That’s a completely different ball game.

Speaking of ball games!

That’s what the 1,100 pictures were about!

I edited down to 149 that I’m uploading to an Imgur album as I type this.

Imgur is fucky and uploads the photos in not the right order. Which is fucking painful. If I’m going to upload 149, they are not going to be in chronological order, which fucking blows.

So I’m trying to upload 10 by 10 by 10… which means I’ll be doing this 15 times.

And fucking Imgur still doesn’t upload them by fucking order.

After that, I want to add text to make it more entertaining. Then see what happens. See if people like it.

I mean… 149 is WAY too many. But I like them. It was fun.

I borrowed Andy’s gear. More specifically his 300mm/4.f and the 70-200mm/2.8f lenses.

I FUCKING MISSED THAT LENS SO MUCH. The latter. The 70-200mm/2.8f lens.

I should get that lens. Which is expensive as fuck. If I did, I should work with it at least 3-4 days out of the week. Then hopefully I won’t get burnt out again?

It would be awesome to do a variety of things. Different shoot each week. Weddings, events, photo shoots, concerts, products, photojournalism, food, etc. etc. etc.

It’s fun to shoot.

I wish I was still getting paid for it.

And I would definitely need that 70-200mm/2.8f. And something wide. I think I would actually go mirrorless for the wide. That way I could have two bodies. And the mirrorless are so nice and small that to go camping and do astrophotography, I rather have a small body and a small tripod. Who knows.

Speaking about astrophotography. I plan to go out with my girlfriend today on our first trip.

We are going to Valle de Guadalupe!

Well… that’s the plan so far.

My brother (my sister-in-law) let me borrow their car!

YAY! I have a license now!

So I can drive anywhere. And I’ve been wanting to go with Valle de Guadalupe in forever to do some astrophotography since before even meeting her. And I now I have someone to take with me. I’m excited. She makes me happy.

She’s about to get off work.


They made her work on a Saturday. She said it might take her longer than 1 pm. And good (well not really, but I’m still busy). Because I’m still working on the massive Imgur album with all the pics and text.

Sad thing. No one is paying me to do this. I’m just good at it. And I want someone to hire me. And because it’s pretty fun.

Just Imgur takes forever.

I’m on #20.

140 to go…. And I’m adding text to all of them!? Why am I doing this stupid shit?!

Ok. I’ll do some push-ups while they upload unorganized….


More push-ups! So many more pictures to upload!


And I got hungry as fuck since I haven’t had breakfast and ate a Snickers.

My girlfriend brought me 4 Snickers throughout the week :)

Didn’t feel like eating one until now. And it was more delicious just because she brought it for me.


Biblical Violence by Hella came up on my Spotify.

Air drumming break like an idiot!!!

Okay… my fingers hurt.


I’m starting to regret my decision.

Imgur starts to get very slow after #50 and it starts to get glitchy. I might have to do two albums. Or perhaps not be an idiot and don’t try to upload this many pictures to Imgur.

Fucking Imgur. Fix this glitch already, please!


Imgur glitched the fuck out and upload #60-69 twice! That fucked the order (which is taking forever to load now) and I had to go through the whole fucking album. FUCK!



Imgur crashed… fuck.

Hope the album is still alive.


Album still alive. The ordered got all fucky. I’m still uploading more. Though it makes no sense now. Almost the rest are pictures of cheerleaders.

I think I took way too many pictures of cheerleaders….


Going fine now… coffee just tastes like water though. Maybe roommate wants a fresh pot. Yep. Making a fresh pot.


I saw the dude in charge of my apartment coming in! Perfect opportunity to tell him that the toilet is leaking like a mother fucker.


I’m giving up and uploading 1 by 1 now. This is too nerve racking to upload 10 and for all of them to go in a crazy order.

Dude sorta fixed the toilet. Temp fix, but it’s not leaking anymore.


Planned backfire.

Every time I uploaded a picture, it would bring it all the way to the top!


Uploading the rest at once and then let’s see what Imgur does! The rest are just a bunch of cheerleader pics and I saw the mayor of Tijuana who was sitting right behind me when I was on the visitors dugout!

Yep. I drank some beers at the game.

Went all over the place.

And I don’t remember all the pictures I took.

The more I drink. The more trigger happy I am.

It’s fun.

I like taking pictures.

Uploading them to imgur was a bitch. The edit was a bit bitchy too. If I got paid for it, like what I used to get paid for it, I would do it with a huge smile no problem…


I should get a car and drive for Uber… and eventually get photo gigs. I know I can.

Speaking of a car.

I am borrowing my sister-in-laws Jeep. I’m still waiting for my girlfriend to get off work. Then we are going to have some lunch. Pack. Reserve a place to stay (or camp) and get the fuck out!

First time in five years I will be driving for more than 5 minutes at the time.

I’m sort of nervous.

Also, first time I go somewhere with my girlfriend. Not really nervous about that.


I’ll bring the tripod and my gear to do some astro photography!

YAY! I’m excited. Whatever happens. Happens. It’s going to be fun.

Pictures are still uploading….

Finally! Here’s the massive fucking album.

I made it public on imgur.

It’s always fun to see what people say. They are mostly giant dicks. It might also get downvoted to oblivion.

And 149 pictures is WAY too many!

Girlfriend is on her way home. I need to shower and then we are off to have a romantic getaway (let’s see how it goes!)

Oh yeah.

After the baseball game… I made it downtown close to almost 11:00 pm. The game wouldn’t have ended past midnight.

I met up with my girlfriend who was hanging out with her friend Doida at a troba bar near our apartment (and she didn’t even realized she was a few blocks away). I was beat. She was tired as well. There was no way I could meet up with my friend Kevin. Told him this. He was also out. Apparently the concert he came to see wasn’t even in the right place.

Maybe next time. I had small hopes he brought some mead from his brewery “The Brew Fairies,” but he probably didn’t. And it was just not the right night to try and hang out.


I haven’t played Zelda.

And I won’t be able today or tomorrow. And next week I really have to start working so I won’t be able to put on the hours that I’ve been putting on it. And it’s okay. The addiction starts to wear off. Great fucking game. Will give me countless of hours of entertainment.

Girlfriend is almost here. Because of the Imgur album I did over 100 push-ups. Good job me. Now is time to shower. Grab lunch. And get ready to get the fuck out. Long drive with my girl. I’m excited.

And fuck… this post needed an image so it can show on Facebook and forgot to post it. So now it’s just a picture of my shitty arm instead of this featured image (to be honest, I just picked a random one, not the best). What I consider the best pics are uploading on IG. I don’t know why I liked the pic of the blonde, I didn’t even like her much, but I liked that pic. I haven’t used a 300mm in forever.



Girlfriend almost here. I should really shower.

No more editing my blog. No computer touching until late tomorrow. I most likely will skip Sunday’s blog. Let’s see what happens.


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