Toros Baseball Press Conference – Or Shitty Runway – Thanks Bryan

Bryan is here.

He is in the living room hanging out and listening to Death Grips. It’s the first time he hears Death Grips. He is pretty blown away.

But I… Well… I gotta post in my blog like always.

I woke up at a normal time for the first time in a while.

Around 9:30 am.

Whatever is normal.

My alarm is set to 8:27 am for no reason.

I haven’t woken up at that hour in forever.

I haven’t played Zelda today.

I left the apartment early to get press passes for the inauguration of Toros de Tijuana baseball season. Those fuckers were much tougher to get than I thought they were.

I have a friend on the inside. He just told me to email people and that I’ll get in. Nope. I never got a response.

Bryan was actually the one that hooked me up. He told me to meet his brother at the stadium at 11:00 am.

I got an Uber around 10:30 am and got to the stadium a few minutes before 11 am. There was a press conference about to start and I went in as if I knew what I was doing. As if I belong there. I didn’t see Bryan’s brother anywhere. I took the opportunity to ask for press passes myself.

I had no idea what the fuck was going on.

Some chick, I think in charge of social media, talked to me in English. My bottle of water was spilling inside my bag. I’m an idiot.

After the press conference, I asked the chick that helped me out that I was looking for press passes. She directed me to the guy that I had email but never got a response.

I wanted more than just a couple of press passes, tickets to the game since Andy (and also myself) wants to make a party of it. But apparently, it’s really hard to get tickets or passes for the inauguration game. So that’s fucked. But for any other game, they will hook it up.

I got two press passes. One for me. The other for Andy.


And since I went with my bag, I took my camera for kicks.

Just to pretend that I was actually doing some work.

I took 100 pictures for no real reason. Maybe to post an Imgur album in /r/Tijuana. Or maybe because there were some models posing and when I have a camera I like to take pictures of girls.

That was basically my plan before meeting my girlfriend.

Take pictures of girls and make an Instagram about it and try to make money. I started building my studio. I was going to buy more camera gear and invest in new lenses and a strobe. But nah.

I mean, it could still be my plan. But it is not what is really on my mind anymore. The money part, yes. The other just seems problematic.

And I’m still not sure what is on my mind.

I haven’t heard back from Uber. I’m not really currently working on anything.

I have work to do for sure. Or at least to pretend to do. Stories to pitch. Articles to write. It’s been a long vacation of Zelda and feeling sorry for myself. I really don’t get how my girlfriend likes me.


I was going to edit the pics later because I didn’t want to take too long on this blog post. But decided to edit now and do an Imgur album. Fuck it.

Pictures are stupid and shitty. I took around 100+ pictures and basically, they are all the same. The same four girls from Gasmart posing. They are not even that cute. I found one cute (it’s obvious which one). And my photo taking instincts of shooting girls posing kicked in.

That’s all I did.

While taking pictures of general shit just to make sense of why I was there.


Tomorrow night should be fun. But all I want to do is play Zelda…

And again. It’s the weekend.

When will I work?!

I’m still editing the pics.

And again that I’m seeing them… I’m wondering… wtf was I doing there? Not only me… WTF do the girls do there?

“Hey mom, gotta go to work at 10 am. I gotta pose half naked next to a bull for the cameras. Yes! I might be on TV.”

Seriously. There’s a shot where you can see a guy talking about some serious baseball shit, but in the background, just the chick’s stomach and bottom thing.

Girls are decoration.


And I gobbled it up.

Hear me out.

I had my dSLR with me. It’s not like I’m not going to use it. And there was nothing else to shoot.


I’m making excuses for myself of why I took pictures of girls.

Without further ado, here’s the album:

Yes. I had to google the phrase “without further ado” to make sure I had it correct. I didn’t.

It was until after the press conference that I finally met Bryan’s brother. Cool guy. I had already done what I went to do, but he gave me a ride to his place. Bryan was home. We ordered pizza. Then I came home to shower and write this silly shit.

Bryan’s brother invited me to the tailgate tomorrow before the game.

Bryan is still here. Watching the Dave Chapelle Netflix Special. Thanks Bryan for hooking it up with the Toros press passes… somehow.

I am going to go see my girlfriend soon where I always see her and have dinner. Then have some drinks with my friend Carlos. Then who knows!

Friday is going to be fun.


I didn’t even talk about what I did yesterday.

Not worth it really. Played Zelda all day. Napped. Saw my girlfriend where I always see her. We had Korean tacos. Picked up a growler of Triple IPA from Mamut. And went to hang out with my brother, his wife, and their two kids.

We ubered home and watched Black Mirror with some tequila drinks. We were kinda drunkish watching Black Mirror. We both didn’t like the episode much. It was the army one with the roaches.



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