Reset Button, Time to Work – Uber, Emails, And Projects – But First, More Zelda

Ahhh fuck.

I don’t really feel like posting.

I’m tired.

I just want to play Zelda.

And I made promises, so I have to keep them.

I woke up at 5 am.

This time it wasn’t to play Zelda. I stayed in bed. Pondering. ( and cuddling).

There’s a lot in my mind.

One thing is for sure. I have to get back to work.

But yawn…. not today.

I want to keep playing Zelda.

How does a show sound? A youtube show about eating food and drinking beer?

I’ve tossed this idea in my mind for a while. Going out to eat with my girlfriend in search for the spiciest salsa and craft beer.

I as a Gringo who can’t handle much spice (I can some, but not to her level).

Her as the fiery Latina that can eat any salsa that they set in front of her (seriously, she eats spicy chiles like crazy).

Each chapter for around 4-5 minutes.

I need a tripod for my iPhone and probably a mic. Need to have some editing skills so I can add the pictures of the food and the place. I don’t know. It’s a lot of work. And I would just do it for fun to begin with…

And we’re both horrible in front of the camera…

But add the following.

The food review.

The pictures.

The “show.”

And that should pay way more than your usual food review. Plus, it would be way more entertaining. More webpages/media should do things like that. It’s in a way, the future of media. So… why not try and ask for money? That’s what freelancers do, right?


It sounds like so much work.

I should just go back to Zelda.

Stephen King writes 2,000 words a day, “and only under dire circumstances do I allow myself to shut down before I get my 2,000 words.” He finishes an 180,000-word novel in three months.

That was the TIL on the front page of  Reddit yesterday.

The upcoming It movie is on the front page right now.

So obvious that the front page of Reddit is being manipulated for advertisements. Kind of sad. It’s like the page sold out (probably forever ago). But at least there are still subreddits that comfort me. And I have my sweet sweet karma (mostly OC).

Speaking of Reddit… /r/Tijuana asked for a meetup.

So I made a thread here.

The date might get pushed back since Tijuana won’t have water for a couple of days. And one of those days was the date chosen.

I will crosspost to /r/SanDiego and /r/Mexico if more people comment.

So not crossposting yet.

Lol. Reddit talk.

That’s nowhere near me. I just needed a picture for this blog post. And this will be the image sewn into the Facebook post. There is a chance people will ask where. My devious plans. Hah.

That picture is from IG girlscangrill which also has a webpage. Which is the top post on /r/foodporn. Which means people that work there have a Reddit account and manipulated it to the top of that subreddit.

Fun stuff.

Enough with the Reddit talk.

Let’s go back to talking about myself.

The reason I brought up the TIL about Stephen King is because that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. Maybe not to his level, and obviously not novels. Or maybe?!


But just writing in general.

This blog doesn’t count. I write over 1,000+ words daily of absolutely nothing. Of the everyday life. Of what I eat. Of what I feel. Of how amazing my girlfriend is. And lately pretty much just about Zelda.

It’s funny that some people read it. Random WordPress people give me like or a comment every once in a while. I don’t follow absolutely no one else on WordPress or other blogs.

I have a few documents opened with ideas and a few sentences. But then I get lazy. And all I want to do is play Zelda.

I need some self-discipline.

Fuck. I’m almost 31. But still such a little kid.

And it’s because seriously… AGAIN. That game is so fucking amazing.

I bought the house in Haleto Village from Bolson the gay guy. Now I’m filling it with furniture.

I beat the 4th and last Divine Beast, Vah Naboris, in the Gerudo Dessert. Met the Gerudo Champion and got Gerudo gear. I think this was originally meant to be the 3rd beast? I’m not sure. It wasn’t as easy as the beast over at Rito, but the gear seemed a bit weak.

Gear gets more and more powerful.

And in my house in Haleto Village, I can store some.

And I’m building a new town somewhere in a place I forgot what is called. Up northwest of the map.

That’s just a side mission. For no fucking reason.

Now that I’m done with the Four Divine Beasts it is time to face Ganon.

The “final boss” I think.

I’m still trying to not read any spoilers whatsoever.

I already snuck in the castle, but I haven’t mastered the Four Divine Beasts yet. So Ganon was powerful and destroyed me.

I have a complete row of hearts +1 more and a full stamina circle.

It’s time to finish it.

Finish the main story of the game.

I think.

There are still so many other missions. It’s such a fucking great game.

And I already feel like replaying it because it’s fun to be low level. But so much work. And I should stop playing this much Zelda.

This Friday it’s the opening of Toros de Tijuana baseball game. I’m going “for work.” I was supposed to get some press passes, but no response so far. Just sent another email requesting it. We might have to buy tickets asap.

I have other emails to send. Other work.

Other work is…

Well, because my license is brand new, Uber didn’t accept my license. So no car through Uber just yet.

Now I have to send them a picture of my old license to prove that I have driven in the US for more than a year. I hope that they don’t mind the five-year gap of not driving.

Picture of my old license sent.

Now they are doing a background check on me.

I have no criminal records… that I’m aware of.

I cleared out all tickets I had in my driver’s license.

According to them, they will accept any credit, so my student loans won’t be much of a burden (I hope).

I should be good….

Then I’ll have a car. And to pay for the car, I’ll have to drive Uber. But I’ll be able to extend my border crosser lifestyle and have more reach. Travel all of the Baja. Travel to California. Drive to LA if I feel like it. Get more jobs. That’s the important thing. Get more jobs.

Oh yeah.

I mentioned that I promised something at the beginning of this post. But I am so sleepy, and all I want to do is play Zelda.

I told my girlfriend I wanted to cook dinner for her tonight.

I wanted to yesterday, but she wanted tap Tuesday. We just drank two IPAs, and she got tired. We just came back home. She was in bed by 9 pm…

I watched Netflix. The rest of Chapelle’s special. Second part was better than the first. I thought there was going to be more. I was left wanting more. I would rewatch it.

I wanted the dinner to be a surprise.

But she ruined it.

She insisted on knowing what I was going to cook. So I let her guess. She guessed right pretty quickly. Not a surprise anymore.

Ok. She just called to let me know my sister-in-law wants to get dinner together.

Is that what grown-ups do?! AGH!

Back to Zelda.

Then nap.

Then dinner prep.

And still no work.

I’m getting there. I swear.

Oh yeah.

I shaved.

My girlfriend thinks I look weird. But I needed to push the reset button so I can start working. I really really should start working instead of just talking about working.


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