Monday Acted like a Drunken Sunday – San Diego for Cover Tomorrow – Zelda Nerd Talk

Well… the week is supposed to start now.

Monday that acted like a Sunday was great.

The restaurant that my girlfriend wanted to go was packed to the brim yesterday at noon. It was more than an hour wait. And it’s probably not even good. But it looks nice and clean, and that’s what she likes.

So we ended up walking. And walking a bunch. Until we ended up at Teléfonica. Because we go there almost daily. We both got something from La Carmelita.

Huevos Carmelita for her:

Enchiladas verdes for me (1 vegetable, 1 queso, 2 de pollo):

We accompanied our brunch with beers. The bar was out of IPAs, so we got a Tiniebla by Insurgente (Witbier) and a Veraniega by Wendlant (Mexican Ale). After that, I went to go grab a couple of Pokémon that were in the vicinity that I didn’t have. BAM!

Nerd alert.

Not yet.

Girlfriend got tired of beer, so she wanted tequila instead. We walked from Teléfonica through downtown, stopping by Sur a Norte for a kilo of Veracruz coffee beans, then to the liquor shop for a tequila bottle and a couple IPAs. She then went to Calimax to gather ingredients for a girly drink and ended up making a sweet strawberry daiquiri. Because it was too sweet, she proceeded to add a dozen lemons, making it very sour. I liked it sour. After drinking a few tequila cocktails, we got hungry again. And out we go. Tequila shot and time to search for Monday that acted like a Sunday food.

We’re pussies compared to my roommate and his girlfriend. We only drank half the tequila bottle.

While she was looking at some tops she wanted to buy… I went to the bank. And there I was lured by street churros.

Instead of getting food, we grabbed more beers at Teorema/Lúdica tap room. We got the Hop the Wall pale ale, a collaboration between Duck Foot from San Diego and Lúdica.

No pictures of beer. She took a selfie of us instead.

Uhh… we were pretty drunkish by then.

For food, we ended up in La Cevichería Nais. She got the usual tuna tostada, and I got the “almejas gratinadas” (gratinated clams with cheese, shrimp, and sausage).

And home.

Both drunk and happy.

Went to bed early.

This week starts on Tuesday. Today…

She’s at work.

I have some errands to run for her. But nothing else.

Roommate comes home soon.

It’s tap Tuesday.

My cover story comes out tomorrow.

I am still not sure what to do next.

Nerd alert soon activate.

Zelda is all there is to do. I should really work.

The cover story comes out tomorrow. So I’ll go to San Diego to grab a bunch of magazines. I’m still a bit nervous about it, but it’s going to be over soon. I should be used to it. But I’m not. It’s just the alt-weekly of the ninth largest city and the second largest border conurbation of the US, largest in Mexico, and the fourth largest in the world. Imagine if I got a national cover. Or a bigger magazine. Or a book that goes international. HAH! Yeah right.

There’s this word vomit of a blog. I have this.

I also have a tour this Saturday that is going to start early and end early. Good. It will be good money because it’s a lot of people. The only two special requests are perfect for me, no strip clubs, and lunch at Teléfonica Gastro Park.

And I also have Zelda.

Nerd alert activate!


Seriously. All about it is great. Probably the only shitty thing so far is Princess Mipha’s voice acting. It’s so fucking robotic. Princess Mipha is the champion of the Zoras.

I was right. I got to Zora’s Domain way too early, though it does seem like it is intentionally the first beast (major castle) of the game. That’s the beauty of the Breath of the Wild, you can just get lost and accidentally end up doing some stuff that was meant for later. And you can explore forever. And there’s a shit ton of sidequests.

It truly is one of the best games ever done.

I just got to Goron City at the skirts of Death Mountain. And again, I got there not the way the game intended me to, but by cutting through the map. And getting burnt by lava. So I then had to go back my steps.

Before going to Goron City, I ended up exploring all other shit by accident. I ended up in Gerudo Valley because fuck it, I just wanted to go east. But that I encountered really tough enemies made me realize I wasn’t supposed to be there yet. So I decided to head northwest in search of a researcher of some sort. On the way, I got entertained by the middle of the map.


I’m a fucking idiot.

THAT was supposedly the very first step.

I was supposed to get a horse there on Ranch Ruins in the middle of Hylia by the castle. The very first step was to get to a stable and realize that there is a shrine behind each stable. And basically, each stable has all necessary comforts of home. I completely skipped all that shit by cutting through the map to Kakariko Village instead of following the path. Climbing with Link is very similar to Shadow of Colossus, and it is very addicting. Also, collecting fucking everything.

Link can carry a shit ton. There is a limit for weapons, bows, and shields, but when it comes to food and other items, I haven’t run out of space yet. The rupee economy also seems to be booming. I’m barely 1/8 done and already have over 2,000 rupees.

There is MUCH MUCH Zelda to play. A lot. And yes. Girlfriend is not happy about it. She lets me play, but I don’t enjoy it if she isn’t doing anything. If she’s busy, I’ll play, but if she wants to hang, I obviously choose her. (though Zelda… )


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