Star Bar Cover Celebration – I Lied at Subway – Defeated the Second Divine Beast, Vah Rudania

I got out of bed at 4:55 am to play Zelda.

I didn’t just wake up for Zelda. It’s not like I set-up the alarm and I was like, it’s ZELDA TIME!

I woke up around 4:40 am and just laid awake thinking about the cover. There were (and are) only two comments on the story. That’s the only public reaction so far. As far as friends go, those who were in the story are sharing, but are making fun of me for the adjectives I used to describe each and all of them. I’m sorry friends, but I have to describe the swarthy and caterpillar eyebrows and whatever other adjectives I used.

I also woke up hungry and ate half of my Spicy Italian sandwich. Yesterday I only ate Subway. I ate Subway twice…

I lied at Subway as well.

I made it to City College station yesterday around noon craving some damn Jack in the Box. There were around 17 people waiting in line to order there. Fuck that. Went to Subway instead. There was only one old lady in front of me.

“I want the 6 inch, if I get the footlong I won’t eat it and then I’ll just throw it away. Turkey is good and light, no cheese, cheese gives me gas.” The old lady was giving way more information than needed to the Artisan Sandwich maker.

I got the new “Italian Hero.” As I started my order, lunch rush came in. A dozen people were suddenly behind me. And there were only two people working at Subway. Both of them trying to fulfill several orders while doing other Subway shenanigans. And they were out of bread. And they were out of cookies. And they have to wash their hands and put on fresh gloves for every transaction.

Point is. They took for fucking ever to charge me for the sandwich. The old lady was very annoyed. When it was charging time. I lied. I told the dude I got the Spicy Italian instead of the Italian Hero to save me a $1.20. They were too busy to care.

The Italian Hero is good. Not worth the extra cost though.

Before picking up a stack of magazines from the office, I stopped by Brozo’s place to pick-up my license. TADADA!!! Zelda music played in my head as I held my new license in my hands. I can drive now! I can rent a car! I could lease a car! I might start driving for Uber!

I met up with my roommate at Brozo’s place and then went to the office to pick-up a stack.

(Pic is from my IG stories)

That Yerba Mate can was $3.25.

San Diego life is so damn expensive. I need more $$$.

There’s a story inside my cover story by my roommate. It’s about a bar monster at Clutch Bar. It’s awesomely written. It makes you feel like you were there. And it makes you jealous that if you go there, you might not see the bar monster.


Roommate needed more material to work on for his bar review column “Here’s the Deal.” With the excuse of celebrating my cover story, we went out in seek of deals.

First stop was the Crab Shack. We sat there for less than a minute when we were like “fuck this. This place is boring and there’s no story here.”

And we wandered around downtown. Searching for deals. For a happy hour.

We ended up at Star Bar.

And boy is it fun to see the master at work.

At first there seemed to be not much going on.

We just got a couple of beers.

I got the Elysian IPA. I played with my new iPhone app to do manual settings for the camera. This is an eight second exposure through iPhone. I balanced it with my wallet. I need a mini tripod for it to take better pictures. This was way wider so I cropped it. The long exposure effect is not anywhere near as a DSLR, but might get better with experience (and a mini tripod). It doesn’t give the light glow effect. Only the TV looks blurred. I still need to fuck more with the app.

About the IPA.

It was a good hoppy IPA that laces nicely. A bit rough around the edges. It’s not an easy drink. It took me a while to finish it.

Back to the bar story.

Well… I’ll let the roommate work his magic to later see an awesome published article about it.

Point is. We had fun.

That wasn’t the only beer. We got the house beer called Star IPA which in reality is Point the Way IPA by Golden Road which is now Budweiser, which means is under Anheuser-Busch, which means it’s not really a “microbrew,” which means it only has a label, which means is cheap beer, which means nothing.

It was still an IPA. A very light IPA. And for $4.50, it’s worth it.

We were at Star Bar seemingly the wrong day. Everything is way cheaper on Thursdays. And the night before it was their anniversary.

But we met the stars of the bar.

Loni, the Vietnamese bartender that has been working there for 34 years and was about to retire. Loni served me a horrible whiskey sour.

And we also talked to Star the owner of the bar. Yep. Star Bar is owned by Star. Her father named the bar after her and now that he is gone, it’s her bar. And I must say, it’s probably my favorite bar of downtown San Diego. That’s not saying much, almost everything in downtown San Diego is shitty. This bar was real. This bar was fun. It was as divey as it comes.

We chatted with both bartenders as if they were old friends. I even felt some flirtatious vibes from Star towards me. But it was probably just the liquor talking.

Like always with my roommate, one last drink gets extended to more, and more, and more drinks. We left the bar around 9 pm. And he was hungry and got a horrible shitty looking pizza. Still hungry. We went to Subway. I was getting hungry as well. This is where the second Subway comes in. There was only one Artisan Sandwich Maker looking sad behind the counter. This time I didn’t lie. I couldn’t. He knew what I ordered. He made it.

Subway sandwiches are made with tears. People that work at Subway cry every night. I’m sure of it.

The trolley back was uneventful.

I caught a bunch of new Pokémons in San Diego.

My phone was dead when I got to Bar Nelson. Not before telling my girlfriend I would meet her there to go home. And that’s what we did.

I didn’t see her until late at night. And we didn’t do much but eat and go to bed.

I snuck back into bed before her alarm at 7:00 am woke her up this morning to pretend like I wasn’t playing Zelda at dawn. It didn’t work. She obviously knew. And duh.

And yes. She’s at work right now. Thursday already. That means weekend soon. But I have a tour.

And two more tours were requested today (for May).

Still not sure what to do next. But at least the cover story is over. People seem to like it. And that’s good.

Now it feels like whatever I work on has to be better. It always feels that way. I know it doesn’t necessarily have to be, but it feels that way. Not sure what to do next. And it’s not the lack of ideas. Is the abundance of it and not having conviction in any of them.

Ok. So now what?

Food. Move on.

I have to deal with some shit. Not major shit. Just student loans. And perhaps getting a car to drive for Uber. And figure out what to do for writing work. Ahhhhh so much shit. But I only want to play Zelda.



It’s just so damn good.

I just defeated my second Divine Beast, Vah Rudania. Now I have two more beasts to go. I still haven’t unlocked the whole map, 4 more regions needed. And from the whole map, I still haven’t explored that much. And there are so many shrines! And so many other side missions.


Food and going back to Zelda sounds like a wise choice.


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